Liposuction of the ankles — photos, before and after, price

Liposuction of the ankles is an effective way to get rid of fat in this area. Due to operations to make feet look more beautiful and graceful. However, it is very important to find a qualified surgeon.

Is it worth doing

Liposuction of the ankles is considered a rather controversial procedure. With the help of this technique, aspirated fat cells that seem disproportionate to weight and height.

However, some doctors say that the ankles are not a desired area for liposuction, since their thickness is due to hereditary structure of bone tissue.

In this area is usually little fat. The high risk of violation of the integrity of blood vessels and soft tissues. However, in some situations, plastic surgeons agreed on fulfillment of such transaction.

Anatomical features

Near the ankles is quite a lot of vital blood vessels. They can be affected during the operation. This makes the procedure impractical and even dangerous from the point of view of doctors.

Experts say that at the ankles almost no fat. Sometimes, however, liposuction still is.

It is important that the operation was performed as carefully as possible – this will make the legs proportional.

If the fullness of the legs is the result of problems with blood circulation and limfatica, the patient is referred for treatment to a plastic surgeon. In case of pronounced bleeding disorders or the propensity for thrombus formation operation is not carried out.


The only indications for this surgery is excessive amount of body fat in the area of the ankles.


This procedure is considered quite safe. Most patients tolerate it easily. However, this does not mean that this intervention can be carried out without exception.

Contraindications the main contraindications for liposuction of the ankles need to include the following:

  • respiratory viral infections and colds;
  • complex pathology of the kidneys and liver;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • oncological pathology;
  • pregnancy;
  • age less than 18 years of age;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • mental disorders;
  • lactation;
  • infection;
  • the increase in body temperature.

The types of liposuction of the ankles

Currently, there are many varieties of performing liposuction. To achieve the best result, doctors may combine different techniques depending on the amount of adipose tissue.

The primary methods of operations include the following:

  1. Standard. It can perform wet or dry method. On the skin making small incisions, through which are inserted the cannula. The doctor moves it in different directions, which leads to the destruction of fat. By means of negative pressure is performed the aspiration of fat.
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The wet method is complemented by infiltration of the treated area with a saline solution that includes an anesthetic. This manages to achieve liquefaction of the fat and facilitate its removal.

  1. Tumescent. In this case, the subcutaneous fat is injected special solution, and then aspirated the destroyed adipocytes.
  2. Ultrasonic. This method is considered more gentle. In the process of conducting such an intervention on fat cells produce impact by sound waves of certain frequency.

The surgery is performed through small probes that are injected under the skin. The result is an emulsion that is removed with a vacuum device.

  1. Laser. This method of correction is the most modern and efficient. In this case, through small punctures in the fat inserts a thin fiber. With the help of laser treatment are rapidly destroyed adipocytes, sealed vessels, and stimulating collagen production.

When a large amount of fat is used the suction method, whereas the small deposits are derived naturally through the liver.

Liposuction of the ankles is most often done with the tumescent method. However, in some cases, use of laser or ultrasonic correction.

Photo: Before and after

The rehabilitation period

After liposuction it is very important to wear special underwear with compression effect. To do this, it is recommended 3-4 weeks. This rule is necessary to adhere to, because this feature affects the final result.

By using compression underwear to reduce and tighten the skin and make clearer lines in the operated area.

Seams are usually removed within one week after the intervention. At this point, it is possible to return to normal life. However, there are certain limitations. At that time I still can’t do sports. Load permissible to start in 1-1.5 months.

A few days after surgery can be accompanied by uncomfortable sensations in the legs. Often patients have pain when walking, weakness or increased temperature. Also, many people complain of puffiness and the appearance of bruising in the treated area. In addition, they may cause the sensitivity. All these symptoms disappear in 4-6 weeks.

The real result of the surgical intervention can be assessed only after 6 weeks after the vote.

It was at this time the swelling disappears and the skin is tightened. The final effect is visible only after 6 months.

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Possible complications

Like any other types of surgeries, liposuction can cause negative health effects. However, in most cases they are not dangerous to the life or health of the patient.

So, after liposuction you may experience the following complications:

  • prolonged pain syndrome;
  • bumps on the skin, the appearance of hillocks or depressions;
  • pronounced bruising or bruising;
  • necrosis of the skin in the operated region;
  • penetration into the affected tissue infection that can lead to the development of sepsis;
  • the development of fat embolism;
  • accumulation of fluid;
  • thromboembolism.

The use of modern tools and careful preparation for surgery to reduce the risk of side effects. Equally important in this matter also plays a highly qualified plastic surgeon.

Negative consequences can be associated with the attempt to get rid of each parcel of fat on the ankles. Too intense liposuction can cause damage to the blood vessels.

The desire to remove all adipose tissue creates danger of destruction of the areas in which the skin adheres to the muscle or other areas with little amount of fat.

In such a situation, the weight gain will lead to the fact that the areas with fat will increase and the zone without it maintain their size. As a result there is the risk of heterogeneous and lumpy areas.

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The average cost

The price of liposuction of the ankles is dependent on a number of factors – the scope of intervention, the individual, the qualification of the surgeon. It is important to contact a certified specialist who knows about the problems that occur after such intervention.

In an average procedure at the site with an area of 10×10 cm plastic surgeons take 9-15 thousand rubles.

Often the cost of surgical interventions includes preoperative examination. Because you need to calculate in the amount of 30-60 thousand RUB

Is there an alternative

To avoid the need to do liposuction in the area of the ankles need to care about the health of their feet.

Make them slim will help special diet:

  • It should include fresh vegetables and fruits because these foods contain antioxidants. It is important to avoid fatty foods, sweets, fried food.
  • Diet for slimming the legs should contain foods that include a lot of vitamin C. these include red bell peppers, kiwi, citrus fruit.
  • Equally important are meals with potassium – bananas, potatoes, apricots. They help prevent swelling.
  • Definitely need to use the garlic, chilli, ginger. With their help, it would stimulate blood circulation and prevent stagnation of fluid in the body.

It is important to remember that an integral part of the human body is water.

If you consume an insufficient amount of liquid water accumulates in the cells, which causes swelling of the ankles. Because the doctors suggest to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day.

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To avoid liposuction and achieve a perfect shapely legs, you can carry out simple procedures. A great option is drainage.

Every day you should perform a foot massage. This will restore the metabolic processes and displays the body of toxic substances.

To deal with body fat help water treatments. These include douche, which improves liquid circulation and makes the muscle tone. In addition, great effect have a special exercises for the legs.

Liposuction of the ankles is considered a very effective procedure which allows to obtain noticeable results and to make the legs more graceful. It is very important to find a qualified surgeon who will be able to perform the surgery correctly.

Thanks to a strict observance of all doctor’s prescription you can get a good result and to avoid negative health effects.