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There is also androgenetic, alopecia, traumatic, and other types of baldness. Therefore it is necessary to mention that the masks can be cured only diffuse alopecia, and in that case, if you have identified and eliminated the cause that caused increased hair loss.

What are the causes of diffuse alopecia?

  • overwork, lack of sleep, constant nervous tension, acute stress;
  • insufficient and inadequate nutrition, permanent seat on a hard diet with restriction of protein, lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • climate change, seasonal «dinner».

How to stop hair loss and speed up hair growth?

To stop hair loss, if it occurred, will not work. This is due to cycles of hair growth: if the hair under the influence of any cause prematurely stopped growing and withered away, to renew its growth will not succeed. You can only accelerate the emergence of new growth, which pushed loose hair from the hair follicles and over time will restore the density of hair.

Here is an interesting feature, which is celebrated by many at the beginning of the use of masks for hair loss at home: after several applications, which (sometimes after 1-2 applications) hair loss significantly increases.

And often firming masks begin to blame the inefficiency and even harm. In fact, the physiological reaction occurs the hair on the stimulation of the active substances of masks, which will lead over time to the emergence of a large number of new hair. What mask is best for you depends on many factors, so make your choice, you can just try all or some of the recipes for yourself.

How to determine what hair loss is diffuse:

  • you have no diseases of the endocrine system;
  • hair loss over the entire head, including the temples and in the neck;
  • you moved in the last 2 months of acute illness;
  • in the last two months you have taken antibiotics, antidepressants or other serious medications;
  • you adhere to a rigid diet with a significant restriction of calories and protein;
  • in the last two months you are very tired, little sleep, were in a state of stress;
  • you went on holiday to the sea, especially if the holiday fell during the winter months;
  • you each fall and/or every spring, note severe hair loss, but the density of hair each time restored to the original level.

The first two items are mandatory, the rest can be one of the common causes of diffuse hair loss.

If you notice a certain periodicity «Vodospad», it is preferable to start making the mask from falling out and dandruff for 4-6 weeks until the usual time heavy loss. This will reduce the number of lost hair and will not allow the growing hair to go into resting phase.

If you begin to apply the mask with alopecia, you should keep in mind that in itself, the hair loss will not stop, but will contribute to the rapid recovery of density by stimulating new hair growth.

Effective mask for hair hair loss for women

All the homemade masks used to strengthen the hair can be divided into groups according to their mechanism of action:

  • the mask improves blood flow to scalp, improving nourishment to the hair follicles and promotes hair growth: mustard, red chilli pepper, menthol and camphor, brandy;
  • masks with substances that stimulate the growth of hair: with oil of Bay, peppermint oil;
  • masks containing nutrients, vitamins and minerals required for hair growth oil mask, yeast, yogurt, egg, honey;
  • Spa hair mask: with aromatic oils, chocolate.

It is advisable to alternate the masks of all groups in order to give hair a comprehensive action. It is also possible to mix components from different groups into one to produce several effects at once.

Onion mask for hair loss

Onion juice is considered to be one of the most powerful tools against alopecia, although to use it, I dare each one of the peculiar onion odor, which has long remained on the hair.

Is the onion mask is very simple.

  • One medium-sized onion should be grated on a grater or mince, of the resulting pulp through cheesecloth to squeeze the juice. If your hair is long, then it is better to be bundled so that they are less scored himself in onion juice.
  • Juice is distributed over the scalp. Close all on top of a plastic bag or shower cap and wrapped towel.
  • Keep the onion juice on the hair should not more than an hour, after that you can wash your hair as usual. To repeat the mask must be 1 time a week.

What you can do to the smell of onions do not remain on the hair after applying the mask?

All individually. After applying onion juice different hair can retain the smell of different times. Porous hair after dyeing, bleaching, permanent waves, unable to keep the smell of onions. Provokes the emergence or strengthening of a smell of humidity, sweating.

To reduce the intensity of the smell, you can use simple tips:

  • use the minimum amount of juice, try to apply it only to the scalp;
  • onion juice rinse with cool water, and longer than you usually do;
  • add to your regular conditioner and a drop of essential oil of ylang-ylang, reapply conditioner with essential oil and hold it longer than usual;
  • rinse your hair after washing it with water and a small amount of vinegar.

