Loofah massage cellulite — hard, against, rubbing

Cellulite is actual problem for modern women. As you know, demand creates supply, therefore the market offers a variety of tools to combat lipodystrophy.

In order to understand how to defeat cellulite, one should understand the causes of its occurrence:

  1. The increase in size of adipocytes – fat cells
  2. Accumulation of fat leads to swelling of the skin
  3. Disturbed microcirculation in the skin and the subcutaneous fat, so there is lymphedema
  4. Adipocytes are compacted, there is a growth of fibrous tissue, formed lintel, there is «orange peel»

The age at which that begins to form cellulite, the stage of neglect of the process is determined by some factors:

  1. Women have a genetic predisposition to accumulation of adipose tissue on the buttocks, thighs and stomach, that contribute to female hormones – estrogen
  2. Genetic predisposition
  3. Eating junk food high in fat and fast carbohydrates, with insufficient amount of fiber and protein
  4. Lack of exercise, sedentary work

If for prevention of lipo enough to exercise and to change diet, to combat the «orange peel» it will not be enough. Then come to the aid of the fixture for impact on subcutaneous fat. The best way is to loofah cellulite.

Why helps

Massage loofah cellulite has a physical effect on subcutaneous fat layer.

Intense rubbing with a sponge:

  • Increases the blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous layers.
  • The increased blood flow contributes to the enrichment of the skin with oxygen, while the outflow of lipid from adipose tissue, reducing the size of adipocytes.
  • The skin in turn becomes saturated with nutrients, which leads to normalization of turgor.
  • Eliminated stagnant processes, is slowing the growth of fibrous tissue, and connective tissue septa become softer and elastic.
  • Increases lymph flow, decreases swelling.

After the procedure, massage sponge, the skin becomes smooth and toned.


In choosing washcloths must be based on individual characteristics of the structure of the skin, the degree of neglect of cellulite.

All sponges are divided into two groups:

  1. Made of synthetic material. The advantage is that the care of such sponge will be minimal, as well as the cost. The downside is that during intensive use, service life can be small
  2. From natural ingredients. Plus, this fit in of hypoallergenic, durability. Minus more care for hygiene, high price
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In order to effectively deal with early signs of cellulite no need to purchase overly rough sponge, it can scratch your skin, be uncomfortable. However, in the fight against neglected lipodystrophy, a good assistant is hard loofah cellulite.

Synthetic sponges:

  1. Made of polyethylene
  2. Foam sponges
  3. Cellulose sponges

Natural sponges:

  1. Funds from loofahs dried fibers of a tropical plant
  2. Loofah sea sponges
  3. Made of sisal
  4. Sponges from the Linden bark – bark
  5. From birch bark
  6. Nettle

Even sponges vary in shape and size. There are oval, square, with two handles, mounted on a long handle, in the form of mittens, in the form of a brush.

The pros and cons

Washcloths cellulite have many positive qualities:

  1. Effective remedy for cellulite. When running the process it is better to use loofah sisal – has the largest stiffness
  2. A big range of prices. The most expensive are sponges made of synthetic materials. The most expensive are sea sponges
  3. Suitable for people prone to allergies. The most suitable of loofahs, flax
  4. Sea sponges, sponges made from bast, birch bark have antiseptic properties
  5. Durability more synthetic sponges, sea sponges

The disadvantages of the washcloths:

  1. The natural sponge is recommended to be changed frequently, about 1 time per month, as they infest pathogenic microorganisms
  2. The fragility of some species of sponges, such as the sisal quickly rassohnetsya
  3. Synthetic remedies can cause allergies

How to use loofah cellulite

Rubbing a washcloth is better done before taking a shower or bath.

Should follow sequence of actions:

  1. First we need to wet the sponge. Rubbing a dry loofah is not effective and can damage the integrity of the skin
  2. Massage is better to start with straight stroking motions on the surface of the buttocks, thighs, side of the body, that is the places where there are manifestations of lipodystrophy and excess fat deposition
  3. Next, you should increase the intensity of movements, producing motion accordingly the massage lines. The hips should move upwards, and the area of the buttocks to massage in a circular motion
  4. Those areas that are heavily affected by cellulite should be rubbed with maximum intensity
  5. The duration of the procedure depends on the stage of the process. At the initial manifestations, a slight decrease in skin tone and lack of excess weight it is possible to grind for 3-5 minutes once a week. In the case of a massive process, orange peel, overweight massage to produce for up to 15 minutes each day.
  6. After anti-cellulite massage shower or bathe it would ease the tension and relax the muscles. During water procedures it is possible to additionally use a skin scrub
  7. After a shower you should use anti-cellulite cream or essential oils against cellulite — this is the final step in a comprehensive approach to the treatment of lipodystrophy

Do not forget about care massage sponge. After applying it, rinse under running water, squeeze thoroughly, leave to dry, to avoid stagnation of water in the thicker washcloths.

Natural remedies it is recommended to change once a month. The maximum period of use is 3 months.

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The result

Application sponge gives a noticeable result after a week of use.

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Full recovery and restoration of normal microcirculation in the adipose tissue occurs in 1.5 – 2 months of the systematic use.

The changes that occur as a result of the application of anti-cellulite sponge:

  1. The skin becomes smooth, healthy and toned
  2. Decreases tissue edema
  3. Decreases and then completely disappears the «orange peel»
  4. The procedure leads to a massive fat burning and reduce the volume of thighs and buttocks a few inches
  5. Prevention re-development process

Anti-cellulite massage with a washcloth recommended courses for 10-15 sessions. Better to spend complex treatment with application of creams and aromatherapy showers. Sports and compliance with the rules of healthy nutrition will help to forget about problems with cellulite.

Adverse reactions

When using massage sponges do not forget about safety precautions:

  1. Too hard to loofah cellulite may scratch the skin, leaving abrasions. If the hygiene is not appropriate, it can be softened in hot water
  2. Allergic reactions on the skin. If you have a tendency to dermatitis, before use should be test – wash with a washcloth small patch of skin
  3. The use of sponges is prohibited in varicose vein disease, infectious and inflammatory diseases, fungal infections of the skin. Massage will lead to the spread of the healthy tissue

Is it possible to use for prevention

The advantage of using washcloths as well is prophylactic use.

Massage to prevent the development of cellulitis shown in the following cases:

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Overweight
  3. Age after 25 years
  4. A sedentary lifestyle

As a preventive measure the intensity of grinding may be small. Duration of procedure not more than 5 minutes. Quite a few sessions in a month.

Loofah massage cellulite will become an indispensable items in the purse women of all ages. A small cost compared to anti-cellulite creams and treatments at the beauty salon and high efficiency determine the demand for this subject of care. Besides the massage process does not take much time, even the busy woman will be able to devote 10-15 minutes a week to the beauty of your body.

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