Liposuction on the neck withers — reviews, price

The neck is aging rapidly and always first gives age. One of the common problems is the appearance of a hump in this area. To cope with it through diet and exercise is very difficult. In this situation, liposuction can help the withers on the neck.

Where is and how it looks

The withers on the neck usually appears in women aged 45-60 years. It is localized in the part of the spine where the neck enters the chest. In this place there is a kind of cushion. It is called the withers.

This violation is a local overgrowth of fat in the region of the seventh cervical vertebra. It gradually increases in size and becomes denser.

First, the violation causes a purely aesthetic discomfort. It sticks out in the center of the back and may lead to restrictions in choice of clothing. Gradually, however, this tissue leads to tightness of the vessels, preventing normal blood circulation.

It becomes the cause of atherosclerosis and the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms. These include tinnitus, dizziness, headaches. A person can deteriorate memory and concentration.

In addition, the hump often affects the whole neck and occipital region. As a result, there is insomnia, disturbances of breathing during sleep. Some time later, the head takes on an unnatural position.

Causes of

Noticeable symptoms of the hump on the neck occur in the second half of human life. However, the preconditions for its formation appear much earlier.

The main reason for this is the imbalance of hormones.

Such problems lead to the following factors:

  • menopause triggers an increase in the amount of estrogen that lead to active growth of fat cells;
  • disease Cushing’s is associated with increased synthesis of glucocorticoids;
  • the application of some potent drugs – for example, for the treatment of HIV.

Additional factors that may lead to serious increase in body fat, include the following:

  • sedentary work;
  • the deficit burden onto the shoulders, reducing the range of motion in this area as you age;
  • disease of the cervical – in particular, low back pain and osteoporosis;
  • hereditary inclination is the existence of such problems in near relatives increases the risk of the withers on the neck.

It is important to remember that a similar education in the area of the neck can be the result of calcification and curvature of the spine. However, in this case body fat is not appear, and therefore treatment methods must be different.

What is the relationship with cervical osteochondrosis

To establish the relationship withers on the neck and cervical degenerative disc disease, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of occurrence of this problem:

  1. The development of disease begins to damage muscle tissue of the neck region – it is above the shoulders and in the neck. As a result, the woman develops cervical osteochondrosis.
  2. After this, in the region of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae blood circulation and worsening lymph exchange. The result is growing fat and connective tissue.
  3. Fat deposits are more typical for those women who are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. First, this problem is purely a cosmetic defect. Its further development depends on the rate of progression of cervical degenerative disc disease.
  5. In advanced cases, besides the aesthetic problem, experiencing pain and vascular syndrome.
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The appearance of the mound on the neck is usually followed by these manifestations:

  • crunch while rotating head;
  • pain in the occipital region and neck;
  • tingling, numbness, burning sensation in the affected area;
  • weakness of the upper extremities;
  • dizziness.

How effective is liposuction of the withers on the neck

With the help of liposuction it is possible to completely get rid of fat in this area and achieve a smoother contour of the neck and back.

This gives the opportunity to choose normal clothes. For people who were forced to limit physical activity because of the appearance of such a hump, it can become a substantial relief.

Liposuction of the withers on the neck refers to a popular plastic procedures. The recovery period is fairly quick and painless.

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The types of procedures

According to the results of clinical examination, which is conducted at the stage of counseling, removal of the withers can be offered various methods of liposuction.

Most often done with ultrasonic or tumescent procedure.

Ultrasonic liposuction is a surgical procedure that is used to remove superficial and deep fat deposits. With its help it is possible to cope with large volumes of deposits. Especially useful to apply this method of liposuction for getting rid of fat from fibrous areas, one of which is the withers.

This liposuction involves the use of ultrasonic energy which is directed through a cannula placed in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. After insertion of the needle into the treated area is injected with special fluid.

Through the use of ultrasound can make the fat more liquid and to fragment the cells. Due to this, the cell contents flow into the intercellular area. Through a combination of interstitial fluid, triglycerides and the composition formed a stable emulsion which is removed from the skin by vacuum suction.

