Looks like cellulite on the legs, on the ass

Cellulite is considered to be a fairly common problem faced by more and more women. To cope with this anomaly and to improve the appearance of your body, you first need to determine the look of the cellulite.

About the forms and stages

This violation klassificeret on a variety of grounds. Cellulite has a number of forms and stages. Each has certain characteristics.

So, according to the clinical varieties distinguish such forms of the disease:

  1. Plaque – is characterized by the formation of large foci of fat nodes. For they are characterized by a hummocky surface, retraction and atrophy in the Central part.
  2. Knotty – is accompanied by formation of single or multiple nodes. They can be crisp or soft consistency.

Depending on the characteristics of the epithelium identify the following forms of pathology:

  • Solid – in most cases occurs in young women who lead quite active way of life. When it appears possible to probe dense formations, which are quite compact in size and does not vary with body position. They are quite tightly connected with the skin.

In such a situation, to visualize the appearance of a violation is possible only when pressed. This form is often accompanied by the formation of stretch marks. With the aging of solid cellulite can acquire sluggish nature.

  • Flaccid or soft – typical for women who are accustomed to a lack of active lifestyle or very quickly lose weight. Also it is often found after 40 years.

People with this form of disorder is seen hypotonia and laxity of muscle tissue. Leather has a soft texture and the motion shakes. Also, there are often symptoms of varicose veins and telangiectasias.

  • Edematous – appearing due to increase of the size of the feet, which are swollen. To identify this symptom by pushing on the skin, resulting in a hole. The skin in this form of breach thinned. Also, often there is a heaviness and discomfort in the legs.
  • Mixed – is a combination of various types of pathology. In this case, women may present different forms of violations in various parts of the body. It is this kind of the most common.

In modern practice there are several stages of disorders, each of which is characterized by certain symptoms:

  1. The first stage is considered the initial stage of the disease. It is almost impossible to visualize. This stage is characterized by a decrease in skin elasticity that prevails in the region of the buttocks and thighs. To see the symptoms of the pathology is possible only with the formation of skin folds.
  2. The second stage – this stage is characterized by the appearance of seals on the surface of the body. It’s easy to test and easy to see. These include liquid and body fat.
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Due to the pressure of fluid decreases blood flow. Also having problems with lymph drainage. As a result, the skin receives nutrients and becomes more flabby. Sometimes even there is a loss of sensitivity is caused by compression of nerve fibers.

  1. The third stage is characterized by more pronounced manifestations. On the skin you can immediately see the «orange peel». In addition to reducing the circulation and entrapment of nerve endings, there is a loss of muscle. They become rougher and lose their elasticity. This creates problems with the muscle reduction.
  2. The fourth stage, this violation is also called micronodular. In fact, it’s quite a serious pathology, which is accompanied by extensive tissue damage. The skin in this area in appearance similar to a sponge – it covers a huge number of bumps and hollows. In other places, the dermis swells.

Because of circulatory disorders of the epithelium becomes bluish tint. To the touch it has the rigid and cold structure. Because of the atrophy of the muscle tissue becomes weaker.

The main danger associated with the threat of the development of necrotic changes.

The reflection in the mirror

If the body appeared unattractive swelling, you need to delay in this place the skin and roll it between your fingers. Normal healthy subcutaneous fat is not felt. In this case, the fingers will not feel nothing but the smooth and elastic skin.

If seal fat formations appears the looseness and sagging of the epithelium. Moreover, compressed place of the formation of small pits.

Progression of violations of cellulite can be visualized and without compression. In this case, it can be seen even in a relaxed state. Affected area similar to cheesy mass or peel of citrus fruits. Than the deepening of the stronger, the more neglected it is considered a cellulite.

Indirect evidence for the initial stage of the disease is the increased vulnerability of the skin to injuries. The bruises appear very often. For this disorder characterized by a slow extension of the skin after pressing. In addition, in the affected areas is very poorly placed tan.

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How does cellulite at different periods of development

The symptoms of this anomaly is directly dependent on the stage of its development:

  1. The first stage is still not visible «orange peel». However, skin gradually loses its elasticity. In the first place usually affects the thighs and buttocks. Well if you squeeze the skin in the affected area, you can see the first symptoms of disorder.
  2. The second stage is accompanied by the formation of seals on the skin, which consist of excess fluid and fat deposits. Education data quite easily palpated. This is due to compression of blood vessels.
  3. The third stage is characterized by a noticeable «orange peel». Fat deposits disrupt blood circulation and pinched nerve endings. The epithelium loses its sensitivity. Also affects the structure of the muscles. As a result of these processes, the skin becomes uneven and rough, lost sensitivity.
  4. In the fourth stage there is a global tissue damage. The skin becomes porous, becomes bluish tint. In appearance it resembles a spongy tissue.

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External features depending on the area

This anomaly has characteristics that are determined by the area of localization changes.

On the feet

In this case there is a lumpy skin surface in the area of the thighs and calves of the legs. In order to notice these changes, you need to periodically check the status of the epithelium. On legs cellulite look as «orange peel». With the development of edematous forms of pathology there is a risk of increasing the volume of the limbs.

The emergence of this problem is associated with changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue. This may be due to genetic tendency, lesions of the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalance or eating disorders. Often problems are caused by Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

To improve the appearance of your legs, you strengthen muscle tissue, normalize blood circulation and restore the skin tone.

The most effective method of solving the problem is to exercise. They strengthen the muscles and help to break down fat deposits.

In addition, it is useful to perform body wraps you can do at home or in the salon environment. Using this procedure, you will be able to improve blood circulation in problem areas and significantly improve the appearance of the epithelium.

On the buttocks

Usually the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks due to violation of metabolic processes in the connective tissue. As a result, there is a stagnation of lymph and the weakening of the bloodstream.

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The factors triggering the emergence of this anomaly can be:

  1. poor diet,
  2. hormonal imbalance,
  3. habit to cross your legs.

On the priest cellulite looks rather unattractive, resembling in appearance «orange peel». The buttocks can significantly increase in size and lose their elasticity.

To cope with this problem, experts advise to completely abandon the consumption of:

  • fatty meat,
  • alcoholic beverages,
  • sweets and pickles.

You also need to limit the amount of tea and coffee. Definitely need to drink a sufficient volume of liquids – at least 1.5 liters per day.

Signals serious trouble

The appearance of cellulite is a serious enough problem. In some cases, the symptoms may indicate a real danger. Experts claim that there are several key symptoms that should prompt a woman to seek medical attention.

So, about the complex stages of cellulite is evidenced by such symptoms:

  • the appearance of hot spot on cool skin;
  • education burst blood vessels in problem areas;
  • the emergence of steeton – this term refers to large areas that seem to be braided with the fibers.

Concern should also be the absence of any sensations when exposed to skin. These symptoms testify to the neglect of the anomalous process.

When they appear you need to consult not only a beautician but also a therapist.

Cellulite is a common disorder that not only spoils the appearance, but also can lead to unpleasant consequences for health. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to perform the symptoms of anomalies and to refer to a specialist, who will select effective therapy.

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