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Currently the price of 1 packing a volume of 10 ml is of the order of 10,000 Russian roubles. It is possible that in a few years, when to produce drugs for body contouring will have the opportunity of other European manufacturers, the cost of the drug will drop, but not more than twice.

What parts of the body can be increased?

He is best known to Russians as a product for breast enlargement. In fact, when using filler, you can increase the bust by 1 size without surgery and a difficult recovery period.

Can also be used to:

  • increase and correction of the shape of the buttocks;
  • fill the inverted scars;
  • for the contouring in the intimate area and many other places.

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The drug

The main active substance Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid. The concentration of sodium hyaluronate is chosen such that the gel had sufficient density.

Unlike non-resorbable fillers that have been used previously (liquid paraffin, polyacrylate gel, etc.), hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human tissue.

Therefore, the injected gel is gradually enter into biochemical reactions in the human body, breaks down and is excreted.

Indications for use

Promises plastic surgery clinics of tremendous opportunity and nice to read, but you should know that the indications for the use of the gel, not so much. If you do not take into account the many nuances, you can join the ranks of dissatisfied and disillusioned customers.

Breast augmentation

To increase or and to obtain a satisfactory result, you need to:

  • have a small Breasts;
  • not have signs of ptosis (drooping) of the breast;
  • do not expect to increase the breast more than 1 size.

Buttock augmentation

The indications here are:

  • asymmetry;
  • the omission of the tissues of the buttocks with age and after significant reduction of body weight;
  • insufficient buttocks.

Again, to expect that the size will increase significantly, it is not necessary, as the possibility decapsulating gel is limited.

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The volumetric contour of the body

Main applications:

  • correction back of hands and fingers, when with age our skin becomes thinner and begin to appear the knuckles and the blood vessels;
  • intimate contouring (augmentation of the labia majora, the penis);
  • the filling of the irregularities of the subcutaneous tissue that remain after liposuction;
  • filling defect in patients with funnel chest;
  • the increase or elimination of the asymmetry of the lower legs;
  • closure of soft tissue defects, which remained in place surgeries and injuries.
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Use for volume correction, and other fillers of type Juvederm or Ial systems, but one such procedure is much more expensive due to the high cost of dermal fillers for the face, from which 1 ml of gel costs about as much as 10 ml of macrolane gel.


  • it is possible to «try», it would be like with Breasts or buttocks more volume;
  • no need to expose your body to drugs for anesthesia;
  • there are no incisions, therefore, no scars;
  • the recovery period after such intervention is much more easier than after plastic surgery.


Like any other Neopalimovsky gel, this filler can bring their owners a lot of problems.

  • Migration of the gel.

It is the ability to migrate is largely the limiting factor for the introduction of a large number of gel. The drug can move down to drain under the force of gravity and body weight. Moved the gel is usually removed surgically.

  • Resorption of the gel.

Manufacturers claim that the gel is retained in tissues up to 18 months. In fact, this period rarely exceeds 9-12 months. Six months later the introduced volume of the gel decreases, which affects the appearance. How long the drug in the tissues is influenced by a number of factors. Because the process can be influenced. But do not expect that you will be able to save the result for a long period of time without additional corrective procedures.

  • The development of fibrosis.

Gel based on hyaluronic acid can cause the development of fibrosis, just as other foreign bodies.

  • Difficulties in conducting medical surveys.

Clumps of gel is visible on x-ray and the screen of the ultrasound machine. In appearance the gel is indistinguishable from cysts or seals in the tissues of the chest. Note that the gel remains in the tissues long enough.

Some European research suggests that even after almost complete resorption after 12 months of injections concentrations of gel is visible on ultrasound of the breast and difficult to diagnose mastitis and breast cancer.


Conducting a volumetric contour plastic body filler is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • intolerance of hyaluronic acid;
  • intolerance of local anesthetics, such as lidocaine;
  • the presence of polyvalent Allergy, anaphylactic shock in the past;
  • during pregnancy and during breastfeeding;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • connective tissue diseases;
  • cancer;
  • violation of blood coagulation and anticoagulants.
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If the planned breast augmentation, you need to be mandatory to make sure that no cysts or seals, which will need periodically to observe.

Preparation for the procedure

The most important thing in raising any part of the body Macroline is to find a doctor who will do everything technically correct. Currently company Q-med and its officials hold special certification courses for working with the drug. The list of trained doctors, can be found on the websites of the company and its representatives.

Before the consultation you need to decide for yourself what result you want to obtain. And during the consultation the doctor will select for you the optimal amount of the drug.

Technology introduction of Macrolane

The gel is injected into tissue with a long cannula of sufficiently large diameter. With the introduction of the drug pushes the fabric (essentially breaks to release a place), because the procedure is quite painful. Even the use of local anesthetics makes the procedure tolerable, but not completely relieves the patient from unpleasant sensations. Protocol procedures introduction

Macrolane in General the same for any part of the body, therefore consider a sequence of manipulations on the example of breast enlargement. Before the introduction of gel is marking with the patient standing. The markup needed for the surgeon to conveniently control the result of the introduction of the drug and adjust it if necessary.

The procedure is performed in the operating room with the observance of sterility. For anesthesia performed by injection of lidocaine or other local anesthetic. When skin area will become numb, the surgeon makes small incisions through which the cannula entered. To join sequentially cannula syringes with a gel that is injected into the area of fatty tissue under the glandular tissue of the breast. To increase one breast requires 10-15 syringes of gel volume of 10 ml each.

The first incisions are under the breast, in the crease of the skin. If you want to increase not only the lower pole, but the area above the nipple, there is another incision closer to the armpit. When the gel is introduced into each of the incisions is superimposed on the seam. Then the patient wears a compression garment.

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Body care after volumetric correction

The goal of virtually all recommendations of the recovery period to prevent migration of gel in the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure.

To do this:

  • wear the compression garment;
  • do not sleep on the part of the body, which increases the gel;
  • to reduce the physical load and to completely abandon sports;
  • to abandon the massage and heat treatments.

The consequences

  • Swelling and bruising.

Can be severe and stay 1-2 weeks, gradually decreasing in volume.

  • Pain.

Pain expander nature can persist for several days after introduction of gel. For their relief can be applied pain medications.

  • Seal.

The nature of the seals and the timing of their appearances can be different. Is usually a magnified thick immediately after the procedure. Then, as decreases the swelling and stretched skin tissue becomes soft and elastic. This is a normal process and worry there is no reason. Another thing, when the seal is stored for a long time or appear a month after the procedure and more. In this case, you must consult your doctor.

  • Asymmetry.

The gel can dissolve unevenly, causing one breast (or one cheek) may be less than the other.

The before and after photos

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