Massage after mammoplasty — breast, how to make

Regular massage after mammoplasty helps to soften the implant, and reduce the risk of capsular contracture. Implants require some time to comfortably be placed in the chest.

Using special massage movements the woman will be able to adjust the location of the implants.

Also massage must be done and those patients who had surgery for breast reduction.

The main purpose of massage is to preserve the natural soft Breasts, as well as to accelerate the healing of scars.

Start massaging the chest is not earlier than three days after the operation.

First massage would do the doctor in the clinic and suggest the optimal time to begin an independent exercise.

The correct technique of massage (which will be described in detail below) will reduce the chances of complications to 5%.

During the massage, it is best to sit in front of a mirror. Thus it is possible to control the correctness of the procedure and monitor progress.


The main indication for breast massage is an operation for installing implants. Less, massage is recommended after breast reduction.

The main indications:

  • constant feeling of the presence of implants;
  • chest pain;
  • painful lumps;
  • numbness of scar tissue.


Contraindications for massage are purulent abscesses and inflammation, which can arise as a result of unprofessionally conducted mammoplasty.

Also it is impossible to independently do the massage for 4-5 days after surgery.

Active lymphatic drainage massages are best avoided until after 6 weeks.

Is there a side effect

Side effects from properly performed massage is not seen.

Possible allergic reaction in the case that the implementation procedures apply:

  • unnatural oils;
  • cream;
  • lotions.

In rare cases, too much massage can cause swelling of the lymph nodes and even damage to surgical sutures.

Massage technique after breast mammoplasty

For fast recovery breast after surgery, it is very important technically properly perform the massage.

There are many techniques of massage, but they all boil down to:

  • the execution of circular movements;
  • to strengthen the muscle of the pocket around the implant;
  • and also to accelerate healing of stitches.

First and foremost, you need to put on chest natural oil or hypoallergenic lotion.

It is forbidden to make a dirty massage with dry hands on dry skin. This will lead to irritation and even zagnoenie seam.

The best method for massage after mammoplasty:

  • lavender oil;
  • tea tree oil;
  • Flaxseed oil;
  • coconut oil.

Depending on the type of operation and the General health of the patient, the doctor will select the right form of massage and explain step-by-step methodology for its implementation.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is often administered after surgery for breast augmentation, as it greatly accelerates the healing process.

Women who heard the name of the massage, it may seem that this is a complex procedure that is performed only in the outpatient setting with the help of special devices.

The lymphatic drainage is performed:

  • only hands;
  • light circular movements;
  • which promote the healing of the sutures and stimulate the release of fluid from the lymph nodes.

Video: Technique

The steps to perform lymph drainage techniques

  1. need to fold 3 fingers (index, middle and ring) tightly together and start driving them around the circumference of the breast;
  2. click on the mammary gland have gently but at the same time confident, like fingers drawing small circles;
  3. to start the procedure need armpit, and describing a circle around the contour of the breast, and ends at the clavicle. Thus it is possible to warm up the body and prepare for the procedure;
  4. next step: a circular motion with the palms on the chest up down, left right. From this movement looks like a girl correct Breasts in the bra. Such a move will reduce point pressure of the implants on breast tissue;
  5. to restore normal lymphatic circulation, must be carefully promyat Breasts with his knuckles. Don’t need much pressure on the inflamed tissue, because this may cause damage to the implants.

In conclusion, lymph drainage massage, you must fully straighten your palm and lightly Pat it on the chest.

It should look and be felt as a light, fast spanking. This exercise will facilitate the withdrawal of excess fluid from the tissues.

The steps to perform Reiki techniques

Reiki is a Japanese word that stands for «universal life energy».

The implementation of this technology can help to normalize the circulation of lymph and recover quickly after surgery.

If lymphatic drainage massage is recommended to do after installation of implants, the method of Reiki is ideal for women who have undergone breast lift. It is very important to perform the massage in a good mood.

On the technical side, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Exactly to sit down, or lie down, the maximum straightening his shoulders.
  2. Put the palms on the chest.
  3. Start to lift the Breasts and to gently guide them in a circular motion to each other. (The right hand will move clockwise and the left hand counterclockwise).
  4. Close hands over his chest, and a few times as if to press cancer in the body.
  5. Stroking movements to simulate the contour of the breast.
  6. At the end of the massage is easy to RUB Breasts with his hands.

Why is it important to implement the recommendations of the doctor

It is very important to implement the recommendations of the surgeon during the recovery period after mammoplasty, as failure to comply with fairly simple rules can lead to serious consequences.

Massage after mammoplasty will greatly relieve the discomfort and reduce the risk of complications.

In addition to massage, you need to perform simple doctors ‘ recommendations:

  • you can take a shower, but not have the time to take a bath to fresh stitches are infected;
  • do not smoke, because nicotine dramatically slows the process of tissue healing;
  • do not perform any physical exercises, aimed at raising the hands above the head;
  • do not raise heavy weights;
  • do not sleep on your stomach;
  • not to disturb the techs run massages.

Useful tips

You must follow 5 basic rules of massage after mammoplasty:

  • To massage for at least 5 minutes.

5 minutes can significantly increase the blood flow of the breast, which helps eliminate toxins and updating lymph. At a leisurely pace for 5 minutes, you can manage to make about 300 a circular motion. Perfect time of each massage session is 10 — 15 minutes.

  • Be sure to use a hypoallergenic cream or natural oil.

  • Not too put pressure on the chest.

Don’t need to use for massaging the chest any tips, or videos. Also, we promyat lumps with his fists. This massage is ideal fingertips and palm.

  • It is forbidden to massage the nipples (especially after the breast lift).
  • After the massage to wash off excess cream or oil with a soft sponge and soapy water.

Frequently asked questions

Normal pain during the procedure?

If the massage is carried out during menstruation, the Breasts may swell and hurt.

But sporadic shooting pains indicate that the technique of the procedure is violated.

You must contact your doctor for a course correction.

How to restore the sensitivity of the nipples?

Almost all women experience loss of sensation in the nipples, caused by swelling after surgery.

With regular massaging of the mammary glands, a woman can expect that the sensitivity will return no later than 6 weeks.

Without the massage, the sensitivity will return throughout the year.

Breast implants is a very serious step for every woman. But deciding on surgery, you need to understand that in addition to the professional work of doctors, the final result is influenced and our own efforts.

Regular massage will help to quickly recover after breast surgery.

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