Memorobelia (tightening inner thighs) — what it is, the before and after photos, reviews, prices


There are plastic surgeons who, under this name also meant a correction of the shape of hip implants. Popular such operation those who believe that the space between the thighs they are too big. But information on such operations is very small. Because neither of what implants are used for this purpose, nor how the operation takes place, no information.

Most companies that produce implants, in the catalogs of their products placed implants for testicles, legs, buttocks, and breast. But implants to correct the shape of the hips anyone from our editorial Board to see that didn’t happen.

The reasons for the formation of ptosis of the skin

Ptosis is the process of prolapse of the tissues of the body. The reasons can be:

  • the constitutional feature of the body;
  • rapid weight loss, frequent changes of body weight, obesity;
  • age-related changes of the body;
  • a consequence of the hormonal imbalance;
  • the effects of liposuction which removed excess fat without tightening.

Especially the performance plastics

Fat tissue on the inner thigh are often uneven. Most clusters are most often concentrated in two areas: the top is closer to the groin crease and below in the area above the knee.

Usually both of these areas are subjected to correction at the same time. But may be the correction one of the areas most often top.

When planning operations it is important to understand what part of the volume of formed adipose tissue, which can be removed, and that depends on the specific structure of the bones and muscles. If before operation to obtain a realistic picture of possible results after the surgery can be seriously disappointed.

For example, if the area of the knee joints broad by nature, it is not necessary to expect from the plastics a significant narrowing of this region.

Types of surgical interventions

  • Liposuction.

For those who will be sufficient to remove excess fatty tissue and who has sufficient elasticity and contractility of the skin.

  • Laser liposuction.

A relatively new trend. Allows you to simultaneously remove excess fat and tighten the skin without incisions and scars.

  • Non-surgical liposuction.

Is the hardware procedure, which, however, contributes to a significant decrease in the volume of hips.

  • Surgical tightening of the inner thigh.

Involves the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue. Is used when the excess skin is considerable, and count on the fact that the skin is tightened, is not necessary.

Video: Plastic surgeon about plastic hips


This method allows you to remove fat that is located under the skin inner thigh and creates kodnya folds, bumps, makes the skin loose visually and to the touch.

Limitations of the procedure

It is not necessary to wait for a miracle. This correction method has limitations that are worth considering when you plan to improve the appearance.

  • The surgeon can not lose weight for you.

This is the most important limitation of the method, which I prefer not to know the patients, and which is not very much to tell plastic surgeons. Remember Alla Pugacheva when she many years ago made his finest control. And then what happened? And then her weight quickly came back to her.

And all because in cases when during one procedure removed more than two pounds of fat, included the so-called hypophyseal response, ie, the body receives information about your sudden weight loss and rebuilds the metabolism so that in the shortest possible time to restore body weight to baseline.

The conclusion is simple: liposuction can only be used to «buff» body, which is brought to the desired condition of balanced nutrition and a properly chosen physical activity.

  • It is impossible to do while losing weight or after completion of the diet.

Mechanisms that can affect the outcome in losing weight the body is roughly the same as were described in the previous paragraph.

To not get a zero or negative effect, we need to finish the weight loss for at least six months to stabilize body weight at the same level, and only then go to the procedure.

  • Liposuction does not eliminate cellulite.

Its purpose is to remove excess subcutaneous fat on rather limited areas of the body. To eliminate roughness of the skin over the entire surface of the thighs and buttocks it is impossible for one or a few procedures. For the treatment of cellulite more effective are very different methods of correction.

  • This method does not eliminate stretch marks.

Moreover, the presence of stretch marks significantly reduces the amount of fat that can be removed from one area of the body, because the presence of stretch marks indicates the reduced ability of the skin to reduce. Stretch marks can also be an indirect sign that the sagging skin after a liposuction procedures may increase.

  • There are serious complications that can lead to death.

The risk of dying from the effects of liposuction, such as thromboembolism, fat embolism, reaction to epinephrine and other have 1 patient out of 5000. This is 25% higher risk of dying in a car accident.

