LPG massage for face — what is it, reviews, protivopokazaniya, photos before and after, prices

Unlike LPG-body massage in the head of the person is not mechanical rollers for kneading of tissues. Massage effect is created by the retraction of skin into the cavity of the nozzle and through a vacuum.

Frequency of retraction varies depending on the settings of the machine and is 4 to 16 times per minute. The force with which tissue is drawn into the nozzle can also be adjusted.

At the biological level, the impact on the fabric causes the following changes:

  • increasing the inflow of arterial blood to the tissues in place of the procedure;
  • stimulation of cutaneous receptors leads to improved muscle tone;
  • facilitated the outflow of lymph and venous blood from the tissues;
  • pleasant monotonous repeated exposure promotes relaxation;
  • stimulation of skin cells such as fibroblasts leads to increased synthesis of collagen and elastin.

In the end, immediately after the procedure:

  • the swelling of the face, especially the eye area;
  • a faint blush appears;
  • the face looks rested.

After a certain time after the treatment course:

  • skin gradually becomes smoother;
  • improves a face contour;
  • lifted corners of the mouth;
  • leaving the small wrinkles;
  • removed increased tone of the facial muscles;
  • increases the effect of other treatments or cosmetic products, which are used simultaneously with a course of LPG-massage of the face;
  • for long term leaves swelling of the face;
  • decrease, and often actually are dark circles around the eyes.

Video: facial Massage device on the LPG

What machine is

LPG massage (that massage Louis-Paul Gitea, the developer of the method) is conducted only on devices of the company LPG Systems. Of course, there are similar devices by other companies that use similar working principle. But to talk about their efficacy, not knowing for sure how different the technology used for effects in replicas and their original devices, is difficult. LPG-massage of the face, neck, neckline and breast carried out on the apparatus Cellu M6 Endermolab, Cellu M6 Integral, Lift M6, Cellu M6 Keymodule 2. Devices of the company LPG Systems of the latest models is as follows.

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If you are going to carry out the procedure or course of procedures, face massage apparatus LPG, to get the maximum effect you will help the physician who will carry out the procedure. Usually the recommendations is not so much how it is during the LPG-massage of the body, but, nevertheless, to take note of them worth it.

That will make the procedure more efficient:

  • Drinking regime.

Depending on the condition of the skin of the face and especially the eyelids, the doctor will recommend the optimal drinking regime. Not all fit conventional recommendation is to drink two liters of water per day in addition to the water contained in food. Not everyone will fit the recommendation is to drink as much as possible after the procedure. If there is a tendency to the appearance of puffiness of the face or remain dark circles around the eyes, then it indicates excess fluid and the need to create optimal conditions for breeding.

  • Diet.

Here we can hardly go about restricting calories or carbohydrates. Most likely about the amount of salt that will not hold water retention in the body and in the tissues of the face.

  • Combination of procedures and cosmetics.

For the solution of skin problems the doctor can find a set of procedures, one of which will be LPG-facial massage. Also the effect of the procedure will increase a specially selected cosmetics.

  • The duration of the course.

The number of procedures is usually determined individually depending on the existing skin problems.


  • decrease in elasticity and skin tone;
  • fat deposits on the face (chin, broke the contour of the lower jaw, sagging cheeks);
  • drooping of the facial skin which causes the appearance of nasolabial folds, drooping corners of the mouth, the formation of naso-lacrimal groove;
  • loss of elasticity of the neck skin and decollete, sagging of the skin;
  • the presence of wrinkles;
  • the tendency to edema of the face and eye area;
  • dull, earthy colour of the skin;
  • recovery after plastic surgery, absorption of subcutaneous infiltrates, pitted acne scars, hematomas.
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What kind of results you can get

It is particularly noteworthy that these results, which gives the method are not advertising promises. The procedure LPG-massage is one of the few that have been approved FDA (Management on control over products and medicines in USA). For the United States and Europe FDA approval means that a drug or procedure have the effect claimed by the developer and manufacturer and is safe for humans.

So what are the effects to expect from treatments:

  • wrinkles: reducing the depth by 23%, the length by 15% and 34%;
  • skin density increases by 53%;
  • the amount of subcutaneous fat in unwanted areas is reduced by 48%;
  • reducing the area of the skin after a course of treatments is 20% (a great lifting effect);
  • update of the collagen fibers on 27-120% compared to baseline.


Any serious procedure has contraindications. And this massage is no exception.

General contraindications:

  • colds;
  • epilepsy or any condition characterized by high convulsive readiness.

Local contraindications:

  • the presence of abrasions, scratches or other signs of violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • various skin rashes (abundant rash pustular type acne, herpes, fungal diseases, etc.);
  • benign and malignant neoplasms of soft tissues and bones of the face;
  • inflammatory and purulent diseases of soft tissues and bones of the face in the acute stage;
  • rosacea (may begin neoplasm of subcutaneous capillaries and spider mesh will increase);
  • vitiligo (can be triggered by the growth of lesions);
  • the acute period of neurological diseases;
  • increased growth of facial hair.

How is the procedure

The massage is performed on the purified skin of the face without the use of any drugs. Can be massage specially designed for this drugs. This is usually a cosmetic products of the company LPG Systems. They can also be used at home.

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The skin is processed in three steps of 15 minutes: first the forehead, then cheeks to the level of the lips, then the chin and the lower jaw. Processing time one zone can be reduced if any area requires more attention and elaboration.

The movement of the nozzle is along the massage lines. After treatment can be redness and light swelling of the face, if the skin is sensitive. Usually, these symptoms pass within a day. All the time, for the duration of the course of treatments, you can use your favourite cosmetics, to sports, to perform heat treatments and sunbathing.

How much to do on the course

The average number of procedures per course 15-20. And they are held under a special scheme: the first third of the treatments at 2 treatments per week, second third 1 treatment per week, and the third 1 procedure every two weeks.

Photos before and after LPG massage the face

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