Mask of eggs for facial wrinkles — quail, honey

Eggs – available product that is in the fridge every housewife. Only a few eggs for Breakfast energize for the whole day and provide the body with a daily norm of protein. But did you know that it is also a versatile ingredient for cooking all kinds of face masks?

With proper selection of ingredients, such masks are well suited for any skin type. Not only do they give softness and silkiness, but also improve the tone, rejuvenate.

For dry and aging is preferable to use egg yolk, oily and combination with the presence of acne is more appropriate protein.

Useful composition

Part of chicken eggs comes with a set of useful for skin components, penetrate into the dermis through the pores:

  • vitamin a eliminates peeling and softens;
  • b vitamins to cope with inflammation;
  • vitamin D prevents fading, prevents the earlier appearance of wrinkles, fights first signs of aging;
  • lecithin increases the resistance ability of the skin to UV, cold and frost;
  • sodium enhances absorption of other substances;
  • potassium prevents the excessive removal of moisture and dehydration;
  • iron provides oxygen to cells, improves skin tone tissues;
  • calcium levels the surface, is responsible for the smoothness and silkiness.


It is forbidden to put the mask eggs on the skin in such cases:

  • if you have a strong Allergy to the product;
  • if covers a lot of the blood vessels, veins;
  • when there are open lesions, scars, fresh scars;
  • in inflammatory processes and tumors on the face.

What to pay attention when cooking

In order not to hurt the skin, it is very important that all the products were fresh. This is especially true of eggs. The surface of the shell must be matte, no glitter and damage, and the whole party to have the same color. If you trust the seller not, the house can hold a special test.

Fill any glass container with water 10 cm from the bottom and put the raw egg.

How it will behave in the water, you can judge the freshness:

  • if you lay down sideways on the bottom, then the chicken demolished not more than 1-3 days old.
  • POPs up blunt up his age for about a week;
  • floats vertically at the surface of the egg, which is 2-3 weeks.
  • floats horizontally over a month.

Recipes of masks from egg from wrinkles on the face

Below are the most popular among women home anti-aging masks from eggs. By trial you can pick the perfect one that matches your skin type that will help to solve other’s most annoying problems (to get rid of fat or lesions to moisturize or nourish). Apply your favorite mask 2 times a week.

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Yolk-oil against wrinkles round eyes

It not only smoothes crow’s feet, but also relieves puffiness, brightens dark circles.

  • the yolk of 1 egg;
  • 20 g of butter.

Ingredients thoroughly and apply a thin layer all over the face, paying particular attention to areas around the eyes and eyelids. Leave for 20 minutes.

Vitamin mask

Remedy nourishes the skin with vitamins, at the same time as peeling. Organic acids are purified from dead skin flakes of the epidermis, stimulating the breathing of the skin. Pores get rid of sebaceous plugs, tissues are beginning to produce new young cells of the skin.

  • 1 egg yolk;
  • berries (raspberries, strawberries, strawberries, grapes or cherry).

Yolk lightly whisk, mash the berries with a fork to obtain a homogeneous consistency, mix well and apply on cleansed face, avoiding areas around the eyes. The exposure time of a quarter of an hour.

Lifting effect

This mask is good tightens the sagged skin of the face and neck, simultaneously bleaching and moisturizing.

  • 1 egg protein;
  • med – 1 h lodges.;
  • lemon juice – 3 drops;
  • olive oil – 4 drops.

Ready weight to lubricate the skin, leave for 10 minutes.

The mask of wrinkles with honey and egg

The product has firming properties, softens and slows the aging process, reduces inflammation and heals.

  • 1 egg yolk;
  • natural honey – 0, 5 lodges.

Mix ingredients, stir and apply on face and neck for 15 minutes.


Mask nourishes the skin with vitamins, protects from dehydration.

  • half Apple;
  • 1 egg white;
  • heavy cream – 30 g

Apple peel and core, grind in a blender or RUB on a small grater. Protein vzbit in a solid foam, gently introduce the cream and then Apple sauce. The mass is kept on the skin until dry.


The tool refreshes and normalizes the complexion, adds tone and elasticity, smoothes wrinkles.

  • yolk;
  • 1 h lodges. green tea leaves.

Brewing tea in small amount of boiling water, let stand, strain and add to the yolks, mix thoroughly. It should be just enough to make the consistency a little watery sour cream. Weight is applied for 15 minutes.


