Liposuction of the abdomen — the price, contraindications, complications, before and after photos

The success of the operation depends on different factors:

  • location of abdominal fat and its amount;
  • the history of excess weight in a patient;
  • measures were taken for weight loss;
  • the age of the patient;
  • the gender of the patient;
  • the history of pregnancy, etc.

A bit of history

The first attempts at operating the correction was made at the beginning of the last century. Then were dermolipectomy — excision of skin and fat areas. Spread on a large scale such a procedure is not received due to the formation of a significant postoperative scarring and excessive traumatism of the operation.

In 1972, J. Schrudde first used «closed» removal of fat using a uterine cureton. Created a 3-centimeter incisions, and through them vistavlialas problem area. But postoperative complications in this case were too serious, there were lymphorrhea, seroma, bleeding.

Only in 1979 was there an effective removal of fat cells, when Y. Illouz first used cannula. This technique proved to be very safe and effective and therefore widespread.

Abdomen liposuction — the procedure of fat removal from the abdominal cavity. This can be a separate procedure or as part of more complex operations with the tightening and removal of skin folds. The result of the operation must become more trim, simulated new figure.

Features of body fat determined during the examination of the patient with the surgeon. It is noted the volume of deposits, their location, condition of the skin. After analysis and inspection of selected liposuction of the abdomen of the type which is optimal in a particular case. The patient reported perspectives of the procedure.

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After agreeing on the type of liposuction between doctor and patient given preoperative instructions for lifestyle changes aimed to best prepare for the upcoming surgery. Usually excluded from the diet certain foods, there are restrictions on medications, which could affect the treatment results negatively.

Methods and types

Methods of liposuction are:

  • mechanical, which are based on the principle of crushing the fatty deposits;
  • chemical-physical based on tissue destruction by chemical and physical factors.

Depending on the methodology used, we distinguish the following types of liposuction:

  • vacuum liposuction;
  • syringe;
  • luminescenta;
  • ultrasonic;
  • electronic lipomodulina.

Indications for surgery

Body fat is at all, but not everyone shows liposuction of the abdomen. It is not a method of weight loss, it can’t replace diet and exercise, it does not lead to a significant reduction in body weight. Liposuction can be used to physically fit patients engaged in physical exercise when excessive weight up to 10 kg.

Suitable procedure for people with a local location, the fat because of what the structure of the body is disproportionate, and non-surgical methods of correction did not lead to the desired results. This so-called disproportionate obesity in which liposuction gives very good results. Plastic is carried out with the aim of eliminating violations of the contours of the body in local areas — with the deformation of the hips, accumulation of fat deposits in the chin, knee joints, stomach.


You can’t resort to stomach liposuction, if the patient has the following symptoms:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • weak elasticity of the skin;
  • cancer;
  • severe diseases of internal organs;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes in a severe form;
  • associated with blood clotting diseases.

Liposuction of different areas of the body

  • Zone «breeches».

For liposuction of the zone «breeches» — outer thighs — patients most often. Excess fatty tissue here may result in the formation of skin folds. Often for correction of this area requires multiple treatments, sometimes excision of the excess skin together.

  • Zone «flanks».
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The second polarity zone is a «buns» formed over «breeches».

  • The inner surface of the thighs.

Often clean both zones are located near the groin and one that is close to the knees.

  • The inner surface of the tibia.

Liposuction zone is carried out at the oblong accumulation of fat cord under the knee.

  • The stomach.

One of the most common problems with which patients come excessive fat in the abdominal area. However, not always the doctors agree to carry out such an operation, since in many cases estetichnost zone is caused not only by excess of adipose tissue, how much stretching of the muscles of the abdominal wall. In this case, the effect of liposuction will be negligible. The best result will be a tummy tuck.

  • Liposuction of the arms (shoulders).

Required quite often, although own patients seldom come for correction of the zone. Often they lead those who have already used this procedure.

  • Back.