Less smell of those masks where onion juice is mixed with oils or other ingredients. But in any case, such masks should not be applied across the length of the hair, especially if they are long.

Option 1. Onion mask with honey and jojoba oil

  • The honey for this mask should take this, they didn’t have time to sugar, as heating honey eliminates all its useful properties.
  • 1 teaspoon of honey mix with the juice of 1 onion and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil.
  • The resulting mixture RUB into the scalp and leave under plastic wrap for 60 minutes.
  • After wash hair as usual.

Option 2. Onion mask with yeast and jojoba oil

The smell of yeast on the fan. As the smell of onion juice. Because rate right their capabilities. After all, you are all to wear the hair for an hour.

  • Yeast (1 teaspoon) for the mask must be filled with sugar water (a maximum of one-third Cup) and let them stand for an hour and a half.
  • Then to the resulting solution was added the juice of 1 onion and jojoba oil 1 teaspoon.
  • Apply the resulting composition on the scalp under the film on 60 minutes.
  • After the mask wash your hair as usual.
  • Both recipes jojoba oil can replace olive oil, Sasakwa, Borago and black cumin.

Masks with mustard

Mustard is a very active component of home-made cosmetics, which promotes blood flow to the skin to which it is applied. The first few times you need to use a small amount so as not to provoke excessive dryness and scalp irritation.

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A normal reaction to the mustard should be small burning sensation and a feeling of warmth. If it becomes unbearable, the mask should be washed ahead of time and the next time you cook it with even fewer. As it dries the hair, so if you have dry ends, apply a mustard mask only on the roots. Recipe:

  • you will need half a teaspoon of mustard packets,
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • unrefined olive oil 2 tablespoons
  • mustard should pour warm water and let stand for 2 hours,
  • then, the resulting mass is mixed with butter and applied on the scalp
  • if the hair is oily, the mask can be kept 30 minutes if skin is prone to dryness and flaking, the maximum you can leave the mask on for 15 minutes
  • olive oil can be replaced with Shea butter, babassu oil or baobab oil.

Mustard mask with precious oils and colorless henna. This is the combined version of the mask, who prefer it to the «advanced users» who want and the hair roots to stimulate, for and by the hair tuck.

This is the option that you can leave on your head for the night. But only if you already use mustard mask many times in the past and it caused you only change for the better. Henna can be used as colorless and ordinary. Oil to prepare the mask can be used for both basic and essential.

Video: Cooking mustard mask

Cooking options

The half Cup of henna and a teaspoon of mustard powder to pour warm water until the consistency of thick cream and put in a water bath or in the microwave for heating. For cultivation of henna you can use a glass dish and the glass rod or wooden spoon for stirring.

If you put the container in the microwave, the dishes should be heat resistant and be suitable for use in microwave ovens. It is not necessary to warm the mixture to a temperature of over 60 degrees, as in such circumstances, the mustard powder loses its medicinal properties.

If you are going to use for making the mask solid oils such as refined Shea butter or coconut oil, then they can be put into the container. Unrefined Shea butter and liquid oils are best added immediately prior to coating, when the henna has cooled sufficiently.

You can also add essential oil of Bay, which has a stimulating effect on hair roots, essential oils of rosewood and patchouli to Shine throughout.

The last two oils I should add to the mask and leave on all night just in case, if you sleep alone or if your spouse is not against the intense odor of essential oils. The mask is applied to the hair brush for hair coloring or just distributed your fingers.

You need to find such a consistency that it did not flow. Top hair close plastic bag, on top of which you can wear the old knitted cap. In hat to bed much easier than a towel that constantly tries to spin.

In the morning, the hair must first be washed with plenty of water, and then wash as usual. Well after applying the conditioner, rinse hair with cool acidified water.

Mask with castor oil

When you buy multiple vials of castor oil in the pharmacy, pervostolnik usually smile knowingly, as used to be considered its sole remedy for constipation. It’s actually good for the hair and skin.

The only problem is that the use of castor oil is its high viscosity, because the oil for the mask you need to wash it will have two times. But other such funds, which at the same time and soothes the scalp, and retains moisture in hair are difficult to find.

Option 1. For those who like the old fashioned way.