The perfect mask for aging, lost skin tone and elasticity of the skin.

  • yolk;
  • med – 1.5 hours lodges.;
  • olive oil – 1 h lodges.;
  • avocado;
  • banana.

Small pieces of avocado and ripe banana (not more than 15 g) is mixed with the oil plug. Separately, thoroughly mix the yolk with the honey, all combine. The tool stand 20 minutes, but do not wash and remove with a cotton pad.

Against deep wrinkles

This composition has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the skin and smoothes shallow wrinkles and makes it less noticeable facial vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, tightens the neck and cheekbones.

  • protein;
  • gelatin – 10 g;
  • warm boiled water 30 ml;
  • rose essential oil – 2 drops.
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Dissolve gelatin in water and give to swell, then heat it in a water bath. Separately whisk until a thick foam protein, all components connect. In the end, add the rose oil and whisk. Apply the mask all over the face and neck for half an hour.

To make it Shine and velvety of the skin

The tool is more suitable for combination or oily skin, it cleans well greasy Shine, dries skin, and eliminates wrinkles.

  • protein;
  • 2 tbsp. lodges. wheat or oat flour.

Of these ingredients to make the batter, which should be applied to the face for 20 minutes.

Masks from quail eggs from wrinkles is the secrets of the young Japanese geisha that have been passed down from generation to generation. In Japan, quail eggs are considered to be an indispensable product. Without them it is simply impossible to provide a full Breakfast in the school cafeteria.

Ingredient widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for the preparation of anti-aging creams and lotions.

In the composition of quail eggs have the same nutrients as in chicken, but in much greater numbers. This:

  1. amino acids
  2. melatonin
  3. the b vitamins, And stimulates the renewal of cells of the connective tissues.

High concentrations of lecithin penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, help to remove excess water from the body, relieve swelling and inflammation, smooth out facial wrinkles and tone.

The most effective anti-wrinkle mask on the basis of quail eggs the following:

  • tighten the skin, prone to fat, will help protein that is whipped to a froth and spread on the skin, maintaining it dry completely;
  • to lighten pigmentation easily using composition of protein and 1 h lodges. lemon juice. First applied 1 layer, and after drying the second and third;
  • in addition to anti-aging properties, whitening effect has a mask with cucumber. The flesh of one vegetable grate, mix with 3 egg yolks and place on the gauze, in which to pre-make a slit for the eyes. Gauze and put on face for fifteen minutes;
  • nourish the skin with vitamins can mask 1 egg yolk and 0.5 h lodges. honey you leave on the skin for 15 minutes;
  • nourishing the effect is a mixture of 1 egg yolk and 1 h lodges. sour cream, which is a special wet facial cloth or gauze. The fabric is applied to the skin and removed after 15 minutes;
  • the last option is suitable for emergency of bringing the person to the right for a few hours before an important event. Whole egg mix with 1 h lodges. olive oil, same amount of honey and 1 tbsp. lodges. fat fresh cheese. Exposure time – 15 minutes.
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Video: Alternative method

How to wash

Rinse the mask from eggs only a little warm running water. From the hot mass is just cooked, turning into a nasty white chunks that are difficult to remove from the skin.

The doctors and cosmetologists

Any food can cause allergies that will lead to redness and irritation of the skin. Therefore, before first applying the mask, you should check her how the skin will react.

Smear a small amount on the crook of the elbow, the inside of your wrist or the area behind the ear. If within an hour no unpleasant sensations arose, then the mask can be safely used.

Beauticians suggest not to abuse home remedies rejuvenation and abide by the rules applying masks:

  • pre-clean the skin of makeup, dirt, and then lightly steam;
  • the compositions of natural ingredients designed for single use, may not be stored in the refrigerator;
  • procedures will have a greater effect if you do their course. To do the mask a day for 4 weeks and then give the covers a month of rest;
  • superimposed the means from the middle to the periphery with light massage movements;
  • all the muscles must be relaxed;
  • after washing off the mask is not recommended to apply makeup for 2 hours.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that egg white mask – not a panacea against skin aging and wrinkles, and only one of the treatments. To achieve truly amazing results even 1-2 treatments per week is not enough.

Affect the problem is necessary in a complex: apply anti-aging creams and serums, to make regular peels, massage, gymnastics for the muscles. Because MIME wrinkles are formed from the weakness of muscle fibers, so to fight them external agents are ineffective.

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