Male pattern baldness, hair loss in men — remedies, causes, treatment, how to stop, folk remedies

Baldness can be a symptom of chronic stress, endocrine disorders, and immunological pathology. Because in each case it is necessary to understand, explore and prescribe treatments based on diagnosis.

From the article you get the necessary overview of the causes of alopecia in men and what kind of doctor is needed for the purpose of examination and treatment.


The most common type that is found in men, hereditary baldness. Androgenetic alopecia occurs in 95% of all men. Some guys say the first signs are already 20 years old. In 35 years, a significant thinning hair on the crown becomes visible 50-60% of the men.

Since there is a rapid hair loss at a young age, very often, baldness is becoming a psychological problem with confidence, self-esteem, identity.

Distinctive signs of androgenetic alopecia the following:

  1. The first signs of impending hair loss becomes noticeable along the hairline on the forehead, and especially in the area of the fronto-temporal hairline, which can considerably deviate from the hairline.
  2. First, the hair changes, becomes thin, short, and lose their pigment, so the hair there, but they can’t close the scalp.
  3. Gradually begins the hair loss on the crown with the formation of round or oval areas of rarefaction of the hair and then baldness.
  4. The hair on the nape of the balding process is not affected.

Causes of hair loss in men in the case of hereditary baldness:

  • testosterone;
  • genetically determined hypersensitivity of the hair follicles of the frontal and parietal region of the head to high testosterone levels.

None of these reasons do not work individually.

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Testosterone under the action of a special enzyme is converted into its active form dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone in the scalp leads to a pronounced persistent narrowing of the blood vessels that feed hair follicles.

Such a long spasm of blood vessels leads to the fact that hair follicles become not capable of producing normal hair, and the hair shafts become thinner, lose pigment, and the period of their active growth dramatically shortened.

About 10-12 years after the onset of baldness they are overgrown by connective tissue and restore the hair growth of them is impossible.

Sensitive to hormones, only the follicles of the frontal and parietal regions of the scalp. Hair follicles on the skin of the occipital region to the DHT is not sensitive, therefore not damaged.

The second frequency of appearance of baldness is diffuse. In diffuse alopecia hair follicles prematurely transition from the growth phase of hair in the resting phase under the influence of adverse to human body of reasons.

Telogen diffuse alopecia manifests itself some time after exposure to harmful factors. This is usually 4-6 weeks.

Hair loss with alopecia telegenova can last from three months to a year, even if the causal factor has ceased to act. Hair after an episode of hair loss recover completely, even without treatment.

Telegenova causes of diffuse alopecia:

  • high, often very high standards for myself, constant self-criticism, making a large amount of work in unrealistically short time frames, lack of sleep, stress from over-voltage giperatidnosti, conflicts at work and at home;
  • illness, surgery, particularly thyroid disease;
  • intense physical activity that coincides with a low calorie diet;
  • imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body (zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin A, etc.);
  • taking certain drugs such as anabolic steroids, antidepressants, etc.

Anagen diffuse alopecia is observed when the influence of the causal factor on the body is too strong. Then the hair follicles just do not have time to go into the resting phase and hair starts to fall already in the growth phase.

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Hair loss begins immediately after exposure to the causative factor and can achieve a significant degree of severity, up to complete baldness. Usually if the hair follicles are not damaged, the hair is gradually being restored.

Causes of diffuse alopecia anagen:

  • receiving chemotherapy for cancer treatment;
  • the radiation exposure;
  • poisoning toxins.

After anagen diffuse alopecia may change the structure or color of the newly regrown hair in place, straight hair can grow curly and Vice versa.

Alopecia and scarring alopecia in men occur but rarely.

Alopecia (alopecia) alopecia, how do you think, is associated with disorders of the immune system of the body. The cells of the immune system attack hair follicles, leading to rapid hair loss at the curved areas of the skin. The skin is not damaged. Most often the foci of alopecia areata occur on the skin of the scalp, but in severe lesions can form on the beard, eyelashes, eyebrows.

In some cases it is found patchy hair loss on the legs and torso. Some pockets are commonly formed during the day. Then the individual elements begin concentric growth and merge with each other.

Cicatricial alopecia – absence of hair growth on the sites of former wounds, bruises, burns, where the skin with the hair follicles has been replaced by connective tissue scar.

Occurs in men and traumatic alopecia in which hair falls out in places where they are subjected to considerable tension. Often traumatic alopecia occurs in men with early stages of androgenetic alopecia who used a wig-making devices to hide the emerging bald patches (wigs with special fasteners, separate the strands, which are fixed to the hair linings on the special clips that are attached to the hair).

Any means, which is attached to own hair, has a weight and burden, and so damaged the hair follicles and triggers of excessive hair loss.

To distinguish traumatic hair loss from other types of balding can by the fact that it is partial, i.e. only occurs in those places where there is a stress on your own strands. If the causative factor is removed, the hair in the field of traumatic receding hairline gradually restored.


If you consider that baldness is exposed to the majority of men, they have often starts at a young age, and wearing of wigs and hairpieces for men society is frowned upon, prevention is much more preferable and effective than the subsequent struggle.

Inefficient methods of prevention and treatment of:

  • Wearing a short haircut in order not to burden the hair follicle.

In fact, hair length is irrelevant for the functioning of the hair follicle. Have the importance blood flow to the hair efficacy and the presence/absence of damaging factors (they are listed above in the section on the causes and types of baldness). A short haircut is good for those who prefer this style for ease of care and for those who began to notice the first signs (of the short hair decline in hair density is not so noticeable).

  • Shaving of the hair in childhood and adolescence in order to make the hair grow better.

