Makeup for oily skin — with enlarged pores, a base, matting, how to choose

Makeup for oily skin should be performed taking into account individual peculiarities of appearance. This will make it more resistant and to avoid the appearance of unsightly Shine.

Rules for the selection of suitable tools

Girls with oily skin it is important to carefully consider the choice of decorative cosmetics. It must match the type of the dermis. Otherwise there is a risk of the appearance on the face of the ugly Shine.

Incorrectly chosen cosmetics provoke the clogging of pores, which worsens the appearance of the epithelium.

Owners of oily skin is difficult to keep makeup on all day. Just a few hours after application the appearance may significantly deteriorate.

To save make-up as long as possible, you need to consider a number of rules when choosing cosmetics:

  1. All cosmetic products should have are non-comedogenic properties. Their composition should not be fats or oils. It is also important to choose products that has an antiseptic effect.
  2. Makeup must-have mattifying properties.
  3. Tools should be designed specifically for oily skin.
  4. Cosmetics should have a pretty tight structure.

The main problem faced by owners of oily skin is the increased synthesis of sebum. This substance provokes the decrease of the resistance of make-up. Because it is so important to normalize the production of sebum. This will help to keep a matte complexion.

Owners of oily skin it is best to use waterproof cosmetics. This concealer will stay on the face for at least 8 hours.

The shadows will not be collected in the folds of the eyelids, and mascara will stay on eyelashes. Of course, such products cost more, but they allow you to get beautiful and neat makeup.

In order not to provoke aggravation of the situation, we need to abandon the funds chloroxylon of bismuth and dimenthicone in the composition. They clog the pores and increase the risk of formation of pimples. Also, do not apply products with mineral oils and cosmetics containing alcohol.

Basic mistakes

When caring for oily skin girls make several key mistakes:

  • frequent and improper use of funds from the alcohol content – as a result, the dermis becomes overly dry;
  • an unfortunate choice of cosmetic products for cleansing;
  • the use of too much cream and powder in the hope to disguise the rash.

In the first case, there is a risk of excessive dryness of the skin. It becomes prone to irritation and peeling and needs special care.

If you use the wrong tool for the purification there is a risk of increased sebum production. As a consequence, there is a threat of more severe acne and inflammation on the face.

If you use too much powder or Foundation cream, the skin can’t breathe. As a result of these processes clogged sebaceous ducts. While falling on the face of the dust mixed with fat. As a consequence, the formation of black dots, which are called comedones.

To break this chain, you need to regularly:

  • clear
  • moisturize,
  • to nourish the skin.
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It is necessary to use special means which will improve the condition of the dermis, and does not disguise its shortcomings.

If rash on the face have a distinct character and for a long time do not pass, you need to consult with experts. In this situation, you may need the help of a dermatologist and cosmetologist.

In addition, there is often a need for performing biochemical analysis of a blood and consultation of the therapist.

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The stages of applying makeup for oily skin

To make-up kept as long as possible, you must observe a few important rules:

  1. Always apply cosmetics, which was created specifically for oily epidermis.
  2. Before applying makeup you need to use an astringent and wait a few minutes. Through this simple technique will be able to achieve pores.
  3. To eliminate excess fat you can use matting napkins.
  4. Before using makeup you need to apply antiseptic. This will enable you to monitor the activity of the sebaceous glands.
  5. Blush should be soft and natural. Even if the cosmetics will be darker blush will look natural.
  6. The skin seemed too thick, need to fix your make-up every 2 hours.

Skin preparation

Before applying cosmetics need to wash with cool water. From the use of hot liquids should be abandoned because it stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Cleanser is also necessary to apply the cleanser:

  1. antibacterial soap,
  2. foam or gel, which is suitable for oily skin.

If you have time, you can apply a mask designed for this type of dermis. Also suitable for lotion, which helps to tighten the pores. After drying, the face should be treated with a moisturizing cream. You can then use a Foundation primer which helps to hide the Shine.

Any cosmetic products have to match the skin type. This will allow you to obtain the ideal look and to increase durability of the make-up.


With the help of make-up base or primer to make make-up possible stable.

In addition, this cosmetic product helps to remove the main skin problems. Base has additional a matte effect. Because she has to be in the purse of every woman.


This product is the Foundation of any make-up. The quality of this tool vary in appearance throughout the day. Therefore when choosing a tonal framework, you need to carefully study the ingredients listed on the packaging.

