Liposuction underarm — photos before and after, price, reviews, troughs

Liposuction is a procedure that involves surgical intervention with the aim of getting rid of fat in certain areas of the human body.

Most often surgery is performed to correct excess fat in the abdominal area. However, liposuction can be carried out in other areas. One type of surgery is liposuction of the underarm, which is carried out for medical reasons.

Historical facts

The procedure of getting rid of fat today is a very popular operation that is used in cosmetics and for medical reasons. Liposuction is considered a fairly «young» treatment.

The first attempt of surgical intervention for removal of excess accumulation of fat was carried out in 1921.

Performed the procedure, the French surgeon Degerler. He tried to remove adipose tissue in the knee, using an instrument (curette) designed to perform the abortion. But as a result of the operation, the doctor not only failed, but severed the artery (the leg was amputated), the interest in this surgical technique are gone.

The second attempt was carried out by German specialist – surgeon Ssud. He carried out the pumping of body fat through small incisions. But this attempt was not successful because the patient has formed a large hematoma, and skin had multiple scars.

Only in the 70-ies of the Italian gynecologist Fischer had a successful operation. To remove fat from the subcutaneous tissue, he used a design which included a cannula, which he developed, and vacuum. However, the rehabilitation period was very difficult.

Already in the 80-ies of Alloys and Fournier improved method Fischer. Now, to avoid complications in the fatty tissue injected a solution of hyaluronidase and salt. Thus, the lymphatic and blood vessels were protected from possible mechanical damage.

In two-thousand years, experts noticed that while removing fat tissue is the elimination of the sweat glands contained in it. After these discoveries liposuction began to be used for the treatment of diseases associated with excessive sweating. Modern medicine performs liposuction not only in the belly area, but also arms, hips, thighs, underarms and elsewhere.

When to make a

Performed liposuction of the armpits in the presence of indications which are determined by medical diagnosis.

In most cases, pumping the fat in the underarms is carried out in the presence of pathologically increased sweating. Such a violation is called hyperhidrosis.

However, if hyperhidrosis armpits is not local, that is, increased perspiration occurs simultaneously in other parts of the body (palms, back, etc), then surgery is not carried out. Cause common disorders of the sweat glands can become the disease of the internal organs or systems, then you need to use other methods of treatment.

To resort to liposuction costs only in the case when no therapeutic methods have failed and profuse sweating continues. The causal access to a doctor, as a rule, the syndrome becomes «wet armpits».

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For this pathology in humans, there is a constant profuse perspiration, which even more increased under the effect of the emotional state (strain, stress etc). Besides, the pathological process is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, infections or wounds in the armpits available.


Liposuction armpits, despite the possibilities of modern medicine, is a major operation that could cause complications. Therefore, before the procedure the patient must undergo a full medical examination.

In the result of diagnostics is not the only cause of pathology, but the patient has contraindications to surgical intervention.

It is not recommended to do liposuction in determining the patient:

  • circulatory disorders (hemophilia, anemia, etc.);
  • pathology of the lungs (tuberculosis, pleurisy, etc.);
  • malignant and benign tumors;
  • impaired immunity (diabetes, etc.);
  • infectious diseases and injuries of the skin in the forearm.

As a reason for refusal of doctors to suction fat tissue during the period of pregnancy and lactation in women. There may be individual contraindications (for example, serious diseases of the internal organs).

If the operation is carried out irrespective of existing contraindications, health and lives of patients are put at risk. Most of the experts recommend to choose a safer method of therapy.

How to prepare for the procedure

Pumping the fat from the armpits, like any surgery, requires preparation procedure.

To start preparing better in a few weeks. All the necessary guidance should inform the attending physician.

If the patient has a chronic disease, especially during exacerbation, you must first conduct the treatment of the underlying pathology and to reduce its intensity. We need this in order to rehab was easier. Otherwise, can be induced by complications.

Patients who had a viral disease (SARS, influenza etc) the operation is performed only three weeks after recovery. Because even after the treatment in the body for a long time continues to be a virus.

The main preparation for the procedure includes:

  • the rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking for two weeks. Such requirements are necessary to enhance immunity and normalize blood clotting;
  • the discontinuation of drugs that affect clotting and blood pressure;
  • two weeks before operation is recommended to take vitamin K to reduce the risk of bleeding in the process of liposuction;
  • seven days before surgery the patient is assigned a salt-free diet to prevent swelling.