In fact, shaving hair shaved on the subsequent thickness of the hair and density of hair is not affected, otherwise all those who served in the army, would have better hair than those who did not serve.

  • Folk remedies, medicines and procedures on the recommendation of friends and advertising from the Internet and the media.

In fact, the application of the methods of treatment of alopecia without understanding the reasons for their baldness and mechanisms of action of drugs and procedures at best no effect, at worst will cause you to lose valuable time that you could spend on proper and effective treatment.

  • The failure of the relationship headgear, which is «the skin breathes».
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All the necessary oxygen to the scalp and the hair follicles do not get from the air and from the blood. Because the wearing of hats and other headgear does not affect their growth.

Effective ways of prevention:

  • A diet rich in protein, zinc, iron, vitamins.
  • Physical activity to improve supply of blood with oxygen, increase blood flow in the tissues of the body.
  • Timely treatment, reasonable medication.
  • The use of drugs, improving the conditions of functioning of hair follicles and their resistance to damaging factors.

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Such drugs can be divided into four groups:

  • vitamins and minerals required for hair growth: b vitamins, vitamin a, iron, zinc, etc.;
  • substances with bracing and tonic effect: panthenol, herbal extracts, tar, propolis, mustard, red hot pepper, camphor, menthol, nicotinic acid or nicotinamide, etc.;
  • substances, directionally acting on the intensity of metabolic processes in the hair follicle: aminexil, tricomin, TRX2, etc.;
  • antifungal drugs for local use: Nizoral shampoo.

It should be understood that none of the groups of drugs are not able to prevent the development of scar or alopecia areata, and the drugs of the first two groups are powerless in the case of androgenetic alopecia.

The treatment of hair loss

To ensure that the treatment has brought results quickly and with the minimum expenses of forces and time, it is first necessary to identify the causes of baldness in men, and then to choose the optimal drugs and pills that will help to restore normal hair growth and thickness of hair.

Diffuse alopecia

In principle, to stop hair loss in diffuse alopecia will not work because when the hair follicle enters the resting phase, the hair dies and eventually will fall out anyway. Another thing is that there are a large number of tools that allow you to reduce the number of follicles go into the resting phase prematurely and to accelerate the growth of new hair.

Folk remedies

These tools include masks for the head skin with substances that increase blood flow and accelerate metabolism. This mustard powder, onion juice, red chili pepper, any alcohol-containing drugs.

Also helps to supplemented with nuts, dried fruits, seafood, which contain valuable oils, vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair. Helps to regulate mood and relieve nervous tension yoga if practised regularly.

The use of special shampoos and conditioners

Usually, the cosmetic composition for hair loss is multiple active substances: vitamins, minerals, proteins, plant extracts, bee products, panthenol. Also, the composition of such cosmetics can enter the components that enhance blood circulation in the scalp: alcohol, menthol, camphor, Niacinamide etc.

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Physical therapy

Good any procedure that improves the metabolic processes in the scalp and nourishment of hair follicles. It could be laser comb, darsonvalization scalp, massage the skin of the scalp, cryotherapy. To improve hair growth, you can use the mesotherapy, if you choose the right combination of drugs for injection or the use of specially designed for the prevention and treatment of drugs.

Ozone therapy, both General and local, also has been successfully used for stimulation of hair growth in the case of diffuse alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia in men

What not to do for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.

  • Look at parents and think, is there any hereditary predisposition to baldness. In fact, in most cases, a genetic trait passed down from father or mother, but almost 7% of cases of androgenetic alopecia may develop in humans for the first time, in the absence of the parents the symptoms of baldness.
  • Hope that the causes of alopecia are stress, Smoking, lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet. In the case of diffuse alopecia and is. But if your hair falls out at a time more than 12 months, if the hair on the crown become thinner and lose their color if the photo one two-year-old hair is much thicker than now, then you should suspect yourself of androgenetic alopecia and to go to the doctor-trichologist.
  • To hope for a miraculous cure for alopecia for men, that one application will solve all problems and to spend precious time looking for him. Wonderful features there. Traditional methods are unable at the genetic level to solve the problem. Stop androgenetic alopecia is impossible. But there are proven medications that help keep hair density at an acceptable level for a long time. Much better to start treatment with these drugs and to obtain a noticeable effect that is more pronounced the sooner you start treatment, than to come to these drugs much later, after disappointed all the miracle means.
  • To set themselves unrealistic goals of treatment. Do not try to recover the density of hair that you had in 16 years, if your bald head for over 10 years. It will only create a breeding ground for anxiety and frustration. Much more fruitful to look first, how to stop baldness. And then to plan the growth of hair. Effective is this treatment that allows you to reduce the severity of baldness on stage 1-2 on a scale of Norwood. Using the Norwood scale is useful for objective assessment of the severity of hair loss and treatment outcomes.
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Drugs and their combination for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia prescribed by the physician in each case. Here we present General guidelines that will make the treatment more effective:

  • the sooner you start treatment, the more pronounced effect get;
  • the treatment will be effective only if it is administered continuously and for a long time, because after the treatment the hair follicles very quickly are damaged and fail to function;
  • it is desirable to use two drugs for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, which have different mechanisms of action: finasteride and Minoxidil, Minoxidil, and spironolactone, and tricomin El Kannel, etc.;
  • if the funds for local use cease to operate, or replace them with drugs with a more efficient skin penetration or the use of the dermaroller (scalperator) before applying the drugs.

Treatment of alopecia baldness has not been developed. In practice, several schemes, which assigns a dermatologist. Cicatricial alopecia is not treated, because the scars of connective tissue has no hair follicles.