Liposuction without surgery — reviews, prices

What it is

Non-surgical liposuction is a procedure in which problem areas affected by ultrasound or other means, destroying the fatty tissue and facilitating its removal from the body.

This procedure will help in the short term:

  • to get rid of fat;
  • to make the figure beautiful, elegant;
  • and the prices are quite affordable.


The appearance of excess body fat in men and women in various fields:

  1. on the stomach and waist;
  2. on the hips, breeches, and buttocks;
  3. on the face and neck;
  4. on hands and shoulders;
  5. on my knees.


  1. pregnancy and lactation;
  2. the period of menstruation in women;
  3. chronic liver disease;
  4. kidney stones, kidney failure;
  5. cholelithiasis;
  6. severe abnormalities of the immune system;
  7. damage to the skin at the site of the procedure;
  8. poor blood clotting;
  9. prosthesis and metal constructions in the affected area;
  10. umbilical hernia;
  11. tumor;
  12. osteoporosis;
  13. severe stage of diabetes;
  14. the presence of a pacemaker.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of without the surgery is an opportunity to get rid of localized fat deposits without resorting to surgical intervention, which allows us to give a figure the desired shape without General anesthesia.

The skin after the procedure becomes smooth and elastic, improves its elasticity and the cellulite disappears.

The disadvantage is the possibility of complications and the duration of the procedure, which can reach two months, as it is necessary to repeat the lipo to 7 times.

Besides, if you have large fat deposits effect can be worse, and at a sedentary lifestyle in consequence, the effect disappears.

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Risks, dangers, complications

If a session of non-surgical liposuction is performed by qualified specialist, all risks are reduced to a minimum and the probability of side effects in this case is negligible.

The only disadvantage is the lack of long-term effect of improper nutrition and low physical activity of the patient.

Possible complications:

  1. allergic reactions,
  2. hematoma
  3. suppuration, as a consequence of infection
  4. necrosis of the skin, damaged blood vessels,
  5. the appearance of scars and uneven contour shapes with excessive removal of adipose tissue.

The cause of these complications – defective work of a specialist.

When is and how long the result

In total, the result from non-surgical liposuction will be visible already after the first session, but the greatest effect will be achieved by the end of the course.

It should be noted that liposuction does not eliminate the cause of the formation of fat, therefore, for a lasting effect it is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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The types of liposuction without surgery

There are 7 types of liposuction without surgery:


Cavitation (or ultrasound assisted liposuction) gives excellent results comparable to surgical liposuction, however, it does not damage the skin, does not require General anesthesia and rehabilitation.

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After the first session you can get rid of 5 cm in volume, and repeat the procedure usually 3 to 4 times, but the number of sessions you can choose on your own.

Cavitation is usually performed on the new equipment, which emits a special ultrasonic focused waves that destroy fat tissue.

The destroyed fat cells out of the body in a natural way by the liver.

For greater effect it is recommended:

  1. to stick to your diet
  2. limiting fat,
  3. fried and spicy.

To adipose tissue is easier to leave the body, it is recommended to combine ultrasonic liposuction with General massage. Lymphatic drainage also contributes to more rapid removal of fat cells, directing them to the liver, the result will be more noticeable.


This liposuction technique is particularly effective in small areas of fat deposits such as on the face, calves or hands where exercise does not help.

Substance for injection is administered to the area of fatty deposits, causing its destruction and accelerating the metabolism of the adipose tissue that is absorbed into the blood and excreted by the liver.

The substances used for injection:

  1. phosphatidylcholine;
  2. vitamins;
  3. alpha-lipid acid;
  4. enzymes;
  5. extracts of some plants;
  6. nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  7. antibiotics;
  8. hormones.

The number of injections liposuction depends on the location and the amount of fat in a particular patient, but on average it is 2 to 4 sessions. Repeat the procedure with a break of 6-8 weeks.

A noticeable effect occurs not earlier than in 2 sessions and for men injection method less effective.

In rare cases, the injectable liposuction observed side effects such as hematoma at the injection site and an allergic reaction to any drug. Also, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure for people suffering from obesity.


Laser liposuction without surgery helps to get rid of fat any density and type and on any problem areas.

Fat is removed using low-frequency laser that is inserted under go through a small incision and heats and breaks down fatty tissue.

