Makeup for oily skin — face, means for removing, based

Today problem skin affects many girls and women. The reason for its occurrence can be a variety of factors — from hypothermia to serious problems in the digestive system. Despite this, the problem skin is not a reason to be upset, because with reasonably matched make-up can hide all the flaws and beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the beauty of the face.


Before how to apply makeup for oily skin, it is important to learn the classic rules of applying any kind Macapa:

  1. Makeup always be applied on cleansed face. Thus, cosmetologists are advised to use normal soap for washing, but also scrub, lotion and tonic. Together, they even skin tone and make it clean. Therefore Foundation in the future will have to use not so much.

It is worth noting that on cleansed skin base tone will go smoother and not to spread after half an hour, as can happen when applying the base on oily epidermis.

  1. No matter how good the makeup was in the evening it is necessary to completely «remove» from the face. To go to bed with makeup on the face is strictly forbidden, because this will not only dry out the skin, but will also be her age. This is a very important rule, to violate which is not recommends that no professional makeup artist.
  2. Use only quality cosmetics. Skin and without that gives a person a lot of trouble, and if it will provoke an allergic reaction, it without a nervous breakdown there is not enough. For this reason, all cosmetics should be purchased at trusted stores. Also you should always check the shelf life of cosmetics.
  3. To the makeup looked decent and was not «fighting raskrasok», all you need to know the measure. In General, makeup artists advise you to pick up for oily skin is more calm, neutral types of makeup, which only accentuate the natural beauty.

For this reason, the welcome tones of cosmetics – brown, peach, beige. For lipstick, you can choose a pale shade of pink or a trendy today is «Nude».

  1. When applying makeup it is important to take into account your complexion and face shape. The only way you can successfully adjust the shape of the face and to choose the right shades. In addition, women are more Mature experts advise to use soft makeup with warm tones. Otherwise, the woman will only emphasize your age and the presence of wrinkles.
  2. Troubled skin requires careful attention to the makeup base, which in turn well be applied on wet skin. For this reason, hydration is half of success in the right makeup. Should not be neglected even if you have oily skin (today there are special moisturizing fluid with matting effect).
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To apply professional makeup, the woman will need around two dozen different tools that can be of different shapes and purposes.

As for casual home Macapa, then it would be sufficient to use the following classic products:

  1. Puff. Need it for applying powder and fixing her Foundation.
  2. The sponge is latex necessary for uniform application of Foundation. Despite this, many girls can easily do without this tool, replacing it with his own fingertips.
  3. A pair of tweezers. It is used to draw eyebrows. Fortunately for many girls today the fashion is wide brows, so without this tool it is possible to do.
  4. Tweezers eyelash curler will help to make the look more expressive. Makeup artists love this tool for its effectiveness, but they warn the girls from daily use, because such tongs injure the eyelashes, making them weak.
  5. The blush brush. It should be slightly rounded, with short dense hairs.
  6. Brush proofreaders should be small and absorbent.
  7. Eye shadow brush. They can be beveled, rounded, curvaceous (for shading). In General, it is desirable to have all types of brushes, and then any kind of eye makeup you can do yourself.
  8. Fine beveled eyebrow brush is necessary, if the woman brings the eyebrows. In combination with her must-have brush for eyebrows.
  9. Brush for bronzer.
  10. A small, thin brush to apply lipstick.

Makeup for problematic skin

It should be noted that a perfect makeup is just an illusion, successfully created a make-up artist. Unfortunately, she is unable to remove the cause of the skin problem, however, is quite able to save the girl from stiffness due to problems with the epidermis.

The correct technique of applying make-up problematic skin provides is:

  1. On cleansed skin need to moisturize with a basic.
  2. If you have inflamed skin and red acne, they can spot apply concealer with a green tint. It will even skin tone and will make the acne not as noticeable.
  3. If you have scars, you for masking to apply correctors on the basis of silicone which fills irregularities of the skin.
  4. Next, go to the application of tonal resources. It is important not to overdo it and to use as little of this cream so as not to create a mask effect on the face. In General, makeup artists apply concealer with your fingers, evenly distributing it on the skin. Use this brush uncomfortable, and such a tool may leave stains on the face.

