Mammoplasty with implants is the cost

The chest is the most exciting and intriguing part of the female body, which may be the subject of admiration and sometimes envy.

But alas, not all the ladies nature endowed with a gorgeous bust, therefore, come to the aid of modern methods of surgery that can improve the female form.

To such methods and applies arthroplasty.

Features of this technique is that a woman’s breast prosthetic devices are installed using a special filler to increase the chest size, helping to get a fine form and beautiful aesthetics.

What it is

The endoprosthesis of the mammary breast augmentation or mammoplasty is a surgery in which the breast augmentation with implants placed behind the mammary glands.

Breast augmentation is performed for cosmetic reasons, when the patient believes that her breast has a small size or does not match the forms and proportions of the figure.

The woman is convinced that with the help of the implant will increase the breast size and it will acquire the desired shape and firmness.

Special indications

Significant indications for breast augmentation are also medical indications, which include:

  • congenital small Breasts;
  • asymmetry of the breast;
  • surgery in the chest area;
  • sagging of the bust.

The asymmetry of the Breasts is a situation where one breast bigger than the other and the difference between them is one, two sizes.

This problem is not only for aesthetic appearance, but also can be a threat to women’s health. Therefore, the asymmetry is significant indications for mammoplasty with implants.

Now mankind acute the problem of cancer in particular breast cancer.

Solved this problem only by surgical intervention by excision of part of the breast or the entire breast as a result, there is asymmetry and the only solution is the operation of endoprosthesis.

Sagging Breasts can also be one of the indications for carrying out of mammoplasty.

Breasts can SAG for various reasons, which include such as breastfeeding or the natural aging process.

Also the indication for the increase of the bust can be and professional requirements to the contours of the body, such requirements often apply to singers, Actresses Tetra and movie.


Contraindications for arthroplasty of the chest are the following aspects:

  1. age — the patient who wants to undertake a breast augmentation the implant must be over eighteen years of age;
  2. a woman should at the time of the operation not to have cancer;
  3. breast-feeding;
  4. chronic disease;
  5. the clotting of blood.

Preparation for the procedure

A patient preparing for an operation consider that only one inspection of a plastic surgeon who wakes up to perform the operation.

But this is not true, you need to tell the doctor about the diseases that have been previously sick patient or the presence of Allergy to drugs and other factors affecting the conduct of and preparation for surgery.

Also before the operation, the woman should perform a number of actions:

  1. to be tested;
  2. to conduct baseline survey;
  3. to make fluorography of the lungs and an electrocardiogram;
  4. choose the clinic and doctor;
  5. select size of implant and the manufacturer.

Also, when consulting a doctor is necessary to clarify the list of preparation for surgery and how to prepare for it.

The excess weight or the lack of need to adjust to more normal, appropriate parameters of the patient.

Lack of weight can also affect the carrying out breast augmentation. This factor must be taken into account when preparing for surgery.

In preparation for the operation you want to restrict themselves to the use of alcohol and tobacco products.

Nicotine, contained in tobacco smoke, can affect wound healing and lead to various complications.

So two weeks before operation patients who use tobacco should refuse their admission.

You also need to give up Smoking completely and after the operation.

The bleeding disorder is a significant contraindication for carrying out of breast augmentation and all surgical operations in General.

Alcohol has a negative impact on the ability of the blood to clot.

Video: Features of the operation


Thus, the operation for breast augmentation with implants is performed under General anesthesia. During surgery an incision is made. The cut is chosen a plastic surgeon before the surgery, given the anatomical features.

There are three main access to the implant:

  1. submammary access through the inframammary fold. This method is less traumatic, but it leaves a scar in the inframammary fold, which is noticeable when lifting the arms up.
  2. the nipple-areola complex can also be access to install imlant. The incision to place the lower edge of the areola. The main advantage of this method is the lack of visible scar. But this method is complicated by the fact that the patient may lose the ability to breastfeed and other complications;
  3. the axillary method in which the incision is made in the armpit. This method of surgery requires the doctor’s high skills in the field of surgery. Such a cut is important because there is no scars after surgery.

Also during the operation a plastic surgeon is determined by the choice of layer for the installation of the prosthesis.

There are layer options for the implant:

  1. under the glandular tissue;
  2. under the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle;
  3. in two areas – the lower part of implant (large) – under the glandular tissue, the upper edge under the pectoralis major muscle.
  4. completely under the muscle.

When performing mammoplasty with implants, there are a number of factors when choosing a region to where the wakes to be implant:

  • the position of the breast on the chest;
  • characteristics of the skin, stretch marks, skin elasticity, thickness;
  • the presence of deformities of the chest and ribs;
  • congenital ptosis of the breast.