The mandatory list of surveys

To determine the presence or absence of contraindications to the operation you want to perform:

  • General analysis of urine, blood;
  • koagulogrammou (analysis of blood clotting);
  • biochemical analysis of blood (indicators of liver, kidney, electrolytes);
  • blood tests for AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis;
  • ECG;
  • chest x-ray.

In the presence of chronic diseases the list of surveys may be extended at the discretion of the therapist, surgeon or anesthesiologist.

Contraindications to surgery

Contraindications to liposuction and surgical tightening of the inner thigh mostly identical, because here, in this article we only once.

Contraindications include:

  • problems with blood clotting;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • Oncology;
  • any acute and worsening of chronic diseases;
  • a chronic disease in which impaired function and develops the failure of any of the internal organs;
  • colds and infectious diseases;
  • mental illness.

The procedure

Regardless of the areas it is supposed to handle, one that is closer to the groin crease, or the one that is closest to the knee, the skin puncture is made in the popliteal fossa. The region of the popliteal fossa is characterized by great concentration of large blood vessels and nerve trunks. Because the manipulation in this area require caution.

Is performed under General anesthesia. Time takes about an hour. When the volume of excess fat removed, skin puncture treated with antiseptic and put a band-aid.

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The recovery period

Immediately after the surgery, the patient must wear a compression garment. Wear it will need at least 2-3 weeks.


  • the reduction of the postoperative edema;
  • reducing the mobility of the tissues, which eases pain;
  • the provision of compression (pressure) on fabric to create the best conditions for the reduction of skin and postoperative wound healing.

The first day the patient usually spends in the hospital. But there are clinics that are already on the day of surgery discharged the patient home, if allows his state and well-being. Usually pain, numbness of the skin in the area of the procedure, are for a maximum of weeks.

If necessary, you can take painkillers. Swelling, bruising may persist for up to months. Only after the swelling reduced, it is possible to evaluate the results.

First canceled:

  • sports;
  • heat treatments, including bathing;
  • the Solarium;
  • any mechanical impact type of massage or applying healing creams to the area of the procedure.

In the first week after liposuction, the doctor can choose a set of hardware procedures that reduce the severity of edema, speed healing, reduce and skin lifting.

An example would be rehabilitation course on Himavat 200 Evident.


  • The reduction or complete disappearance of skin sensitivity in the place of operation.

Typically, this sensitivity is not strong character and sensitivity of the skin is restored.

  • Damage to the superficial veins.

Damaged more often small branches extending from the great saphenous vein of the thigh. To completely eliminate this complication is almost impossible, since the structure and location of the veins is more variable than the location of the arteries and other anatomical structures.

If the damage is in her veins ligated or close the lumen of the clip and continue the operation. Venous outflow in this case, by nearby veins.

  • The appearance of increased sensitivity of the skin.

Hypersensitivity occurs in about 1% of all patients undergoing liposuction. The severity of discomfort can be different degrees. Some patients have hypersensitivity of the skin is maintained throughout life.

  1. Chronic pain at the site of liposuction.
  2. Necrosis of the skin.
  3. The emergence or increased severity of ptosis or sagging.

It happens in the case when the skin could not shrink enough to provide sufficient smoothness and firmness of the thighs.

  • Violation of the outflow of lymph with the formation of persistent swelling of leg and foot.

Under the skin of the hips in the thickness of adipose tissue hosts a number of lymphatic vessels in which lymph flows towards the torso from the legs.

If the liposuction the flow of lymph is disturbed, the interstitial fluid begins to accumulate in the first region of the foot and then the foot and lower leg and forms a soft swelling.

Lymph flow usually gradually recovers and the swelling gone.

But in some cases the violation of the outflow of lymph may become chronic, leading eventually to the formation of elephantiasis (elephantiasis or pronounced swelling of the legs).

  • Anemia.

Can develop if the volume of the removed adipose tissue large. Deletion of adipose tissue is accompanied by bleeding, which in some cases can be very intense.

  • Fat embolism.

May develop in cases where liposuction is carried out simultaneously with tightening of the thigh or the anterior abdominal wall. While adipose tissue gets into the blood stream and can block the lumen of the vessel, in violation of the blood flow to the area tissues.