Back liposuction is often performed along with removing the fat in their shoulder area.

  • Buttocks.

Liposuction of the buttocks is a very complex procedure that needs careful observance of three-dimensionality.

  • The chin and face.

Liposuction of these areas is performed as a separate procedure is extremely rare. Usually liposuction of the face is one of the stages with a total facelift.

Areas where liposuction is not applicable:

  • the anterior surface of the thighs;
  • back and front surface of the leg;
  • of the forearm.

How is it performed

Thanks to the use of anesthesia liposuction procedure is painless. The most secure, harmless and preferred method of anesthesia is local anesthesia, but often using General anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia guided by the patient’s condition, scope of work and desire of the patient.

One procedure allows to get rid of a limited amount of fat. With a choice of classic laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency techniques, it is possible to remove up to 3 liters. Liposuction BodyJet (water-jet) allows for one session to remove up to 6 litres of fat.

The duration of the procedure depends on the amount of fat removed and is 30-90 minutes.

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  • During the operation in the fat layer of injected anesthesia and medications, constricts blood vessels to liquefy fat deposits.
  • In the area of the navel, under the breast or above the pubic bone is piercing the skin and into the fatty tissue to enter the hollow tube cannula.
  • Cannulas with a diameter of 2-4 mm is connected to a vacuum suction through the hose.
  • Using up the fat removed from the abdominal cavity.
  • The particular size and shape of the cannula allows to minimize damage to blood vessels and nerve endings.
  • After removal of the planned volume of fat, the incision is closed.
  • Installed drains.

The volume of liposuction

Depending on the amount of fat being removed there are three groups of procedures:

  • deleted fat emulsion with a volume of 1-2 liters — liposuction of small volume;
  • removed 2.6-5 liters of fat liposuction large volume;
  • deleted fat emulsion in the amount of 5 liters of liposuction large volume.

The nuances of the procedure

  • To reduce the trauma and damage is introduced to widen the space between the vessels the solution of Klein.
  • During the operation the fat space should be uniformly thinned to a flat space, because carefully thought out in advance the direction of movement.
  • The space from which removed fat cells, instantly filled with interstitial fluid and blood, causing edema.
  • The decline occurs only once the liquid begins to disappear. In this period, there may be irregularities due to uneven resorption.
  • In the process of operation should not suffer vascular collectors and a layer of subcutaneous tissue between the skin and muscle tissue was uniform.
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The rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation after liposuction of the abdomen is not as fast as we would like. Tiny stitches formed on the puncture wound are removed on the 7th day after surgery. Within 4-6 weeks I also have swelling in some cases they are very small, others quite significant.

Resorting to hardware massage and physiotherapy treatments to reduce and ease the recovery period. After surgery, the patient is under medical supervision during the day. If there are postoperative complications, the patient is discharged from the hospital. However, earlier than to the normal life he can’t.

At home the patient should continue to wear special compression garments for at least a month after surgery. It is desirable to pass a course of massage and physiotherapy. This month may be a partial problem of sensitivity in the abdomen may be swelling, bruising. Slight liquid discharge.


The advantages of liposuction include:

  • guaranteed removal of body fat in the abdominal area or other local areas — and in those places where it proved fruitless, diet, sports, weight;
  • due to the selectivity of treatments to get rid of a specific fault, leaving the volume where I would not want to reduce them (e.g., breast);
  • you can remove fat from several areas at once;
  • the result of the operation has a high resistance because the fat cells that were removed will not be restored;
  • you can combine the surgery with other methods of correction;
  • the result of the operation in the majority of cases General patients, allows them to get rid of complexes, making more confident and independent.

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During the procedure, there are risk factors that you should consider before making a final decision. If you have health problems, there is a serious risk of surgical complications.

Multiple liposuction

Multiple operations of the abdominal cavity in combination with other operations can result in surgical complications.