  • 2 tablespoons of castor oil to mix with any more liquid oils such as olive and apply on hair for 30 minutes.
  • The number of the second oil you need to take based on the length of your own hair.
  • The hair is then wash as usual.

Option 2. For those who like to optimize.

In principle, the following method is suitable for any oil mask, especially if the hair is not enough, not only food, but also moisture.

To optimize oil mask you will need only one new component is the emulsifier. The emulsifier helps to create an emulsion of oil and water, and sold in any online store for soapmakers. The simplest emulsifiers is xiliens or polawax that go into the pellets.

What does the use of the emulsifier:

  • the mask is easily washed off with plain water without soap;
  • oil consumption is much less.
  • apply the mask more pleasant;
  • in water to prepare the mask, you can add moisturizing ingredients for hair, such as glycerin (sold in pharmacies) or allantoin (sold in online stores for soap makers).

The mask is prepared just.

  • You take castor oil or any other. For the mask, well suited and a mixture of oils. Pour it in a container and put in a water bath. In the butter add a large pinch of emulsifier and heated to until the emulsifier is melted.
  • While the mixture of oil and emulsifier is heated, take warm water and dilute in water 1 teaspoon glycerine or adding allantoin to the tip of a knife. Stir.
  • Mix the oil with emulsifier and water with the humidifier for 1 minute and whisk it all with a mixer or whisk until a homogeneous white mass. The consistency of the mixture should turn out as sour cream or light cream for the body. If your mask turned to liquid, next time add more emulsifier.
  • Apply the mask on hair for 60 minutes under pack and a towel. Then first washed with water, and then wash the head as usual.

Everything seems very difficult but worth to try once, then each time surprised that I hadn’t done so before.

With burdock

Burdock oil is the most popular cosmetic of all those who lose hair. However, not any product in the jar which is the inscription «oil» will do fine. Be sure to look at the back of the pack the product.

If burdock oil, this product is suitable for us. If the composition is any other oil and burdock root extract (burdock is), you better off buying a tool to give up.

Do not take a mixture of burdock oil with sunflower or any other oil, so as to mix different oils can be at home, and how much of burdock oil in the final mixture, you can from the abstract and find out.

Option 1. Normal. A small amount of oil ( depending on hair length) you need a little heat in a water bath so that it was pleasantly warm and apply on hair under a plastic bag. To hold the oil on hair for 30-60 minutes, then wash hair as you usually do.

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Option 2. With the emulsifier. This option is ideal for those, who notes that after the mask with burdock oil, hair becomes dry, hard and bad fit.

To prepare the mask with the emulsifier, you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of burdock oil;
  • half a teaspoon of emulsifier type xiliens or polawax without hills;
  • water not more than a quarter Cup;
  • at the request of any humidifier of the type of glycerol.

Heat the mixture of burdock oil and emulsifier in a water bath, poured into a mixture of water and emulsion is mixed with a mixer for 1 minute. Apply it on your hair for about an hour. The emulsion is then washed from the hair with water without soap, wash the hair as usual.

Bread mask

Breads often use instead of shampoo to cleanse the hair. But if you leave breadcrumbs on the hair for longer before rinsing, get a great mask. To cook it on the water, or the broth of herbs that will make it even more useful for hair.

Option 1. The easiest.

  • 1 piece of a loaf of black bread without crust pour warm water and give it time soak.
  • Then knead the bread with a fork and use your fingers to distribute through the hair, cover with foil and wrap a towel.
  • Leave this mask on the hair for a period of from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Then the hair can be rinsed with water without shampoo.

Option 2. With whey.

  • 2 large loaf of black bread need to break and dunk in a glass of whey.
  • If serum no, you can take a yogurt with a normal fat content.
  • Leave the bread in the liquid for a few hours, all night, so he bulked up and turned into a homogeneous mass.
  • This mass should be applied to hair in cellophane and leave for an hour. Then wash the head as usual.

Option 3. Beer. 1 piece of white bread with bran need to pour a glass of dark beer and give as it should soak. You can speed up the process using a mixer or blender. The resulting slurry was applied on hair for 2 hours under a plastic bag. Several applications of this mask will promote rapid hair growth.

Option 4. With camphor oil to stimulate hair growth.

Soaked brown bread and added half a teaspoon of camphor. Apply on hair for 30 minutes under the film. It is effective if after application you will feel a slight warmth.