After the operation the plastic surgeon stitches and a sterile bandage.

How to choose a clinic and surgeon

When choosing a clinic and surgeon consider several options at the same time – this will help to reduce Your time when searching and quicker to acquire a beautiful shape.

Choosing a clinic, pay attention to the legal aspects:

  • licenses;
  • insurance;
  • of the contract.

If it’s a good plastic surgery clinic, a license for the right to engage in medical activities shall be required.

It is a kind of guarantee that the clinic is functioning really. And has the permission of the Ministry of health.

Insurance is a special kind of relationship to protect the interests of the patient in case of complications during and after surgery.

A contract is also required for each clinic. And it’s not just agreements to be concluded between the clinic and the patient for medical services.

If You want to have augmentation mammoplasty, ask the representatives of the clinic — what the producers of endoprostheses contracts for the supply of implants in Your chosen clinic.

Also in the clinic should be:

  1. high-quality equipment;
  2. coordinated team;
  3. the possibility of resuscitation;

When choosing a doctor should be based on such knowledge about the specialist:

  • education;
  • qualification;
  • experience;
  • the cost of the services;
  • the number of transactions;
  • reviews of patients.


After replacement of the breast, like any other surgery complications can arise.

Conventionally, complications after breast augmentation can be divided into General and surgical complications of mammoplasty by implant.

General surgical complications can occur as with any surgery for correction of the breast and to augmentation mammoplasty.

These include:

  1. hematoma;
  2. the accumulation of serous fluid;
  3. numbness of the nipple and areola;
  4. scars;
  5. necrosis – necrosis of tissues;
  6. kapalama contracture;

Complications of mammoplasty by implant, connected directly by emlenton and these include:

  • the displacement of the implant;
  • the deflation of the implant;
  • rupture of the prosthesis;
  • the lack of covering tissues;

The displacement of the implant is characterized by irregular formation of a cavity for the prosthesis or the cause of the offset may be too large size of the prosthesis.

When deflation of the implant is the depletion of the solution of the prosthesis. Therefore, when choosing the implant should pay attention to its composition.

This complication does not occur if the implant is filled with silicone gel.

Rupture of the prosthesis can be held in a number of several reason such as:

  1. violation of the integrity of the prosthesis during the operation;
  2. pressure on the prosthesis.

The lack of coating fabrics may occur when you deficit of tissues, which breaks the prosthesis. This complication in most cases subjected to a slender patient, who pick too large for the prosthesis.

Photo: Before and after surgery

Prevention of complications

As after any surgery, and after mammoplasty with agnoprotein there is a risk of complications. Plays an important role in the recovery time, i.e. the rehabilitation period.

The patient should follow all the instructions and advice of the attending physician.

Prevention after of breast augmentation includes the following stages:

  • stopping pain medication;
  • return to work after 3-5 days after the opertsii;
  • physical activity after two months after breast augmentation.

Within 24 hours after the operation there is a risk of bleeding from the wound, which can lead to such complications as hematoma. At this time, prevention may be the use of ice packs that help reduce swelling.

For two or three days after surgery, the patient must wear an elastic bandage and a special compression underwear.

Patients after increase of the breast is recommended to avoid physical activity throughout the week, as this increases the risk of inflammation around the incisions.

In order to avoid complications, as a preventive measure your doctor may recommend conducting a breast massage that will help to speed up recovery after the increase of mammary glands.

The average cost of mammoplasty with prosthesis

Prices for endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands depends on the quality, type and method of installation of the prosthesis, but is conventionally as follows:

  • breast augmentation-round breast implants with installation under the pectoralis muscle from R. 80,000 — to 100,000 p.;
  • breast augmentation round implants with the installation of gland – R. from 60,000 – to 80,000 R.;
  • breast augmentation anatomical shape implants with installation under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis muscle from R. 100,000 – to 120,000 R..

It is worth considering that this is not the final cost of the service, as the rates are only for the cost of the operation.

Not included prices are implants if you include the cost of the implants the picture of cost looks like this:

  • the breast prosthesis under the pectoralis muscle from R. 230,000 – 250,000 p.;
  • the breast prosthesis under the mammary gland – from R. 220,000 – 250,000 p.;
  • breast augmentation anatomical shape implants with ustanovkoy under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis muscle from 330,000 p. – to 350,000.

It may also conduct mammoplasty with prosthesis in combination with other operations in the chest area and the cost of such a complex might be:

  • augmentation and breast lift – from 330,000 p. – up to 350,000 R.;
  • increasing and lifting one breast from R. 230,000 – 250,000 p..
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