  • The discoloration of the skin and the scars.

For several months after surgery may develop skin pigmentation in the place of liposuction. Hyperpigmentation may be persistent, which requires its removal with a laser or photodynamic therapy.

  • The effect of «washing Board».

The peculiarity of the location of fat layers thighs, abdomen and chin is that the fat in these areas is layers that are separated by fascia – connective tissue formations look like a thin plenochki. Those layers of adipose tissue, located in deeper layers, different speed of metabolism in which fat accumulates quickly, and goes extremely slowly, even despite a significant decrease in body mass.

This feature is genetically determined. That’s because very often these areas are called «fat traps».

At the same time, the presence of connective tissue layers requires the right surgeon perform the procedure. As the removal of excess amount of fat at different levels can have the opposite effect: instead of eliminating the cosmetic defect liposuction will create another even more prominent.

If the effect of «washing Board» was formed, you will need to re-liposuction, which is able to do every plastic surgeon to correct the effect of «washing Board» and give the legs a welcome smoothness. In some cases, to correct the defect is no longer possible.

Is it possible to recover after liposuction

Gaining weight is possible after any operation. If we talk about liposuction, then in addition to the problem of excess weight the patient will receive further still the problem of a disproportionate body.

Body volume increases because under the skin and around internal organs is cells of adipose tissue and each of these cells increases in volume, accumulating fat.

In areas where liposuction has been performed, fat cells are much smaller than in other places. The fat cells do not recover their number in places of liposuction.

Wherefore, after the body weight change, the patient may receive broad back, a big belly and increased volume of buttocks, knees and shins. And all of this will greatly increase slim lean thighs.

In the end, instead of the appearance of a PlusSize model it is possible to obtain a significant cosmetic defect, which will attract the attention owing to their singularity.

Laser liposuction

Currently, she advertised some of the clinics in Moscow as an absolutely safe method of removing unwanted fat and skin tightening with laser without incisions and scars.

To perform the procedure uses a thin tube that is inserted under the skin to a predetermined depth. Through the tube in the tissue is supplied, the laser pulse, which simultaneously destroys fat cells and seals blood vessels, which reduces the risk of bleeding.

Damaged fat cells are then you suck through the cannula, and can allow them to dissolve on their own. Independently derived body the amount of body fat not more than 0.5 L.

The laser radiation stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, thereby lifting it. Advantages are the possibility of performing it under local anesthesia and a short recovery period. Despite the assurances of the surgeons about the absolute safety of the procedure, before her appointment must pass a comprehensive examination. For this method to operate all those contra-indications that other types of plastics hips.

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Non-surgical liposuction

Held on the unit SplitFat System, which is a cold laser. Under the influence of his impulses in fat cells and the stimulation of processes for the removal of fat. All the fat which falls into the extracellular space and excreted via the lymphatic system.

Usually the course consists of 6-9 procedures. Depending on original body weight over the course you can reduce the amount of 6-10 cm hips the more weight – the greater the volume reduction.

Surgical plasty of the hip

Currently, this method comes with a guaranteed aesthetic result, which persists years later.

Survey and contraindications

Separately to dwell on these two points, we will not. They coincide with those given in this article is for liposuction.

Types of plastics inner thighs

  • The inner (median).

The incision at the inner thigh lift passes through the inguinal folds.

  • Vertical.

The incision extends vertically along the inner thigh from the groin to the knee.

  • Combined.

This method has been holding braces the cuts are to the inguinal folds and the inner thigh vertically.

The incision in the skin to form a wedge converging in the direction of the knee. The skin between the incisions is removed, the wound edges are pulled together and stitched.

Methods of fixing the edges of the skin

The main problem for both patients and plastic surgeons, is that the hips are very mobile area. And the scar, originally located in the groin crease, stretched from the constant pressure on him and shifted from the groin down to the skin of the thigh.