Mask is washed off with water and shampoo and conditioner. You should consider the possibility of the beer smell on wet hair and under high humidity for several days after application.

Mask with cognac

Mask with cognac good that cause a rush of blood to the skin due to the alcohol content, and nourish the hair roots by contained the brandy of nutrients. And brandy makes the hair color brown hair deeper.

Option 1. With honey.

1 tablespoon of honey should be stirred with 4-5 tablespoons of brandy. The mask is applied first to the roots, and then distributed over the entire length. Keep the mask about 30 minutes, and then rinse it with shampoo.


Option 2. Coffee.

Also for brown hair, coffee stained hair in brown color. For this mask you will need a strong brewed coffee. And the water should be a minimal amount, otherwise the mask will be too runny. Warm coffee, you need to add 4 tablespoons of cognac, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 beaten egg. All mixed and applied on the hair for 1 hour.

If you want the shade of hair was more deep, you can hold longer. The mask is applied under the film and a towel. Washed as usual.

Yeast mask

Yeast is good that contain large amounts of b vitamins, which beneficially affect the hair and the hair follicles. For masks suitable for both dry and frozen yeast.

Option 1. Yeast mask with yogurt and honey.

  • 1 teaspoon of fresh yeast with a slide or 2 teaspoons dry mix with 1 tablespoon of water for an hour and a half.
  • Then to the yeast add 2 teaspoons of honey and about a half Cup of yogurt. More often if you have long hair.
  • Mask is worn on the hair from root to tip for 1 hour under cellophane. Then the head can be washed as usual.

Option 2. Yeast mask with egg.

For the mask you need to mix the yeast and water as in previous recipe, beat with a mixer or blender 1 egg to a froth and mix both ingredients.

The resulting mixture should hold on the hair for about an hour. Wash it only slightly warm, even with cool water as in warm water the egg can coagulate, and comb out the scrambled eggs from the hair of the lesson hard.

Option 3. Yeast mask with egg and olive oil.

In this version of the recipe yeast should pour two tablespoons of milk and to give time for the yeast to wander 2 hours. The egg must be whipped to a froth in a blender and mix with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

After 2 hours, the yeast with the milk mixed with egg and oil and apply on the entire hair length. Keep the mask to under cellophane for 60 minutes. Then the head can be washed as usual, but only slightly warm water.

Yogurt mask

The mask from yogurt can:

  • to lighten hair 1-2 tones;
  • faster wash the pigment from the treated hair;
  • dry hair if used fat-free yogurt.

Because of the mask it is best not to take fat-free yogurt and apply it on your hair only if the clarification is included in your plans.

Option 1. Quick and do not require shampoo.

Necessary, depending on hair length, amount of yogurt must be heated to room temperature (but no more, otherwise you risk getting cottage cheese instead of the mask). Then yogurt is applied to the hair along its entire length, closed plastic bag and left for an hour and a half. After this time the kefir the hair is washed off with plenty of water.

Option 2. Much more thorough.

You will need a half-Cup of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of any hair oil (Shea, coconut, olive), 1 egg. Beat egg to a froth, add oil and yogurt and apply the resulting mask on the entire length of hair under the cap. Keep an hour and wash off with shampoo.

Video: Yeast mask for hair thickness

With honey

The honey has the ability to lighten hair 1-2 shades. This ability must be taken into account when using masks, in which it is part. The owners of blondes and blonde hair it helps to give the curls «honey» shade.

Option 1. The easiest.

You need to take very liquid fresh honey or heat it in a water bath. Apply with a brush for the hair dye first to the roots, and then distribute on all length.

Do not try to comb the hair which are deposited on the honey, as you can damage them. Keep the mask for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it with water without shampoo. Rinse your hair with water acidified with lemon juice or vinegar.

This mask can be replaced one or two of shampooing, if the hair is badly damaged, as honey cleans the scalp and hair from dirt.

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Option 2. With butter and egg.

  • 1 tablespoon honey mixed with 2 tablespoons of any skin care oil and 1 beaten egg.
  • Applied to the hair for 1 hour under the film. Wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Egg mask

Usually for skin masks are recommended to use only the yolk or only the white of an egg. But no arguments in favor of such a separation does not lead. If you prepare dishes from only protein or only the yolks, then it is clear that hair will be used that are not useful for food. In other cases, it is possible to use the whole egg.