Frequent operations, it is necessary to increase the dosage of painkillers and General anaesthetic. Postoperative bed rest becomes longer, which in the lungs can form blood clots. Such complications are extremely rare when the first liposuction surgery under local anesthesia.

After the completion of the procedures for the remaining fat can be formed fibrosis, which the new operation will be more difficult.

Hernia of abdominal cavity

The separation of the muscle — hernia — abdominal cavity increases the probability of penetration of the hollow needle into the abdominal cavity during liposuction. This risk is eliminated by removing the hernia surgeon for a month or more before liposuction. Treatment of a hernia is usually a simple procedure, often performed under local anesthesia.

General anesthesia

The risk of penetration of the hollow needle through the abdominal cavity and injuries to her bowel, low. But if under General anesthesia, the needle punctures the intestine, to diagnose it immediately will not work. After the patient wakes up, you should be very careful to treat every complaint, especially when abdominal pain.

Such pain may be perceived as a natural discomfort after the procedure of liposuction, but can talk about a more serious reason. If the barb during the day is not detected, there is a risk of life-threatening infection. Under local anesthesia a puncture is diagnosed immediately and the damage would be fixed in a timely manner.


As with any surgery, liposuction of the abdomen is a very dangerous procedure. Peritoneally used to be able to see the abdominal organs.

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Excessive removal of fat deposits

A big mistake is excessive removal of fat. The objective of the procedure is not in maximum fat removal and achieving optimal, seemingly a natural result in cosmetic aspect.

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Excessive compression

Excessive compression can impair breathing, to limit the respiratory capacity of the lungs. Decompression linen, which is recommended to wear after surgery, after General anesthesia is especially dangerous. Safer is linen with adjustable compression.

Possible complications and after effects of stomach liposuction

Are quite serious complications:

  • Fat embolism. May occur when using an extensive liposuction in conjunction with abdominoplasties. In this case, the fragmented fat cells can get into the blood stream and transported into the pulmonary capillaries.
  • Postoperative anemia may occur due to blood loss. Safe blood loss is 500 ml of blood, in excess of this amount must immediately cease operation.


To evaluate the result in full extent only after a month and a half after liposuction — when the swelling will disappear completely. If the operation was done efficiently, a competent specialist, the patient will see a good smartness operated hones, and long enough in this place, fat will not accumulate.

The cost

The prices for liposuction of the stomach are derived from many factors — the level of the clinic and a particular specialist, method used, scope of work, method of anesthesia, etc. Only the surgeon on reception can direct for the price of a particular procedure. One course in a good clinic with advice, based on many individual factors and quality of postoperative surveillance costs not less than 1-1.5 thousand dollars.

However, there are clinics, particularly in the regions who offer to do the surgery and for 8 thousand roubles.

Of course, the case of each patient — whether to save on their own health, to trust if unchecked doctors offering to perform the complex surgery at a ridiculous price. But before you make a final decision, you should at least read the possible negative consequences and complications resulting from poorly performed procedures.

How much is liposuction of the abdomen: 2 kategoriat 50 0003 kategoriat 50 000

The name of the clinics
BEAUTY DOCTOR — Laser liposuction 1 area 25 000
USClinic — Laser liposuction 1 area 25 000
«Bikod» Laser liposuction 1 area 27 000
«Estet clinic» Laser liposuction 1 area 25,000
«Medial» is Laser liposuction 1 area 17 000
«Medafarm» Laser liposuction 1 area from 50 000
1 category 21 000
2 category 28 000
3 category 38 000


Reviews patients have undergone liposuction, often very restless, owing to the lack of immediately visible results after surgery. You should not expect immediate correction, as the breaking down of fat cells takes time. Swelling in the postoperative period also allows you to immediately evaluate the result of the session.

Only after 4-5 weeks you can notice significant changes, and the final result of the operation occurs only after 3-6 months.

If the result does not fully satisfies the patient, acceptable re-operation. To evaluate the possibility of liposuction, just look at the results.

Photos before and after liposuction abdomen