Liza Boyarskaya to rhinoplasty (plastic nose) — photo, video

The possible plastic surgery the actress

Let’s start with the fact that the admirers of the Boyar, as well as her envious assume that the girl adjusted the nose and lips. According to experts, Lisa underwent rhinoplasty. Some doctors claim that she had conducted at least two operations to correct the shape of the nose.

As for the correct lip shape and cheekbones, here are the opinions of plastic surgeons divided. Some believe that the actress was made of vertical «padding» on the upper lip. Others point to the fact that her cheekbones look more graphic than the photos published in the magazines a couple of years ago. Detractors joke about the fact that after plastic operations on the nose and cheekbones Lisa began to resemble the legendary Michael Jackson.

Photo of Liza Boyarskaya before and after rhinoplasty

That at least one rinoplastica on account of the popular Actresses were still, and can be easily seen by comparing pictures of her in the beginning and the end of the last decade.

To of rhinoplasty Liza Boyarskaya was the owner of a massive nose with a pinched tip up. This form was picked up from her mother – actress Larisa Luppian. «Unofficial» sources say that plastic surgery she conducted the St. Petersburg surgeon Arthur Fishermen, and assisted him Love and. Later this information was officially confirmed. In the network appeared the photo of Liza Boyarskaya rhinoplasty before and after it. The actress never confirmed, nor denied information about surgeries (including rhinoplasty). At the same time to aesthetic medicine it is very positive. In one interview, the girl said that if necessary he will use the services of a plastic surgeon. But this will happen except in old age.

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Note the pictures of Liza Boyarskaya before rhinoplasty and after it. Pictures taken at the very beginning of her acting career, we see a pretty girl with a big nose and French fries. For more recent photos show the grown-up young lady with the same dimples, but with a slim and trim nose. Is it not said that the famous actress underwent a rhinoplasty?

If you look closely at the photographs of her daughter «Musketeers», we can see a scar on her left cheek. Lisa herself is in no hurry to appeal to surgeons to correct this cosmetic defect. She thinks the scar is his feature. If you have close-up shots, the actress just puts his Foundation. However, in many Studio photographs of the scar on his cheek clearly visible. In addition, the Boyar there are other «marks» — a small scar on his forehead (left from hitting the battery) and in the scalp.


Did Liza Boyarskaya rhinoplasty or not is not so important. It is famous for its attractive appearance and delicate features. The girl has natural beauty, inherited from her parents. Her charming smile, cute dimples and a captivating look continue to bring to mind the male population of our country. Even if plastic surgeons and carried out the adjustment of the shape of the nose Lisa, it turned out pretty efficiently and naturally.