Lumps bisha (bisha lumps) — removal, operation, stoimosti, photos before and after

They are located under the zygomatic bone itself is thicker cheeks. The magnitude of this fat lump is quite large, it can reach the size of chicken eggs. It is not known what they do to our face.

It is assumed that:

  • fatty lumps bisha perform the role of a protective shock absorber, preventing the facial muscles from injury;
  • contribute to the slide of muscles during mastication
  • make the process of sucking not so laborious for infants. It is no coincidence that all babies such full cheeks.

In children it is more noticeable, the younger the child. As they grow older the significance of the lumps is reduced, so is reduced and their size. Rather, the amount of fat stays the same, just the impression in comparison with growth of other tissues of the face. On the cheeks formed dimples, the cheekbones are more pronounced.


Deletion is produced when the patient:

  • too large fat deposits on the cheeks;
  • genetically round face type emphasizes excess fat;
  • age-related weakening of facial muscles resulted in deepening of the nasolabial folds and the formation of «flews».

Video: 3D mentoplasty + removal of lumps bisha

Indications for surgery

Removal of lumps bisha is not a physiological necessity. These lumps under the skin of the cheeks is normal, no matter what size and shape they are.


  • Resection is not recommended for patients with unstable weight. Delete them only after the weight will return to normal and stabiliziruemost.
  • Poor blood clotting.
  • The progression of chronic diseases.
  • Disease of an infectious nature.
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What is the procedure

The operation is performed usually under General anesthesia, because patients have difficulties to overcome the psychological barrier of manipulation on the face. Although the surgeon may decide to remove the lumps and under local anesthesia. In the mucosa of the cheeks are small (1-2 cm) incisions.

The bisha lump is removed in one piece. Then the cheek sutured cosmetic seam. The seam is protect disinfectant gasket, and the outer side of the cheeks tighten with an elastic band.

The whole procedure takes less than half an hour. The patient recovered from anesthesia, usually goes home the same day.

Rehabilitation and recovery

  • Tissue swelling after surgery, usually live 2-3 days. If you look at patient before and after surgery, it may seem that his cheeks increased in size. 5-8 days of surgery.
  • For 2-3 weeks the patient should free yourself from any physical activity.
  • Strictly contraindicated the use of the sauna, a long bath.
  • You need to give the rest of the facial muscles (not to make grimaces, to distort the face).
  • Sleep on the bed with a high headboard, and then only on the back.
  • The patient must follow a liquid diet. From the diet excludes foods that require thorough chewing. The food should be not too hot and not too cold. After each meal be sure to rinse your mouth with a disinfectant solution and cleaning your teeth.
  • Antibiotics to prevent inflammation of the mucous tissues.

Consequences and complications

As a side effect (rare) may develop inflammation of the buccal mucosa. Such an outcome is possible, if the patient before surgery was some source of infection, or he has damaged the operated cheek (during sleep, in the process of chewing food, training).

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The cost of surgery largely depends on the amount of fat removed, the method of anesthesia and methods of its implementation. For patients who decided on removal, the price ranges from 25-50 thousand rubles.

  Name operations and medical services Cost (RUB)
  Correction of lumps bisha from 11500 to 20000
  Reconstructive cheiloplasty from 54000 to 88000
  Elimination of velopharyngeal insufficiency from 60000 to 96000
  Elimination of defects of the hard palate graft from the tongue from 70,000 to 128,000

Where to do surgery to remove?

Best of all, of course, to go to the clinic with a good reputation and an experienced, qualified. Despite the relative simplicity of the task, inept inexperienced surgeon can lead to irreparable consequences. It may damage facial nerves, producing the deletion.

In addition, insufficient qualified specialist is able to unevenly remove fat from the cheeks, which will inevitably lead to the asymmetry of the face. Therefore, if you decide on removal, the cost of the operation must have priority. The cost of the procedure depends on the category of the doctor, and the status of the clinic in which he practices.

Photo before and after removal of lumps bisha