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Due to the specificity of the sound waves are able to carry out selective destruction of fat cells, but it does not affect connective. It is also possible to avoid hitting nerves and blood vessels.

Ultrasonic treatment is considered more effective against fibro-fatty tissue, which consists of the withers on the neck, compared with standard surgery.

However, in this case significantly increases the risk of burns or other skin lesions. As a result, the neck often formed cicatricial changes.

Tumescent liposuction also has a high efficiency. Because the fat in the shoulder area have a fibrous structure, large cannula to use is very problematic.

The use of microchannel in combination with the tumescent technique allows you to successfully troubleshoot this issue.

This type of surgery is considered safer in comparison with ultrasonic liposuction. In this case, the problem area is administered much diluted anesthetic solution. As a consequence, the introduction of fluid leads to swelling of body fat. Due to their expansion of the cannula to move more smoothly and allow you to lose fat.

Today it is believed that this method provokes a lot less complications. The specialists say that the amount of anesthetic entering the metabolic processes can not be established.

It is important to note that lidocaine can cause hypersensitivity. Often as a result of these processes is developing cardiac arrhythmia.

This complication of liposuction also can be fat embolism. This is especially important when removing large amount of sediments. The effectiveness of the operation is high – hump returns after a liposuction only in extreme cases.

How to prepare

In the presence of chronic diseases should visit a therapist and specialists of the corresponding profile. It is forbidden to perform liposuction with acute diseases. In addition, at the stage of preparation must be done electrocardiogram and chest x-rays.

Also be sure to assign these tests:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • urinalysis;
  • biochemical analysis of blood;
  • tests to detect HIV and hepatitis b and C.

A couple of weeks before the planned surgical intervention to avoid the use of drugs that affect the stimulation of blood circulation.

This category includes:

  1. hormonal contraceptives,
  2. aspirin,
  3. anticoagulants.

It is also desirable to eliminate Smoking because nicotine is bad for the healing tissues. This time period should be to eat a balanced and to avoid constipation.

How the result looks in the photo

Peculiarities of rehabilitation

Patients often go home after only a few hours after the procedure. However, in order to reduce the risk of complications to a minimum, should be in the hospital during the day.

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The postoperative period has certain characteristics:

  • to reduce swelling the doctor may prescribe cool compresses;
  • to reduce pain analgesics;
  • to prevent infection using antibacterial therapy;
  • the sutures are removed after 5-10 days depending on the size of cuts.

A day later pressure bandage change on more free. For 2 weeks after surgery you must wear a support bandage. And it is not removed even at night.

The final result will be visible after 3-4 months.

It is the time required for complete disappearance of the edema. As a result the muscles get used to the new shape, and fabric will become clear relief.

2 weeks after surgery, the doctor may recommend carrying lymph drainage massage. Also often used ozone therapy and microcurrent therapy.


Because liposuction is a surgery, to predict the reaction to its implementation is quite difficult. Even healthy patients may face unpredictable consequences.

So, liposuction of the withers can lead to such complications:

  • intoxication with lidocaine is a condition may even lead to heart failure;
  • any infection;
  • the defeat of the nerve fibers;
  • the appearance of pigmentation on the skin;
  • an imbalance of the fluid in the removal of fatty deposits;
  • getting burn when using ultrasonic techniques;
  • the accumulation of blood clots in the dermis – with incomplete removal of the fat emulsion.

If a person has fever, dizziness, tachycardia, nausea, excessive sweating or chills, it will be sure to inform your doctor.

The average cost

The cost of this surgery depends on the skill of the doctor and the extent of the surgery.

The average price of liposuction on the neck, withers ranges from 50 thousand rubles.

The withers on the neck – rather unpleasant problem which can cause health problems. If conservative methods to remove this education fails, you can resort to liposuction. The main thing is to find a qualified surgeon and follow his recommendations.