Massage for breast enlargement technique video

The area of impact.

The main objects are:

  • muscles: — normalization of muscle tone, improve their circulation;
  • blood vessels: vasodilation, increased inflow of arterial blood to the massaged area and facilitate venous outflow;
  • lymphatic system: acceleration and facilitation of the outflow of lymph;
  • nervous system: effects on nerve endings in the skin leads to normalization of autonomic nervous system;
  • skin: pronounced tonic effect, lifting effect, acceleration of metabolism, a light exfoliating effect.

If we talk about its impact on the condition of the breast, after a course of massages can be expected to improve the condition of the skin of the Breasts, the seal of the mammary glands and improve their shape by increasing the elasticity of the breast and lifting effect.

Breast enlargement by massage is due to the improving tone of muscles that line the rib cage on the outside, and which is a mammary gland. But this increase is slight and noticeable only on the owners of a miniature of the bust.

To stimulate the growth of glandular or fatty tissue in the norm is impossible. In the presence of a number of diseases such as fibrocystic mastopathy, it is possible to obtain a marked exacerbation treatment which can be complex and traumatic.

It is an effective breast massage to increase lactation, as due to the activation of blood circulation and stimulation of the cutaneous receptors of the breast milk remains active. The most important thing here is not to overdo it, to not have every time to pump the excess milk, which can not eat the baby for one feeding.

Improve the effect of exercise, physiotherapy and special exercises.

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The types and technique

Usually in advertising of means and methods of massage to the fore always extends the ability to increase the volume of the chest, as this is guaranteed to raise the interest of the target audience. In fact, when the toning of the breast skin and volume of chest muscles you can expect increased volume in a single size. But is this increase is not due to overgrowth of adipose and glandular tissue, and at the expense of existing tissues, which thicken and rise. Because the definition of «improved appearance» would be more appropriate and consistent with reality.


  • origin: Eastern, European;
  • according to the method of exposure manual, hardware;
  • according to the method of impact: the couples massage, the massage.


This is a basic massage to improve the appearance of the breast that is used in salons and beauty parlors. In the Russian classic massage the basic role of enhancing blood and lymph circulation to improve the condition of organs and tissues.

Classic European massage with more emphasis on friction and kneading vascular, nerve bundles and muscles.


The main difference between any Oriental massage is that the impact is not only on the organs and tissues of the human body, but also on the energy bands and channels to restore on them for energy and to restore human health.

The most famous types of the following:

  1. Shiatsu massage (Japanese massage).
  2. Chinese massage:
  • linear;
  • thuine;
  • Zhen.


He, unlike Chinese massage is not intended fixed location of acupuncture points on the human body. Effects on the point is a soft pressure with the fingers or the entire hand. This is usually your index, middle or ring finger. The whole hand needs only massage the abdomen and the eyes.

Usually, the same techniques can be used in various diseases. This is due to the fact that the Japanese massage is aimed not so much at the cure of diseases, how to strengthen the entire body and increase overall vitality.


  • Finger technique Zhen.

Manual massage is one of the varieties Zhen-Tszyu therapy, which we are more familiar under the name of acupuncture or acupuncture. In accordance with traditional ideas of acupuncture points on the human body is strictly fixed and located along 14 channels, which circulates the energy of Yin and Yang. If the flow of energy in any place is difficult, then illness occurs. For the healing fingers massage acts on the energy points in order to normalize the flow of energy and the ratio of the energies of Yin-Yang.

  • Chinese linear.

In a linear massage pressure is not aimed at specific points and the channels through which difficult the circulation of energy.

  • Thuine.

The core of the traditional massage Thuine is the concept of U-sin on the relationship between the primary elements: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. To restore the energy state of the patient massage is used in combination with appropriate diet and exercise.

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Massage techniques

Classic manual

Usually this massage is performed by professional massage therapists in the salons. To teach massage techniques you and your mate, but it’s best to learn not to guides online, and in specialized courses.

In this case, you can be sure that massage will be performed technically correct, with consideration of contraindications and will give a quick effect.

For home Amateur use suitable techniques that will be described below.

So to run the woman lies on her back, the therapist is in the head of the massage table or the couch. Before beginning on the skin should apply moisturizer. For this you can use any cream for the bust area and neckline, to further obtain a lifting effect and improve the condition and appearance of the breast skin.