To secure Foundation, it is necessary to apply a layer of powder.

  1. Next, go to the eyes. Before using eye shadow on the eyelids is desirable to apply a special base. It will prolong the retention of subsequent layers of makeup on my eyes. Then you can gently apply eye shadow shades of brown and tint the lashes.
  2. The next step is the correction of the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape and color. For this you can apply a brow gel, pencil or matte shadow.
  3. The final stage makeup – it’s light contouring. At the same time, you can lightly highlight the cheekbones peach brostrom and give Shine to the face, a highlighter and brush it a matte blush.

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Secrets of the pros

There are such secrets of professionals that you need to know when applying makeup:

  1. Eye cosmetics should be hypoallergenic.
  2. The emphasis in the make-up should be either on the lips or she’s eyes. Otherwise, the makeup will look vulgar.
  3. After each use the makeup tools you need to thoroughly wash and dry.
  4. When applying cream blush on the skin should not be powdered.
  5. It is best to apply makeup in daylight.

How to remove

Proper technique of removing makeup involves the following algorithm:

  1. You need to prepare a few cotton pads and cleanser to remove makeup.
  2. First clean the lips. On a cotton pad, you need to put a little money make-up remover and thoroughly remove makeup residues. Then you need to replace the cotton pad is clean.
  3. The next stage is the purification of the eyes. It is considered the most difficult, because the mucosa of the eyes is very susceptible to irritation, and to remove the most stubborn mascara is not always an easy task. Despite this, if you use the soft jelly, this procedure will not cause the woman any trouble.

To remove the mascara residue you can also use q-tips soaked in liquid lotion. Way to avoid dark circles under the eyes the next morning, which is usually due to insufficient removal of makeup from the eyes.

  1. Cleansing cosmetics with eyebrow – it’s one of the easiest tasks. To accomplish the woman needs only to carefully hold the cotton pad with the lotion on both eyebrows, washing away the remnants of a shadow or pencil.
  2. Removing creams – this is the final stage of make-up remover. It is possible to eliminate as milk and lotion. To use ordinary soap is not recommended.

It is important to know that after the complete make-up remover, be sure to use a toner. It will eliminate the remnants of makeup and refresh the skin. After that, the face is a thin layer of moisturizing cream to «calm down» and moisturize it before going to bed.

Means for removing makeup

Oily skin is characterized by increased sensitivity and tendency to irritation, so you can remove makeup with it be very careful.

Tool for removing makeup for oily skin can be different. The most tender are:

  1. Milk makeup remover is perfect for dry skin, prone to irritation. It can be used quickly and efficiently to remove makeup from the face. Also alternatively you can apply milk cream.
  2. Foam suitable for those who are accustomed to the consistency of soap for washing. It is convenient to remove cream from the skin, but eye make-up remover it is not very suitable.
  3. Wet facial tissue. They can be soaked in milk or cream. Their advantage is that they are compact and very easy to use. Moreover, these wipes do not versada as cotton pads and keep a good shape. This is a great way to quickly and efficiently remove makeup.
  4. The lotion is in liquid form suitable for women with sensitive skin. Its advantage is that it is not necessary to wash off water. Moreover, it perfectly tones and refreshes the skin.

Tips makeup artists

Consider the following effective tips for makeup artists:

  1. To lipstick held up better before applying to the lips you can apply a layer of Foundation.
  2. Better to use brushes made of natural materials.
  3. The tone of the face and neck shall not vary, so the concealer should also be applied to the neck and carefully shaded.
  4. Concealer and powder should ideally be suitable for your skin tone.
  5. Eliminate Shine, a special oil blotting sheets.

If you strictly implement all the recommendations for applying, makeup for oily skin is not very complicated. The main thing is to properly moisturize the skin and step by step to perform the applying make-up.

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