Liposuction of the face — done, the before and after photos, reviews, prices

The stages of the procedure

It is produced by reducing the data clusters with a specific purpose – note irregularities and rubtsevania to a possible minimum. Often liposuction combined with face lift, the results of which can last up to ten years.

Liposuction of the face is made in the following order:

  1. Training. At this stage, the marking areas of the face prone to body fat. Most often it is the hyoid bone, the mandibular angle or sternoclavicular-chin area.
  2. Anesthesia. The patient is given local anesthesia of the treated area, and in the case that is still lift, used General anesthesia.
  3. The choice of method of liposuction. There are several types of liposuction: water jet, laser, RF, classic, etc.
  4. Cut. Depending on the method chosen, it is done either in the earlobe or chin. An incision is made in the size 4-8 mm. for the passage of the cannula under the skin.
  5. Podsekanie. It is carried out using special scissors that adjust the incision to the cannula correctly and easily passed under the patient’s skin and provided access to fat.
  6. Pumping the fat. Attached to the cannula tube which allows you to pump out the destroyed fat cells.
  7. The completion of the operation. After the treatment is completed, the doctor sutures and secures them with a special plaster. To under the skin does not remain the extra globules of fat and the accumulation of blood produced by her washing.

The total duration of the operation takes from half to three hours and hospital stay is up to three days.

The rehabilitation period

Within a week after the procedure, be sure to wearing an elastic bandage that reduces swelling from the face and prevents further deformation of the skin.

As recommendations are the following:

  • avoidance of active loads, especially in the field of head and neck;
  • careful shaving (for men);
  • the rejection of facial massage;
  • avoid being under direct sunlight;
  • observance of proper nutrition in order to avoid gaining the total body weight.

Side effects

Liposuction of the face is one of the safest types of surgery, but any procedure can lead to some side effects, and she is no exception.

As complications are possible following:

  • numbness;
  • tingling;
  • pronounced discomfort.

These symptoms do not represent any threat to the life or health of the patient and are themselves.

However, it is worth remembering that fat is an insidious thing and not the adherence to physician recommendations, he can easily «return.»

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The essence lies in the fact that removed fat cells will never return, but remaining have the ability to expand and thus create new problems.

Indications for

  • age of 35 years;
  • high elasticity of the skin;
  • the desire to get rid of lumpy skin;
  • the desire to remove excess subcutaneous fat.

Video: Liposuction of the chin


Liposuction of the face cannot be conducted if the patient has following diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • malignant tumors;
  • severe chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • viral and infectious diseases;
  • lupus;
  • of blood clotting;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • obesity;
  • failure of subcutaneous fat;
  • sagging skin;
  • the weakness of the muscles of the face;
  • deep wrinkles;
  • predisposition to skin diseases.

Liposuction of the cheeks

The cheeks are often processed with a laser. To create the effect of «thinner face», the specialists remove fatty tissue from the cheeks.

Very often the removed tissue leaving as an implant in another area, for example, in the area of the cheekbones. After these interventions, a person acquires clear contours and delicate features.

When carrying out liposuction of the cheeks, the doctors are very often confronted with the so-called lumps bisha – deposits of fatty tissues between the muscles of the cheeks. They greatly complicate the work of surgeons, and their presence makes the face round and ugly. However, during the procedure, they have successfully removed.

Laser liposuction of the face and cheeks, and the patient gets the effect of tightening. Facial lines are adjusted, unnecessary excess removed, the skin surface is leveled and is noticeably firmer. After liposuction of the cheeks, the person receives not just a «bad person», but also a rejuvenating effect.

Liposuction of the chin

Liposuction of the chin is also often performed with a laser, which involves the complete destruction of dense fat deposits by heating them to the desired temperature. After that there is immediate dilution and removal remote cell fat.

Advanced laser liposuction can remove up to twelve percent of subcutaneous fat, while not delivering any discomfort to the patient. Furthermore, the heat emitted by the laser, accelerates the production of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

The disadvantages of laser liposuction of the chin can be attributed to the swelling (which, however, subside yourself a few days) and the possible formation of burns. However, all these phenomena are in the process of rehabilitation.

Video: Liposuction of the neck

Liposuction of the neck

Liposuction of the neck is a fairly common procedure. Ideal candidates are considered women, who have a tendency to obesity and the presence of a small excess deposits in the chin area. In this case, to improve the contour of the neck quite easily.

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Neck liposuction can be performed under local or General anesthesia, depending on the complexity and volume of work.

Procedure of neck liposuction does not differ from liposuction of other areas. After the procedure, all incisions are sutured, they installed the drainage, after which the patient is superimposed chin bandage which must be worn for three days.

To achieve maximum effect, doctors recommend to combine liposuction of the neck with the plastic, which allows you to smooth out the protruding contours of the neck muscles, with stitching medial edges.

The prices for liposuction of the face

The cost of liposuction of the face varies in the region of 90,000 – 150,000 rubles. Laser and ultrasound procedures are more expensive than traditional surgery. The final amount of the operation will consist of a number of circumstances.

You need to remember that apart from the procedure itself paid for the following:

  • consultations with doctors (in addition to the plastic surgeon);
  • testing;
  • being in the hospital after the procedure;
  • drugs that may prescribe a doctor;
  • the compression garment;
  • other procedures that can be combined with liposuction (for example, lifting, etc.)
Name of service The average price in rubles
Facelift (SMAS) 270 000
Endoscopic lifting of the upper 2/3 of face (cheek, temporal region, forehead) 180 000
Laser face lift 125 000
Laser liposuction 1 area in the face area (neck) 43 000
Lower eyelid plastic surgery 45 000
Upper eyelid plastic surgery 40 000
Changing the shape of the eye slit 55 000
Smoothing nasolabial folds (cilift) 120 000
Plastic forehead 90 000
Plastic neck 120 000
Plastic face and neck (the Silhouette lift) 150 000
O. 40 000
Rhinoplasty 150 000
Facial contouring with the use of implants 170 000
Lipofilling 50 000

Frequently asked questions

How dangerous is the procedure?

Liposuction of the face is an absolutely safe procedure that does not pose a threat to either life or health of the patient. Those side effects that may occur after the procedure are independently and within a few days.

Are increasingly talking about the RF method. How is it different?

Traditional liposuction is very traumatic surgery, and when it comes to the face, every flaw and every stroke. Both methods of liposuction involve the creation of incisions, but in contrast to the classical view, the radio frequency allows you to make small punctures and uses cannulas of smaller diameter. Moreover, the surgeon should not do anything manually, destroying not only fatty tissue but also blood vessels (thereby creating bleeding), radio-frequency radiation can destroy fat cells by heating. That is, in fact, is an innovative method that speeds up the natural process of fat burning and «melting» it. Moreover, the RF method has another advantage – lifting effect.

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Is it likely that the remote grease will «migrate» to other areas of the face?

No, it is possible because remote fat cells can’t «go back». Another thing is improper diet and sedentary lifestyle.

How long will last the rehabilitation period?

If we are talking about the stay in the hospital for about three days. If it is subject to certain recommendations (for example, wearing a compression bandage), then for about a week.

Is it possible to do up to 35 years?

Often this does not make sense, but do not forget that the human body is different and the process of aging each is manifested in different ways. Moreover, local fat deposits, which is fighting liposuction (not obese and not overweight accumulated through poor diet and lack of exercise) have a genetic basis and age, in this case, does not play a big role.

Photos before and after liposuction of the face

Reviews of liposuction of the face