  • 1 reception. Are stroking with the palms from the top of the chest to the abdomen closer to the midline, and back to the top of the chest on the sides. Turns out the two oval movements that are symmetrical, slowly, without significant shearing of the skin. Best of all, if your hands will just slide easily through the cream. Intake should be repeated 4-5 times.
  • 2 welcome. Breast cancer prokleivayutsya gentle circular motions 4-5 times.
  • 3 welcome. The base of the palm from wrist to position in the field of clavicles, but without strong pressure on the clavicle. And the palm and fingers to make a stroking motion from the sternum to the axillary region. This method promotes venous and lymphatic drainage from the breast to the axillary group of lymph nodes.
  • 4 to receive. To study the pectoral muscles arm client from the other side, where will be developed the muscles needed to pull parallel to the head or put it under his head. In this position, the muscles are easy to grab with your fingers from the armpit. Large pectoral muscle RUB with fingertips until you feel a light heat.
  • 5 admission. Run a soft circular motion just below the mammary glands (in the stomach area on converging-diverging spiral. Massage ends with a repetition of the reception

Classic massage

There are several methods of self-massage of the breast that can be used frequently or are constantly for the benefit of the body. Such techniques are good for distribution of creams for skin care breast. To do any kind of massage and self-massage of the breast is better is lying down as in this position the skin of the breast less subject to stretching and deformation.

  • Option 1

Have arms so that the centers of your hands resting on the nipple. Execute a slow rotational motion with his hands towards each other 3-4 times. Then take a deep breath and exhale firmly pressed against the chest with palms towards the body. Repeatable both within 5 minutes. It is better to perform the massage at night. If after the massage you are going to get up and do things, you need to wear a bra that supports the Breasts well.

  • Option 2

As support are soft stroking, rubbing of the skin of the breast in a circular motion towards each other.

The second method: the soft stroking of the breast towards collarbone.

The third technique: «sawing» motion with the fingertips on the skin of the breast from nipple to collarbone. Fourth trick: with one hand you need to clasp and lift the breast upwards, and the second tapping fingers on the skin around the fixed mammary gland. First tapping is made on the one side and then the other. Completed the massage with soft circular strokes, with which the massage began.

The Japanese method of Shiatsu

Shiatsu can be performed to improve breast shape, but for this you will need the help of another person, as a series of points that need to influence, is located on the back of his neck and back. Effects on the point is fingertips are strictly top-down, without much pressure or sudden movements.

Point, which should be treated in the following order:

  • on the neck of the first eight points, to work continuously every two minutes necessary to go through all the points of the neck five times;
  • a spot on the back of the head at the hairline press 5-7 seconds;
  • the dots on the shoulders, which are located just above the collarbone, presses 5-7 seconds, take a break for 20 seconds, presses another 5-7 seconds;
  • between the blades are six points that need to act for 5-7 seconds each.

Chinese acupressure

To complete this massage you will need a ball of small diameter. Perfect balls for ping-pong balls or Ki Kong, which are used for training the fingers. Points for massage are located on the palms, on the feet, on the chest around the sternum and on the brush at the junction of the thumb and index finger.

Video: Chinese Guasha method breast

To find points on the chest, you need to find the solar plexus and depart from up to 13 centimeters. The right and left of the sternum and will be located the desired point.

The procedure is performed in the following sequence:

  • first massaging balls simultaneously, both points on the breast in a clockwise direction for 30 seconds, then 30 seconds break, after which again need to repeat the massage points per half minute;
  • roll the ball between your hands for a minute;
  • roll the ball with bare feet is 60 seconds;
  • massage ball points on the surface in two passes for 30 seconds and 30 second intervals on the right first and then left hand.

Physiotherapy for the chest

This may include any impacts on the skin of the breast, which is aimed at maintaining the tone and beauty of the bust and neckline.

Exposure to cold

The easiest way to give the skin tone is influence by the cold. This is the perfect massage with ice cubes. For this massage you can use ordinary frozen water, frozen broth or juice, parsley, frozen milk.

Massage an ice cube is held in a circular motion on the skin of the breast and rectilinear movements from the nipple towards the collarbone.

Touch skin ice should be light and comfortable. It is not necessary to achieve local hypothermia of the skin and massage the skin of the nipple.

The impact of water

The feasibility of breast massage ice water is usually attributed to the fact that connective tissue loses elasticity allegedly under the influence of heat. But if that were true, then all lovers of saunas and steam baths have long would be his chest area knees. But if to stand every morning in the icy water for 5-6 minutes, it is easier to get colds than a perfect chest.

In fact, the massage water jet stimulates muscle tone and promotes skin tightening.

To stimulate blood circulation suitable douche, but he is contraindicated in those who have dilated blood vessels on the skin of the chest (the same as rosacea, on the face, in the form of spider veins if veins).

To conduct a water massage shower will fit loosely, because it is much better to use a directed a tight stream of water an enjoyable temperature (like a mini power shower). This jet need to massage the region around your Breasts, especially the cleavage to enhance the firmness and elasticity of the skin and help to seal the chest.

