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Every year there are new and revolutionary methods of correction that can completely remove the slightest signs of age-related skin changes. But not all of them is a Grand sensation.

The procedure is called «masonite face» is one of those that will be able to suspend the natural aging process of your skin.

Masonite for the facelift is a procedure that involves performing mesotherapy special threads «Lead Fine Lift» . They are introduced into the epidermal skin layer of the finest cosmetic needles, resulting in a pronounced effect of skin tightening for the face or body.


  • Signs of facial aging: sagging, wrinkles;
  • Deep wrinkles: nasolabial and forehead, and the glabellar furrows.
  • Sagging after pregnancy, sudden weight loss or due to other causes the skin of the abdomen, thighs, chin, knees, breast areas;
  • To increase the duration of effect in combination with other methods of rejuvenation.

Session masonite — thread lift — is aimed at the formation and fixation of subcutaneous carcass which is being built by the method of minimal surgical intervention. He carries out tightening of the skin painlessly and bezoperatsionnye. The material from which made the thread, is composed entirely of biodegradiruemye material is polydioxanone.

This material has hypoallergenic properties and does not cause rejection.

Masonite «Lead Fine Lift» is not able to cause the appearance of hematomas and swelling, they are absolutely imperceptible, the result is achieved immediately after the procedure.

The operation lasts about an hour, and rejuvenating effect persists for 2 years. Traditional methods of formation of skin tissue quite traumatic and painful.

Usually performed with local anesthesia require prolonged rehabilitation and cause long-lasting discomfort during the postoperative period. The desired result comes only within 2-3 months.

The progress of the operation

With a needle in the epidermis are introduced masonite. This thread has a high elasticity, which gives the effect of a spring, if, of course, to follow certain rules of installation. Implanted threads form a kind of soft-rigid frame, which perfectly survives without causing discomfort and strain to the soft tissue.

Biodegradiruemye threads are subjected to hydrolytic decomposition, which are formed normal to the body, the metabolites are water and carbon dioxide into the skin tissue.

Within 6-8 months there is a complete resorption of these threads, and then in the skin there is a balance of light seal of connective tissue. It serves as a kind of «frame» for the skin for 18-24 months. After that, it is best to have a new operation.

Effect after the procedure

Tredlifting masonite «Lead Fine Lift» has a wide range of opportunities that will help to achieve the desired results, including:

  • the formation of the face oval;
  • reduce facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds;
  • improves skin condition.

It is designed for people whose age-related changes of the skin have not yet acquired a distinct character. Mostly resort to this service the women of young age who need to improve skin structure, tighten and strengthen the facial contour. For those older it is best to use masonite as a Supplement to surgical circular face lifting. In this case, they will help to maintain skin tone and prolong the effect.

Video: What is masonite?

Contrast thread lifting?

Though these two procedures are very similar, they have a number of rather important differences:

  • Meso-threads for suspenders will need more for the cheek lift, which must be raised slightly, you need to spend about 20-30 pieces. In payments for work not put square braces, namely the number of wasted threads. Well, in the case of a filament lifting lifting is calculated by the square.
  • Less painful consequences: beauticians say that masonite facilitate the patient’s condition after the procedure. Healing occurs much faster — for a full recovery to not more than 10 days. They painless. Sometimes tightening masonite doesn’t even require anesthesia.
  • The duration of here threads are inferior, they keep for up to 2 years, because the substance from which they are composed, decomposed for six months, but «Aptos»-a common thread — at least 5 years.
  • The reaction on the skin and the possible consequences are also different. If we take the example thread thread lifting, they were made of gold which is not oxidized and does not cause any allergies.


This technique is the «Lead Fine Lift» has a wide range of positive aspects over other similar procedures, including:

  • podnistrovya doesn’t require anesthesia, the procedure, the materials used are absolutely hypoallergenic;
  • microscopic punctures are almost invisible and heal very quickly
  • using certain techniques introduction prevents swelling and bruising;
  • the patient does not need clinical examinations and long-term rehabilitation, and the effect lasts for 18-24 months.
  • the studies revealed no adverse reactions.

Possible complications

If the doctor has no experience, then you can get complications. Sometimes when the doctor is not able to work a thin needle to masonite, can be severe distortion until the appearance of creases. Even after 2 years can be traces of medical marriage. So do not trust doctors who have no experience of the procedures for the lifting masonite. The skin can appear the bumps.

This is often due to poorly laid and not straightened strands. Such nodes will be formed long enough to be present on the face, at least it will last around six months until the thread is completely absorbed. This happens due to the fact that the thread was separated early from the needle and not completely stretched out, save you can not no doctor.

Video: BEFORE and AFTER use


The cost of one filament is from 25-50 dollars . The required number of strands is determined at consultation with a specialist, depending on the location and extent of sagging of the skin, usually 10-20 pieces. It can be estimated that the final price for threads is in the range of 200-1000 dollars.

The name of the procedure Price, RUB.
3D meso threads (1 thread) 1500


First noticed on his face the first signs of aging. UYA was shocked! How? I’m only 30 years old, and I already have albeit small, but still wrinkles. I also noticed that the skin is not as elastic as it was, and was besides some sagging. It was at that moment I wondered: «What to do». A week later I was sitting in the beautician, who told me how to correct my situation.

The doctor advised plastic surgery, even came to the endoscopic facelift. However, after some time I found out about the masonite. Both assured me the Internet sources, these filaments make the frame of the skin. In 2 weeks I have already had surgery. Of course, as soon as I removed the bandages, I saw a small hematoma. However, after a week I was able to meet with friends. They were convinced that I had blepharoplasty – the leather is so strongly tightened.

Good afternoon. Want to talk about normal female. I’m 43. The contour of the face has already started to be rounded, in some places even hung. Rare I’m a coward, so I didn’t agree to any surgery. But beauty, as they say, demands sacrifice. Went to the clinic after the consultation I thought another two weeks. The result is decided. Without a doubt, it was scary. After the procedure, the face swollen and appeared bruised. But the result I simply shook. It’s been a month — the outline appeared, so honed, as if I was twenty years just turned. The doctor said that with time everything will be even better. I am very pleased.

Masonite for the facelift: before and after Photos

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