With all the recommendations and the absence of contraindications, the operation and the rehabilitation period are in most cases without complications. But a lot depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon.

Photo: Before and after

How to carry out liposuction of the armpits

Is liposuction of armpits in the conditions of outpatient treatment. After passing all the necessary examinations, the patient is placed in a chamber to prepare for surgery, after which he was sent to the operating room.

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For the procedure:

  • Most often used for local anesthesia.
  • Then is the markup for the determination of the places cut the skin.
  • Then, in a section through the cannula fluid is introduced, destroying the fatty tissue.
  • After some time, the mixture that is formed from metabolized fat, pumped by the pump by means of a cannula.
  • Surgical intervention is the removal of a certain portion of adipose tissue with sweat glands. The outcome of the operation leads to disruption of communication of nerve endings with the remainder of the sweat glands.
  • Been to drastically reduce the process of sweating.

Liposuction of the armpits is not 100% guarantee the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Only 70% of patients indicated a positive result. It is also not excluded and likelihood of recurrence. Re hyperhidrosis is associated with restoration of nerves and their Association with sweat glands that were not removed.

Pumping the fat with positive result preserves the effect of not more than five years.

Rehabilitation period passes quickly enough. The majority of patients recovered within a week after surgery. All traces of the operation gradually heal, leaving no trace.

Video: Laser method

The types of procedures

Liposuction of the armpits can be carried out by different methods. Moreover, modern medicine offers more and more new technology the procedure.

Today, the operation is carried out in three ways.

  1. Mechanical. The process of mechanical treatment described above. This method is used in most clinics as have long been studied. The recovery process oil is produced by a vacuum pump.
  2. Ultrasonic. Dissolves the fatty tissue under the action of ultrasonic beams without the use of any drugs. Siphon the liquid with a special device.
  3. Laser. In small incision is inserted the tip with a sensor, through which passes the laser beam, destroying the capsules of the cells of the sweat glands. Fat drainage is not carried out.

All used for hyperhidrosis treatment methods are effective. The difference between them mainly lies in the aesthetics and the elapsed time of the operation. However, the mechanical method is the most secure, as practiced for a long time. He also gives a longer result. Besides there is a significant difference between the cost of liposuction methods.

Complications and side effects

In rare cases, after the procedure for removal of adipose tissue in the armpits there are complications. Cause of pathology most often is the presence of the patient contraindications or individual reaction.

During the procedure you may experience the following complications:

  • excessive bleeding;
  • damage surrounding tissue and nerve fibers;
  • the entry of infection.

In the postoperative period it may cause side effects:

  • soft tissue swelling in the armpits;
  • the feeling of pain with movement of the hands;
  • the bruising on the skin or under it.
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In the presence of side effects the patient should be provided with the necessary assistance of specialists. The untreated symptoms of adverse reactions can lead to serious complications.

The average cost

The price of liposuction of the armpits can vary significantly. First and foremost, the cost of the procedure depends on the chosen clinic and the method of its implementation. Laser and ultrasonic method will have a greater value than the mechanical type of surgery.

Also, the average price of the procedure consists of several factors:

  • the amount of work;
  • type of anesthesia;
  • consultation and collection of tests;
  • being in the hospital after surgery.

The average price for a service to remove fat in the armpits is 20,000 rubles. This amount can be much higher if surgical intervention in an elite clinic. However, one should note that most often, liposuction cost included the work of a skilled surgeon.

Useful tips

Specialists perform surgery to drain the fatty tissue in the armpits mainly in the presence of serious pathology. Doctors do not recommend to resort to this method of treatment for aesthetic purposes.

In the postoperative period should:

  • to care for the injured skin surface;
  • to exclude the application of funds that suppress the perspiration, as they contain substances harmful to damaged tissues;
  • in the next two weeks should, as little as possible to resort to physical loads;
  • if signs of complications to immediately seek medical attention.

In the presence of such problems as the syndrome of «wet armpits» better to try all methods of treatment and then to decide on the procedure. Prior to surgery and followed to comply with all instructions of the attending physician.

Despite the fact that rehabilitation is quick, you need to regularly visit the doctor to monitor the healing process.