Vacuum massage

Is performed using a special bowl, which tightly hugs the breast and the compressor, which pumps out of the Cup the air. As in the bowl, the pressure drops and the breast tissue to flow of the fluid, more blood.

Because the first time after the vacuum massage the breast more volume than before the procedure. Gradually, the liquid is distributed through the body evenly, and the breast volume is reduced to normal size.

Repeating the procedure of vacuum massage of the chest can cause the appearance on skin of venous or arterial mesh of blood vessels, which will spoil the appearance.

Exercise and sport

Performing special exercises for the muscles of the chest, hands, neck and thoracic spine make the Breasts visually more prominent due to the change of posture and volume of large and small pectoral muscles.


Usually it is about posture forget women who dream about a big bust, but walking hunched over. In order to make a breast visually bigger, you need to straighten your back and learn to keep your posture. The easiest test is how you keep your back is against the wall and try to touch only her buttocks, shoulder blades and neck.

If you stand to the wall and immediately touch her buttocks and then straighten your back and touch the back of the blades, this means that usually you walk hunched over. To solve this problem, a special complex of exercises for strengthening back muscles or special orthopedic corset for the development of the habit of going straight.

Effective sports

It is best to improve the tone and volume of the chest muscles fit sports, which utilise the shoulders, arms and upper body. An example of such activities can be swimming or boating. Also effective are fitness classes with dumbbells or weights for arms in the form of bracelets.

A set of exercises for the beauty of the breast, which can be performed independently, the Complex consists of seven exercises, requires no special training and execution time requires a bit. For the wonderful effect it is only necessary regularity.

Exercise 1. Push-UPS. It is not necessary to wring out from the floor. It is possible to push-UPS on the windowsill, from where you’re standing at a distance step. Miscellaneous baby ladders on the Playground is also nice. To do push-UPS slowly, feeling how the muscles of the chest. First, you can do 3-4 push-UPS. Over time, you can either increase the number of push-UPS, or increase distance to the support.

It is important when performing exercises with chest touch support and do not bend at the waist.

Exercise 2. «Scissors» hands. Stretch your arms forward, squeeze the fists. Quickly breed and raise hands at chest level. During exercise watch for involvement of muscles in the chest and shoulders.

Exercise 3. Put your hands on your head and start to bring the elbows in front of him. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Exercise 4. Become straight. You can pick up a light dumbbell. Arms out to sides and lift ISDA shoulder level. Start to do light, frequent swings arms with an amplitude of no more than 5-7 cm Repeat strokes 10-20 times. Then let the muscles to rest. You need to make three trips.

Exercise 5. Same as exercise 4, only holding hands in front of him at chest level.

Exercise 6. Running exercise on the floor in the supine position. Hands must be pulled to the side. Slowly raise the straight arms up until they are pinched at chest level, then slowly raise them until they touch the floor. Repeat 10-20 times.

Exercise 7. Same starting position as in exercise 6, but in the hands take a small dumbbell. Slowly raise your hands with dumbbells up until they are closed in the midline at chest level, then slowly raise them up until your elbows will not touch the floor. Repeat 10-20 times.

Massage for breast enlargement during pregnancy and lactation

Usually the period of breast-feeding affects the state of the bust is not the best way. Currently being developed by quite a number of massage techniques of the breast, which helps to prepare the breast for breastfeeding, improve lactation, to prevent the development of lactose.

But the most important milestones in these direction techniques is to protect the breast tissue from deformation and loss of tone, to keep the form and beauty of the bust.

During pregnancy, recommended from the second trimester to perform a neck massage (neck and thoracic spine) to release tension and improve the health of women, and for 1-2 months before giving birth you can start to prepare the Breasts for nursing.

This is technically very simple breast massage. For it is possible to use special creams against stretch marks, to maintain the elasticity of the breast skin. Take massage cream and apply it on hands. Distribute the cream on the palms. Put one hand on top of the breast and the second breast support below. Soft massage movements to distribute the cream on the skin of the breast.

Can be carried out morning and evening for a couple of minutes each time.

To stimulate lactation and prevent the appearance of stretch marks due to the constantly changing volume of the breast breast massage can be done several times a day.

Optimal time – half an hour before feeding. You can use the technique described above, a cold or warm shower, warm bath.

Video: Procedure for breastfeeding

Carry out the procedure after feeding to prevent lactostasis. For this massage you need to Express milk residues and then massage pass all segments of the breast from the periphery to the nipple. Then massaged the nipple for 1-2 minutes.

Use this invaluable massage – stroking, rubbing of the breast promotes the production of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for milk production. Therefore the way is great for those who have milk enough.

As you can see, to do appearance and condition of their Breasts can be at any age and any life situation. And if you constantly work to get the result, the result is bound to be.

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