Massage brush cellulite — buy, vs, how to use

Cellulite is the formation in the subcutaneous tissue of body fat. The cause is the effect of female sex hormones (estrogens). To get rid of cellulite is difficult. One of the effective means of coping with the problem is the massage brush.

The grinding brush in the first time it would seem not too pleasant procedure. Within 2 weeks the skin will adapt, and cellulite will begin to recede.

Mechanism of action

The cause of cellulite is a violation of circulation of blood and lymph. Fluid retention causes toxins are removed from the body.

All of this accumulates in fat cells, which increase in volume, causing the appearance of «orange peel».

Using a massage brush to break fat deposits, improving lymphatic flow and blood circulation. The bristles act on the nerve endings, improving the functioning of the organism.

The pros and cons

Massage brush for cellulite has the following advantages:

  • accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow, bringing the body of toxins faster, and the oxygen in the tissue increases;
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands that helps to get rid of a rash in the area of the buttocks;
  • stimulates the metabolism, which positively affects the condition of the skin. The skin becomes taut, elastic, evens tone;
  • reduces swelling of the tissues, allows fluid faster excreted from the body, which helps to reduce the volume of hips and orange peel symptoms;
  • cleanses the skin from dead cells to accelerate skin regeneration and prolongs youth;
  • restores the protective forces of the body;
  • eliminates pain and fatigue in the muscles.

With the help of anti-cellulite massage, you can quickly get rid of the «orange peel».

The disadvantage of this method is that if you select the wrong brush, there is a possibility of injury to the skin or lack of effectiveness of the procedure.


Massage with a brush is not recommended in the following cases:

  • skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, psoriasis, acne);
  • heart disease and blood vessels (angina, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, hypertension, hemophilia, thrombocytopenia);
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage;
  • cancer;
  • damage to the skin (cuts, abrasions, bruises, sores);
  • the presence of the skin of a large number of moles, warts.

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Selection rules massage brush for cellulite

When choosing a massage brush for cellulite you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • to correctly choose, you need to focus on your feelings. Touch to the skin of the bristles should be tangible, but at the same time not to cause irritation and the desire to draw back the tool. In order to choose the perfect brush several times to hold it on the skin. Blood flow should cause 5 active movements;
  • the brush should be on a natural basis, the preference in this case should be given to the wood, it is durable, safe and almost does not cause allergies;
  • fiber bristle you can choose both natural and artificial, as long as they did not cause allergies. The length of the pile should be at least 2 cm, and the thickness of the tufts of bristles 4 mm. you can Also select a brush with pimples, plastic or wood, they are also good help in the fight against cellulite;
  • the brush should not be too hard in this case, it will scratch your skin. But do not buy too a soft copy as it will not give the desired effect. If you bought the brush too hard, it should soak in warm water for 4 hours, and then dried. This will help to soften the bristles;
  • the shape of the brush can be arbitrary, but it must not have sharp edges, to avoid injury to the skin;
  • special attention should be paid to handle. For self-massage of the whole body should choose a brush with a long handle that does not slip in the hand and allows easy reach to back of legs and back. If the massage will be conducted only in the hips, in this case, you can choose a brush with a loop for hands;
  • one of the most tough and effective brush for cellulite is a massage tool with wooden teeth and a bristle of the boar. Rubbing can be performed by both parties;
  • unilateral silicone brush helps to eliminate cellulite, while her teeth more delicate, rounded, located in the different direction. They do not damage the skin in the dry massage. This brush is perfect to owners of delicate and sensitive skin;
  • plastic brush with spinning rollers, with pressure massage the skin and improve metabolism in the subcutaneous fat. They do not scratch the skin and is suitable for women with sensitive skin.
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How to use

In order to get rid of cellulite, you need to massage with a brush.

Dry skin brushing

The procedure is performed with a dry brush before the start of the water treatments. Carry out massage in the following way:

  • the skin should be dry;
  • movement should be directed from the bottom up. Massage need to start at the feet. The movement should be circular counter-clockwise or straight upwards;
  • the massage should not cause discomfort. Special attention should be paid to the thighs, buttocks;
  • in the abdomen and sides of the brush pressure should loosen them up a bit and massaging these areas in a clockwise direction;

  • the back massage without pressing on the brush in long movements, reaching from the waist;
  • at the last stage by a massage of the hands, long movements starting from the wrist to the elbows. Then from the elbows up to the shoulders;
  • areas with obvious signs of cellulite you need to pay special attention to massage a little longer;
  • after massage, you need to take a shower or bath.

