Makeup base for oily skin — with enlarged pores, mattifying base

In order to even out skin tone, to ensure the durability of the cosmetics and ease of application use under makeup. This tool appeared in cosmetics about ten years ago and almost immediately gained popularity.

What it is

Makeup base is a coating that allows you to mask cosmetic imperfections in the form of enlarged pores, shallow scars, irritation and other minor defects. At the same time it gives the skin to breathe. Applying a makeup base helps to smooth the skin and easy to apply and blend cosmetics.

Makeup base is of several types:

  • gel. The best option for women whose skin is oily with enlarged pores because it does not give cosmetic products their goal;
  • liquid Foundation. Makes the skin smooth and matte, helps to hide minor defects;
  • creamy. Features a large number of pigments and helps to hide serious defects in the form of bruises and rosacea;
  • shimmering. Contains mother of pearl particles, giving the code Shine and glow;
  • solid. Helps to camouflage scars, scars and spots.

Makeup base can be different shades

  • purple. Helps to cope with yellowness of the skin;
  • yellow. Allows you to mask areas of the skin with a bluish tinge;
  • green. Neutralizes redness of the skin;
  • blue. Allows you to make your skin lighter;
  • pink. Helps to freshen the pale color of the skin;
  • peach. Refreshing dark skin.

How to choose

Women with oily skin need to pay special attention to the choice of the makeup base:

  • the tool should be selected according to skin type. At high formulation of sebum, loose tools can quickly slide down and clog the pores. At the same time too thin base, fast flow and makeup will soon become sloppy and vague;
  • the correct Foundation must match skin tone. To pick it up better in the daytime with natural light, causing different shades on the face and neck;
  • worth buying them at specialty stores where all the products are certified;
  • in order to see if the tool is to use a probe (they provide in the store);
  • you need to pay attention to the composition and to ensure that there are no components can cause allergies;
  • in any case, you cannot use expired makeup, it can cause skin problems. After opening it can be used not more than a year.

Overview of the most popular foundations for makeup for oily skin

The most popular and well-established foundations for makeup for oily skin include:

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Lasting Finish


This formulation includes vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. The tool slows down aging of skin, has sunscreen properties. The consistency helps it easy to apply, creating an additional protective layer and prevents creasing & extends wear of makeup for up to 8 hours. Good on oily skin, it camouflages imperfections, absorbs excess sebum and conceal pores. When applying the face looks natural.

The Foundation seems too sticky and heavy.

YSL Fusion Foundation


Tool with a light texture, helps to improve skin tone and hide small defects. Does not clog pores and does not accentuate wrinkles. Evens skin tone and removes imperfections for oily skin, has a matte effect. Helps to preserve makeup for 8 hours.

Unable to cope with dark pigment spots. Emphasizes peeling skin.

Beautifulle No 7 Matte Foundation

Hides any imperfections of oily skin, including enlarged pores, small bumps and spots, has a matting effect. To be a light texture and helps to keep the makeup in perfect condition for up to 10 hours. It also normalizes the sebaceous glands. Does not emphasize wrinkles in the eye area.

Poorly applied with your fingers.

Bareminerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation


Foundation powder makeup for oily skin, a good mask minor imperfections. Helps conceal large pores, while not clogging them. Allows the skin to breathe. 20 shades of tools allows you to choose the right shade. When applied skin looks flawless, smooth, soft and radiant.

Emphasizes fine lines. Quickly floating. Small packaging means.

Estee Lauder DoubleWear

The product includes antioxidants which help the skin to look flawless and silicon, which absorbs the excess of sebum. In the application the skin looks smooth and matte. The vehicle falls even tone and allows to keep the makeup in perfect condition for up to 12 hours in the heat and cold. Basis is used very sparingly, leaves no residue on clothes. This is one of the most effective remedies for oily skin.

High cost.

E. L. F. Flawless Finish Foundation

Hides imperfections the imperfections, redness and inflammation. It is practically odorless, and has a good dispenser. Powder lasts up to three hours. Forms a layer and makes the skin matte.

In hot weather, can flow.

Avon Personal Match

Budget option the basics. It fits well on the skin, evens its tone, eliminates imperfections. The tool protects from ultraviolet rays. In immaculate condition the makeup lasts about five hours. If on top of a base to apply the powder, this time increases.

If the skin is too oily, then powder tool flows very quickly.

Lumene Matifying Base Beatu Ptimer

Well applied, makes skin flawless, mattifies and sets makeup. Lasts up to 6 hours. Does not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe. The tool is very economically spent.

Quickly slipping and requires fixing powder in the problem areas.

Second Skin Foundation

Makes a perfect skin tone. Successfully hides acne, irritation, small scars. Easy to apply and lasts up to 12 hours.

Flaws are not seen.

Givenchy Mister Mat

It is a thick gel which is easy to apply and provides an instant effect is gentle, smooth and clean skin. He is good at covering pores and fine wrinkles. Makes the skin velvety. Saves vitality up to 8 hours.

Deficiencies are observed.

Features a matte type

Mattifying make-up base for oily skin has certain advantages:

  • sleep not only makes the skin matte, removes minor defects, but also helps to cope with a greasy luster;
  • gives the skin a healthy glow;
  • good quality makeup that is for oily skin quickly spreads and looks sloppy;
  • protects skin from UV rays and dirt;
  • contains antibacterial components that help fight acne and prevent the appearance of inflammatory processes on the skin.

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The perfect base for every day

When choosing the perfect base under makeup every day, you must pay attention to the following factors:

  • the tool should contain moisturizing and nutritious components;
  • the composition should include filters to protect the skin from UV rays;
  • anti-inflammatory components that help not only conceal acne, but also to successfully combat and prevent the appearance;
  • the perfect base for every day needs easy to apply and not to turn the face into a mask.

Tips beautician

To the basis under the make-up went perfectly it should be properly applied:

  • the tool can be applied in two ways, as a makeup base or mixed in equal proportions with Foundation (this will help to avoid the mask effect);
  • before you apply Foundation, you need to clean the skin, apply moisturizer and wait until it is completely absorbed (should take at least 20 minutes) otherwise the skin will look greasy and dirty;
  • you need to take a small amount of your makeup or it will clog the pores that will cause acne and make a face like a mask. But you need to pay attention if the funds is too low, it will be difficult to shade;
  • the tool should be applied with a special brush, fingers or sponge based on silicone rubber. If the pores are enlarged, this should be done with light tapping motions. When using a sponge it takes some time to moisturize, because it will absorb too much;
  • apply the product to the massage lines, from the forehead to the chin;

  • for the skin around the eyes is better to use special tinted pencil, because the skin there is very delicate and thin;
  • after it is distributed in the skin, you need to wait 10 minutes to ensure that the basis is entrenched. If this is not done, the makeup can «float»;
  • owners of oily skin on the surface of the base, you can apply a small amount of Foundation or powder with a matte effect. This will help keep the makeup in perfect condition throughout the day. It will be enough to wet the face cloth and powder;
  • if the skin is covered with rash, it is best to choose a basis with antiseptic effect;
  • if after applying Foundation became visible wrinkles, that means it was applied too a large amount of money. To rectify the situation soaked sponge this site.

Make-up base – the ideal Foundation for those who want to instantly improve the color and appearance of the skin. But if there are problems in dermatological diseases prior to its application you should consult with a dermatologist.

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