Option 1. With aloe.

  • You can take fresh aloe Vera juice from the leaf of the plant. And you can buy a special aloe Vera juice concentrate (sold in online stores for soap makers) or stabilized glycerin (there are many manufacturers of Korean cosmetics as an independent cosmetic).
  • For the mask you will also need nezasaharennogo honey that can be mixed with other components without heating.
  • 1-2 eggs (depending on length and thickness of hair) mixed in 2 teaspoons of honey and 4 tablespoons of aloe juice.
  • The mask is applied across the length of the hair under the cap for 1-2 hours. Then the head can be washed as usual.

Option 2. With the lemon juice. This mask helps regulate the amount of sebum and is applied only on the scalp and the hair roots.

To prepare the mask you will need:

  • 1 egg, beaten to a froth,
  • 2 tablespoons of any oil, besides essential, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • The ingredients are mixed together and applied on the scalp for 1 hour.
  • The rest of the hair, you can apply a little or any other mask, not to waste time.
  • Washed off the mask with shampoo and conditioner.

Option 3. With mayonnaise to dried hair dye.

  • For this mask, one egg must be mixed with 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
  • Apply the mask on hair and leave it for 1 hour.
  • Then wash your hair as usual.

Option 4. Brandy.

  • 1 egg whip to a froth and mix with 2 spoons of cognac.
  • Apply the mask on your hair under the foil for 1 hour.
  • Makes hair soft and manageable.

Salt mask

  • Salt is used as a mask, as the scrub, which you can use to remove the dead cells from the scalp.
  • The best option for the procedure, a small sea salt or dead sea salt, as they contain in addition to sodium chloride a large number of trace elements.
  • Apply salt to wet hair and scalp and gently massage with fingertips.
  • To carry out this massage need without pressure for 1-2 minutes.
  • Salt is then washed from the hair with cool water.

Mask after coloring

Now, many manufacturers of hair dyes have begun to consider the experience of using oils to revitalize the hair and began to add valuable oils in the formulations of their products. Nevertheless, if after dyeing, the hair have lost their usual elasticity and Shine, you can use oil masks so many times in a week, how long will it take your hair to recover.

Option 1. The easiest.

  • 1 teaspoon of argan oil,
  • 1 teaspoon of black seed oil,
  • 1 teaspoon oil Sasakwa,
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and avocado.

All mix and apply on hair from roots to ends.

If you have a marked tendency to hair loss, in mask you can also add 2-3 drops of essential oil Bey. A rich set of oils will greatly improve the condition of scalp and hair, give them strength and Shine.

The mask can be left on the hair though overnight. After using an oil mask hair should be washed with shampoo, you can even twice and then conditioning or acidified water. To give a mirror finish on styled hair to hold a cube of ice. Under the influence of cold the hair scales close and the hair get the polished look.

Chocolate hair mask

This miracle mask is used grated cocoa – solid product from which cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Because cocoa paste contains valuable caring oil, and a large number of vitamins and minerals required for hair growth. And cocoa paste has a unique chocolate aroma, rich and full-bodied.

This smell gives a great deal of pleasure, because the mask is not only care, but also psychotherapy, relaxing, uplifting.

To make it at home easy. You will need 25 grams of cocoa liquor and water. You can take milk, but it is not necessary. Cocoa paste melted in water in a water bath.

Apply the mask on your hair brush, but much more fun to run hands in the chocolate up to your elbows and to distribute it throughout the hair with your fingers. If grated cocoa to take more, then you can apply it on the body.

It is best to apply the chocolate on your hair and body in the bathroom, because otherwise you risk leaving traces of chocolate mask everywhere in the house. Keep the mask on the hair. To wash the chocolate hair better than sitting or lying in the bath to get a chocolate bath. To get the maximum pleasure from the procedure, you can bring 2-3 chocolates.

Video: the Mask of chocolate

Cosmetics series Kera-Nova

The only drawback of the masks from natural products is the need to spend time on their preparation, application and rinsing. Sometimes, this amount of time in modern women simply do not. Then the alternative natural remedies can become eligible cosmetic shampoos, masks and balms series of Kera-Nova, made using colored clay, burdock oil, red hot pepper, herbs.

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