Wet skin brushing

This procedure must be performed daily during water procedures:

  • 15 minutes to massage the brush to soak in hot water to the bristles become softer and not injured steamed skin;
  • pre-need to stand under the jets of warm water for at least 5 minutes, then apply on the skin the shower gel and lather it;

  • massage need to start at the feet. The movement should be circular, intense and lifting up;
  • problem areas such as thighs and buttocks need to dedicate at least 5 minutes;
  • abdominal movements should be less intense, and the period of exposure is shortened;
  • hands should be massaging, from the wrists upward motion;
  • in order to accelerate the results, after a short rest, massage, repeat.
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What to do after the procedure

Order procedure was more efficient after the massage brush to do the following:

  • to take a contrast shower to improve skin tone and strengthen blood vessels. The best option would be to send to the area with cellulite a strong stream of cool water;
  • at the next step you apply liberally to the skin a cosmetic oil (apricot or grape seed, olive, corn, linseed) and leave it until fully absorbed;
  • if the skin is too oily you can use baby cream with anti-inflammatory properties;
  • after the massage on the problem areas you can apply a stretch mark cream. It includes a large number of ceramides which allow you to quickly restore the skin;

The duration and course

In order to get rid of cellulite the massage is carried out for 10 to 15 minutes.

The course of treatment 1 – 2 months, depending on the condition of the skin.

Initially, this procedure must be performed daily, in the future to maintain the result will be two sessions a week.

Massage the wet brush is carried out for 15 — 20 minutes once a day. The procedure is repeated once a day for 2 – 8 weeks. Then to support the result of the massage is carried out 2 – 3 times a week.

Adverse reactions

When using a massage brush can be side reactions of the skin:

  • burning sensation or pain appear in that case, if you brush too hard or pressing it very strong. In this case, it may occur damage of the skin;
  • redness. When properly carried out the massage improves the blood circulation and the skin becomes pink, if it gets red, you should reduce the intensity of the impact;
  • scratches. Can occur if the brush is picked up incorrectly, or the maximum;
  • the appearance of spider veins. Indicates capillary fragility or the beginning of varicose veins. In this case, the massage should be stopped and consult the doctor;
  • bruises and bruises. Can occur if one puts forth maximum effort during a massage or incorrectly performs a movement with a brush. If even at a weak massage on the skin are traces should abandon the application and to consult a hematologist;
  • rash, itching, swelling. Can occur, if a person is allergic to the material from which made the brush or tool used after the massage;
  • skin peeling may occur after a dry massage, the result of cell death of the skin. In order to eliminate it it is necessary after the procedure is to use moisturizer;
  • inflammation can result from injury to the skin bristles and falling into the cracks of pathogenic microorganisms. In order to prevent this, the brush should be washed regularly and properly stored.
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Terms of use massage brush:

  • during the application brush, the patient should not experience discomfort. After the procedure should be pink. If it becomes too red and felt a burning sensation, then brush massage chosen correctly or when using it applied excessive force;
  • the brush massage is quite invigorating procedure, so it must be done in the morning hours. If this is not possible, the procedure is carried out not earlier than 3 hours before bedtime;
  • it is impossible to grind and crush the skin, it will not only worsen the condition of the skin, but will cause pain;
  • during the massage, you need to make a circular motion or straight up from the bottom. It is not recommended to drive the brush back and forth, it can cause damage to the skin and the appearance of spider veins;
  • you should avoid sites, which are the large moles, warts, or papillomas, as their damage may cause the development of cancer;
  • during the massage should be around the groin, inner thighs, armpits and the area under the knees. The skin on these areas are too delicate and can easily be damaged;
  • dry brushing promotes peeling of the skin, therefore it should be carried out in the shower or in the bathtub behind a curtain;
  • during the course of anti-cellulite massage should abandon Solarium;
  • to prevent the development of certain side effects for the brush to be well groomed. It is necessary to periodically wash with warm water and soap and air dried. Keep the brush should in a closed case.

Review of prices and where to buy

Buy anti-cellulite massage brush in the stores by means of body care, pharmacies or online stores.

The cost depends on the material from which it is made, the shape and the brand:

  • brush wooden Owlet 60 to 100 RUB.
  • massage brush Spin Spa from 300 to 500 rubles.
  • anticelulitna massage brush with silicone fingers BodiLine from 200 to 300 rubles.
  • massage brush with natural bristles of the spines of a cactus Elemis from 2000 to 3000 RUB.

In order to use a massage brush was a necessary effect of the procedure should be performed daily and systematically, without reducing the exposure time.

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