Masonite 3D – a price, indications, advantages, complications, before and after photos

An innovative method of face lifting and reinforcement of the face, developed by Korean cosmetic, involves the use of a material such as masonite. This is the newest material in cosmetology, which consists of monofilament microthreads made of synthetic suture material (politican) covered polyglycolic acid.

Function of a material in cosmetics

The main function masonite is an effective and painless wrinkle reduction, skin tightening of the face without harm for health.

The peculiarity of this material is that it is able to split water and carbon dioxide within 6 -7 months, but the rejuvenation effect is maintained up to 2 years. So far unique this procedure does not exist.

A similar effect was achieved by using gold, platinum, actual lifting, but a significant drawback of these treatments is pain during execution, the need for anesthesia, postoperative period, the presence of numerous contraindications.

Impact on health and safety

Thread lifting with meso-threads has established itself as an effective and completely safe. Threads completely dissolve over time, leaving no consequences, and the procedure is so painless that even be performed without local anesthesia. Specific contraindications to this method, but there are some guidelines common to all cosmetic procedures.

Contraindications and complications

The procedure of thread lift is not recommended in such cases:

  • diseases of the blood
  • cancer
  • acute respiratory viral infections (SARS, influenza)
  • cardiovascular disease
  • mental and neurotic diseases
  • tumors and inflammation on the skin
  • previously conducted bioresorbable implant
  • increased body temperature
  • pregnancy and lactation

Complications and side effects when 3D tredlifting masonite is missing.

After the procedure there may be a small swelling of the face or small bruises, but it all goes for 2 days and is not a pathology. But the presence of seals under the skin is a problem related to the skill of the doctor. Therefore, before deciding on this procedure, you must weigh the pros and cons, to really evaluate their health status and be sure to find the best specialist in this field.

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3D threads have many advantages, the main among which are: instant and increasing efficiency, painlessness, minimum trauma to the skin, biocompatibility, absence of rehabilitation period.

How is the procedure of thread lifting

The procedure of thread lifting 3D masonite quite simple in execution, the main instrument is a system consisting of a guide-needle and fine threads.

Very thin, virtually invisible, mesothread, is injected under the skin, to a depth mesh dermis using a thin steel needle guide.

After the introduction into the skin mesothread fixed in a certain position, creating a clear, strong frame. Approximately 6 months mesothread dissolved, and its place will be replaced by young collagen, which will maintain a tightening effect for about 2 years.

Indications for reinforcement masonite

Masonite reinforcement shown in such cases:

  • the omission of the oval face, wrinkles on chest and neck
  • decrease skin turgor, lifting upper eye
  • nasolabial folds
  • crow’s feet around the eyes (masonite gold threads better)
  • frown wrinkles.

Most often this procedure is prescribed after the age of 25 years, for the prevention of age-related changes. Depending on which area of the subject transaction, use different types. Linear bushings of different lengths are used in the reinforcement of the eyelids, forehead, double chin, neck.

The length of the thread depends on age-related changes and the thickness of the skin. Spiral filaments have a more pronounced effect, due to the properties of the filament to return to its shape after stretching. Use this type when lifting the eyebrows, nasolabial triangle.

Video: facial skin Rejuvenation

Needle masonite

The strongest among masonite, it is a needle (with notches). Their introduction requires local anesthesia, but they provide stable fixation of tissues, and are used when lifting the neck and middle third of the face. Most often they are used in the reinforcement of the skin of the face and neck, but not excluded their application in skin tightening of the arms, abdomen, waist.

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Frequently asked questions

Question: How many should be shown on the face, abdomen, chin?

Answer: the Number shown, necessary for the procedure, will be determined by a specialist beautician, the number depends on the area of the problem, skin thickness, etc.

Question: How often should I repeat the procedure of thread lifting with meso?

Answer: most Often, the procedure is recommended to be repeated after 2-2.5 years.

Question: thread lifting or Botox, which is better?

Answer: actually, it’s hard to say which is better. The answer to this question must be approached individually. These two procedures are highly compatible and help to achieve sustainable impact.

The cost

The cost of the procedure depends on what the issue with the skin to eliminate, what part of the body, of course, where would hold it. Required quantity shown in the table:

Threads with notches — 1 thread 2500 RUB.
Thread — spiral — 1 thread 1500 RUB.
Threads without notches — 1 thread 1100 RUB.
Threads without notches — more than 20 PCs 900 RUB.
Threads without notches — more than 40 PCs 700 RUB.


The correction: Number of threads:
Face from 20 to 100 pieces.
Neck from 20 to 50.
Neckline up to 50 PCs
Belly 50 PCs
Inner thighs 40 PCs.
Chest from 40 to 60 PC.
Buttocks 60 to 100 pieces.

The average price of the 3D threads ranges from 800 rubles to 1,500 rubles per linear thread, and until 2000 the spiral. The capital cost of lifting one person is from 30,000 to 60,000 rubles. Whereas in other regions the price for the same procedure would be below 20-30%.

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But this is precisely the case when cheapness can play a cruel joke. On your health and beauty is not recommended to save.

Compatibility with other procedures

To achieve a good anti-aging effect, masonite recommend to combine with other treatments. So, the combination of masonite with laser resurfacing procedures produce a fantastic result like plastics. Simultaneously, threads are well compatible with the Aptos threads. 3 weeks after the masonite is possible to carry out chemical peeling, laser peeling, mesotherapy, myostimulation.

Photo before and after application of 3D meso-threads

After the procedure

After the procedure of thread lifting with 3D meso-threads should refrain from saunas, massages, tanning for 2-3 weeks. And then you can fully return to normal life.

Today it is one of the most effective and safe cosmetic methods, able to tighten the skin of face and body no worse than plastic surgery. Beauty and health is in our hands, and you can’t give up!