Mask with Botox — for the person with the starch, in the home, the cream, the asset expert

What it is

Mask with Botox effect is a special technique of preparation of anti-aging products for the face, designed to eliminate wrinkles and skin blemishes without the use of injections (in contrast to traditional Botox procedures).

This cosmetic formulation has been gaining more and more popularity as men and women.

The reason is that many patients refuse injections of the drug, as has already proven its negative effects on the body (medicine contain harmful toxins that can badly affect the muscular and nervous structures).

In contrast, injection of Botox, these masks do not have such negative effects, so for the most part, patients do not risk anything. Instead, they have the opportunity to receive painless skin rejuvenation and improvement of hair.

The pros and cons

Mask with Botox effect has such advantages of their use:

  1. It is possible to prepare and apply at home at any convenient time. This not only greatly simplifies the process of rejuvenation for busy people, but will also cost several times cheaper than salon treatments.
  2. All the ingredients for the preparation of these masks are natural, so the risk of allergies and other unwanted effects are minimal.
  3. As practice shows, the majority of women and men who ever used the mask with Botox effect, has remained more than satisfied. This demonstrates the great effectiveness of these tools.
  4. The painless procedure is its indisputable advantage. A man will not have to endure painful injections or cuts. The leather is absolutely not damaged.
  5. When applying such funds no risk of infection, as is the case with injections.
  6. If you regularly conduct this kind of rejuvenation can not only rejuvenate the deeper layers of the epidermis, but also keep them moisturized and enriched with beneficial vitamins.
  7. You can improve the complexion and give it a more healthy appearance.
  8. These masks have virtually no age restrictions. They can also be done not only with the existing wrinkles, but also to prevent aging of the skin.

Disadvantages of the use of such anti-aging masks are:

  1. The need for prolonged treatment to achieve truly visible results. Unfortunately, when one-time use of such masks the effect will be minimal. You need to pass a course of rejuvenation, which involves the holding of 10-15 sessions.
  2. The need for independent selection of ingredients and the preparation of masks can be difficult for people without experience in this field. Despite this, there are a lot of detailed recipes of masks, which will greatly facilitate the preparation of the mask, even for the person doing it the first time.
  3. The risk of allergies in people with sensitive skin have even when using natural masks.
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Indications and contraindications

Indications are:

  1. The first signs of skin aging.
  2. Loss of skin elasticity.
  3. The presence of small mimic wrinkles on the skin.
  4. Crow’s feet in the eye area.
  5. The presence of wrinkles on the forehead, lips and nose.
  6. Problem skin (excessively oily or dehydrated).
  7. The problem of acne.
  8. Enlarged pores.
  9. The dullness of the face.
  10. Lack of vitamin in the skin layers, causing it to become loose and prone to wrinkles, pigmentation, etc.

Contraindications for the facial rejuvenation are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding. In this period in a woman’s body there are strong physiological and hormonal changes, so any external impact and irritation of the skin can have the opposite effect (for example, to cause inflammation or allergies).
  2. The presence of fungal or infectious skin lesions at the site of application of the mask. Thus it is necessary to first cure the skin, and only after that to begin its rejuvenation, otherwise, otherwise, can only aggravate the course of the disease and to give a boost to his defeat healthy areas of the scalp.
  3. The presence of open wounds. However, if you put a mask on the area of a cut or other lesion, there is a risk of carrying germs. This will contribute to the zagnoenie wounds. For this reason, it is better not to risk and wait until the skin is completely healed.
  4. The period after the recent peeling, Botox injections and other complex cosmetic procedures. In this state, you need to give the skin time to rest and recover after a recent rejuvenation. In addition, when using masks after injections of Botox can significantly disrupt the effects of this procedure.

How to make a face mask with Botox effect

The most effective masks are:

  • mask with starch instead of Botox;
  • mask of gelatin.

Preparing the funds thus:

  1. Mask starch has long been considered a natural Botox. Due to this rich composition of starch, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin, restores its elasticity, saturates it with vitamins. With all these advantages, the starch also very rarely causes side effects.

To prepare this tool:

  • mix 1 teaspoon of potato starch and the same amount of honey;
  • add 2 tbsp of water and mix everything well;
  • put in a water bath and to remove, when the medium thickens;
  • apply on the face layers (when dry up the first layer, apply a second, and after him third);
  • keep the face fifteen minutes, rinse with water.
  1. Mask of gelatin is as follows:
  • mix 1 tbsp gelatin and pour 2 tbsp of hot green tea;
  • wait until gelatin swell, add the olive oil;
  • apply to the face in a thin layer, rinse with warm water.
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Are there any store-bought counterparts

In modern cosmetic market there is a quality line of masks with Botox effect. Among the best are the cream of the Asset expert and Botomask. Their action is directed on smoothing of the skin, its moisturizing and getting rid of wrinkles.

The main disadvantage of such masks is their high cost, which not everyone will be able to try out these tools for yourself.

Whether to perform the procedure at home

As practice shows, preparation and application of masks with the effect of Botox does not cause much difficulty. For this reason, you can safely carry out this procedure at home.

If a person fears negative consequences after this rejuvenation, he may hold her in the beauty salon where the procedure will be carefully monitored by an experienced specialist.

Suitable recipes for use on the hair

The most effective recipes of masks for hair with Botox effect are:

  1. Mix the following ingredients in equal amounts:
  • elastin;
  • panthenol;
  • avocado oil;
  • the hyaluronic acid.
  1. Mix the following components:
  • lactic acid 2 drops;
  • vitamin C and vitamin E – 1 tablet;
  • keratin – 15 ml.

To hair mask with Botox effect is well mixed, it is necessary to prepare in a glass bowl. Mix the ingredients should brush for hair coloring.

Method of application of these masks is the following:

  1. First you need to wash your hair and comb them. Apply preferably to damp hair.
  2. Apply the mask with a brush, while not affecting the roots (they need to back off about 1 cm).
  3. Comb to distribute the mixture across the length of the hair, leaving unaffected areas.
  4. Then you have to wear a plastic cap.
  5. Half an hour later the mask can be washed off with a natural shampoo based on herbs.

Useful tips

So the mask really brought the expected results, you should follow these tips cosmetologists:

  1. Not conducting the rejuvenation in the presence of at least one contraindications.
  2. To do the mask every 2-3 days. If applied daily, the skin «get used», and the effect of such means to weaken.
  3. Apply a mask to a special silicone cosmetic brush. It will help to evenly distribute the mask on the face.

  4. Apply the mask not only on face but also on neck and décolleté, as they too are aging.
  5. Apply the mask to flowing massage movements (from nose to ear, from forehead to eyebrows, from the lip to the earlobe). Thus it is necessary to ensure that the mask does not get into the eyes. When accidental contact with the cornea no need to panic (mask composed of natural ingredients, so will not impair vision).
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All you need to do is quickly rinse the eyes with warm clean water.

  1. Mask with Botox effect tend to shrink and dry up, so after application it is advisable not to do the mimic movements of the face. It is best to take the supine position and relax.
  2. Before each application the mask is recommended to thoroughly clean the skin scrub.

  3. Wash off the mask need to be careful – first you need to soak and then wash off with warm water. To tear it out of the skin is impossible, because in this way it is possible to injure the upper layer of the epidermis.
  4. After removing the mask on the face is desirable to apply a greasy moisturizer.
  5. Keep the mask on face for fifteen minutes.
  6. The duration of this rejuvenation must be 15 masks three times a week.

Mask of Botox, no doubt show good results. Despite this, they require the implementation of all rules of use, so before you begin your rejuvenation in this way, you need to think carefully.

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