If it has kaolin clay and zinc oxide, this product can be safely applied. These components have anti-inflammatory characteristics and help eliminate Shine throughout the day.

Foundation must include UV filters.

She may not have too dense a texture – this will allow you to avoid the mask effect. The ideal option would be light emulsion. Also it is possible to choose a cream powder.

Do not apply this product with your fingers as this will increase sebum production. To complete the make-up is better to use a special sponge.

Makeup artists suggest to apply a small amount. Thanks to this Foundation will be much longer on the skin.

As for color, it should be a tone lighter than the natural color of the dermis.

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The ideal option in this case is a matte mineral powder, which has zinc. This remedy will not provoke the clogging of pores.

And experts advise to choose a loose tool. Particles of compact powder can cause damage to the problem of the dermis.

The composition of the product should not be reflective of the components. It is best to give preference to matte products without illumination.

Thanks to the combination of high-quality powder and a good Foundation will be able to get a natural and smooth complexion.

As for color, the powder should be 1 shade lighter than the natural shade of the epithelium. This will help keep the attractiveness even in the darkening makeup.

Eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick

Equally important is the right choice of blush. Owners of oily skin ideal compact versions of this product.

From cream or liquid funds will have to be abandoned, because they activate the production of sebum.

For blush it is best to take a special brush. Use your fingers or a powder puff is not recommended. As for color, concealer should be slightly lighter than the desired shade. It is important to note that the makeup during the day can darken.

Special attention should be paid to make APU’s eyes. Girls with oily dermis face with the stains on the crease of the eyelid. This happens just a few hours after applying eye shadow and eyeliner. Moreover, the contour may leak or smear.

To avoid such problems, you need to follow the important rules:

  • before applying makeup on the eyelids, they should be treated with creams and compact powder;
  • should not be used to complete make-up cream or liquid shadows;
  • it is not recommended to choose liquid eyeliner, because they quickly spread;
  • it is advisable to use eyeliner, which top fixed shadows;
  • you must choose a waterproof mascara that will stay on the eyelashes for as long as possible.

Another important component of the image is the lip makeup. For this you need to choose wax or gel pencil. Through its application it is possible to obtain a clear outline and prevent lipstick smudging.

The absorbent paper or cloth

To correct makeup during the day and at any time to cope with a greasy luster, you need to carry special oil blotting sheets. Don’t confuse them with the ordinary wet wipes.

Such means can be of different types:

  • polymer;
  • linen – have natural makeup and quickly eliminate excess fat and sweat;
  • with the absorbent components and powder – provide the absorption of excess fat.

Skin areas that require correction, strictly forbidden to RUB intensively. To solve the problem, it is enough to press the cloth to face and blot it. After soaking dirt and oil, lightly some powder.

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How to maintain the result during the day

To look perfect throughout the day, you need to follow important rules:

  1. Not recommended to powder the skin after the appearance of oily Shine. Otherwise there is a risk of accumulation in the face of a large number of melted powder. To cope with a greasy luster, it is recommended to use matte wipes. When this dust is allowed to be applied not more frequently than every 2 hours.
  2. To keep the skin matte for a long time, you can use a special powder marked «antiblack». Such funds do not contain pigment. Even in the case of frequent application, they do not create sensations of heavily powdered face. While similar products allow you to quickly cope with a greasy luster.

The rules of removal

To remove makeup from oily skin, it is best to use tools such as gels, foams or mousses. There are also universal tools – tonics and lotions. Such products suitable for all skin types, including oily.

To get rid of makeup residue, you need to follow a sequence of actions:

  • Process make-up remover must begin with the lips. First, the cleansing product is applied to a cotton pad, then gently remove the lipstick.
  • The next step may be to clean the eye area. Thus it is necessary to exercise extreme caution. The skin in this area has high sensitivity. To get rid of makeup, you need to wash away the shadows from the nose to the temples.

To remove mascara is a bit trickier since it has a rather consistent texture. Movement you need to perform from the roots of the lashes to the tips. All movements are doing as carefully as possible, because eye contact means to remove undesirable. It can cause irritation.

  • Face should be cleaned at the end. For washing, you can use foam, mousse or gel. This will allow you to wash away makeup and to improve the condition of the dermis.

To get a neat makeup for oily skin that will stay the whole day, it is very important to choose the right cosmetics. Of great importance is the order of their application. To always look perfect, we recommend that you follow all recommendations of professional makeup artists.

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