The main feature of this method is that the neighboring tissues are not affected.

Holes that are made during the procedure do not exceed 1 mm, so after a session of rehabilitation is not required and the skin is not damaged, but rather becomes smooth.

During laser liposuction using the latest drugs European production, which not only remove fatty tissue but also tightens the skin at the site of incision.

The procedure may take a lot of time from 30-40 minutes to several hours, time depends on the size of the site and the amount of fat on it.

The procedure is performed without General anesthesia, and after it is recommended to wear a special underwear. Doctors do not recommend to use the Solarium, sauna and carry more than 5 kg weights, not to provoke complications.

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Prices on non-surgical liposuction with laser is quite high, the reason for this is a good effect and the lack of rehabilitation period after the procedure.

Water jet

Water-jet liposuction without surgery is by water, namely, directional jets, through which splits the fatty tissue.

This technique is quite safe and painless, it does not have serious complications.

The procedure is performed with a special solution, which is injected at the desired angle in a small hole under the skin. General anesthesia is not required as the procedure is painless.

In the preparation includes:

  1. the epinephrine;
  2. prilocain;
  3. ropivacaine;
  4. the sodium bicarbonate.

The drug contains an anesthetic that eliminates pain, and a substance that constricts blood vessels to reduce the risk of injury, as well as substances that Deplete the adipose tissue.

Jet easily break the fat, after which it is excreted from the body by means of a vacuum pump.

After surgery, the skin is left:

  • edema,
  • irregularities and scars,
  • the effect is noticeable immediately.

With the ability to increase the pressure of the jet during the injection, the doctor can simulate the body contour, making it perfect, and for one session to really pump up to 6 liters of fat.

The procedure of water-jet liposuction does not harm blood vessels, internal organs and overall health of the patient, therefore, almost immediately after the session he goes home.

But, after a session during the month it is recommended not to carry heavy weights and not overexert, diet with restriction of fatty and refuse from alcohol and tobacco.


Performed using a special device – BodyTite, which is a tool connected to the computer and emitting radio waves at high frequencies.

The nozzle unit consists of a needle that is inserted into the fatty tissue. The needle heats up and breaks it, outputting the fat cells.

Radiofrequency liposuction is very often used for the correction of the neck, chest and face, as it leaves no scars and is beneficial for skin tightening and rejuvenating it, forming a beautiful oval face, removing the first signs of aging.

The main advantage of this procedure is the absence of pain and quickly noticeable effect.

The session takes quite a bit of time, rehabilitation is not required as it repeats the procedure. Contraindications to radiofrequency liposuction is not practically mean excellent portability and low-trauma.

Shock wave

In this type of non-surgical liposuction uses a special device, which affects the area of application of the acoustic waves, causing the breakdown of fat tissue and improve the metabolism.

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This technique helps:

  1. to increase the elasticity of the skin,
  2. to normalize the blood circulation and metabolic processes in the subcutaneous layer.

Shock wave therapy helps to get rid of fat in the area:

  • belly
  • waist
  • hips,
  • as well as to reduce stretch marks, improve skin elasticity and get rid of the effects of surgical liposuction on the skin.

The method is effective at any stage of cellulite and can even be used for preventive purposes once in 3 months.

The sessions of shock wave liposuction takes 30 minutes, but the procedure must be repeated 5-6 times, in some cases 10-12, with a break from 4 to 6 days.

The effect is usually noticeable after 1-2 treatments, the skin becomes firmer, reduces the appearance of cellulite.


This liposuction technique is performed by injection of medical ozone-oxygen mixture and its distribution with the help of massage.

Ozone and oxygen penetrating into the fatty tissue, destroying it, making soft, contributing to withdrawal of fat from the body via the lymph.

This method improves metabolic processes in cells, making the effect of the procedure long enough.

Multiinjector liposuction is very effective at any stage of cellulite. The number of treatments depends on the amount of body fat, on average, it is about 10-12 sessions, which are repeated every 5-7 days.

Session duration ranges from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of fat.

Despite the fact that liposuction without surgery is a simple procedure, it must be carried out exclusively by professionals, in order to avoid unpleasant side effects and complications.

When choosing a clinic and specialist, do not neglect the feedback of customers who have already used their services, but they need to realize that appearance fully depends on the internal state of the body, and proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle – pledge of beauty.