In this section we consider in detail several methods of fixing tissues to any patient coming for a consultation, could engage in a substantive conversation with the surgeon and to assess the likelihood of getting excellent results depending on the technique of fixing tissues after performance of lifting of the skin of the thigh. Stitching the edges of the skin wound after removal of the excess skin and subcutaneous fat.

In the photo the red arrows indicate the location of the deformed scar. If you look closely, you can see that the scar is wide, with jagged edges and loose. It is located at a great distance from the inguinal crease. On the one hand, the scar turns into a cosmetic issue, so as to show it to anyone you do not want. This applies to family relations, and visiting public places such as the beach, pool, etc.

On the other hand, such a cicatrix deforms the crotch region. In some cases, the scar can be displaced so that the inguinal folds simply smoothed.

The chances that stitched up and nothing fixed the skin is shifted and that the scar will not spoil the appearance of the body, no. Stitching the edges of skin wounds and fixation of the scar to bunch Wheels. A bunch of the Wheel is the site of the superficial fascia of the perineum, a connective tissue formation, which is attached to the pelvic bones. Sewn to the ligament tissue have a Wheel on her unusual burden. In the end, the ligament is stretched and deformed. With it shifted to the fixed to the bundle of tissue, which negatively affects the final result of the operation.

In this photo the edges of the skin following removal of its excess stitched and fixed to the bundle of Wheels. In the end, the scars stretched. And the area of the perineum greatly expanded. Standing in the crotch area is determined by the unnatural extension of the gap between the inner thighs.

With this method of fixing tissues the risk of overstretched scars and the displacement of the skin of the perineum is less than the first described method. But here the risk of a pronounced cosmetic defect large.

Fixation of the wound edges to the periosteum of the bones of the pelvis. The periosteum and bones of the pelvis – this pre-fixed formations that can withstand significant loads. Because fixation of the wound edges to the pelvic bones is a relatively new and promising method of tightening the inner thigh.

The red highlighted areas of the pelvis, to which are sewn tissue after removal of the excess skin and subcutaneous fat. On photos of scars after tightening the inner thigh two years after surgery.

Postoperative scars are thin and slightly whitish. Inguinal folds retain their natural shape. The most effective in terms of prevention of complications of the method of fixation of tissues. But they know not all plastic surgeons.

What is the procedure

By the time the operation takes about 2.5 hours.

The preparatory phase

The operation is usually performed on the day of patient admission to the hospital. Earlier hospitalization is not justified, since all examinations can be done on an outpatient basis, and no preparatory procedures are required. Used total intravenous or inhalation anesthesia. On the operating table the patient give a gynecological pose: legs, popliteal fossa rely on special supports.


The markup is applied after the patient enters into a state of narcosis. The maximum width of the removed skin area in the expanded state should not exceed 8 cm.

The progress of the operation

The markings are sections. The excess skin between the incisions is removed. The edges of the wound is reduced. The bottom of the wound nearsasuke fixed with sutures to the pubic bone. The skin is superimposed on the double-layer technique in order lest there was a slight drooping of tissues in the postoperative period. With the same purpose, the tension of the stitches is adjusted so that visually narrow the crotch. Usually, the narrowing is less than 5 mm.

Video: thigh Lift

After wound closure the seams are treated with antiseptic solution and covered with sterile bandage. Some surgeons prefer to seal the joints with special glue, which subsequently facilitates wound care and conduct hygiene procedures by the patient. Immediately after the wound treatment the patient wear a compression garment.

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The rehabilitation period

In hospital the patient spends the first 2-3 days after surgery. This is necessary in order to provide proper care for the area of the postoperative wounds, to see to it that there was no early postoperative complications and complications of anesthesia.

Patient discharged from hospital in satisfactory condition. In the next 2-3 months will need to visit a doctor on an outpatient basis.

If you only lift the skin of the hips, in the night of the surgery or the next morning, the patient is allowed to sit, stand, walk. From the first day are carried out hygienic procedures in the crotch area.

If you were to simultaneously lift and liposuction, then the recovery period is getting longer and active movements allowed from a later period. This is due to the fact that during the liposuction can be damaged fascia, which normally support the subcutaneous fat layer and through his skin.

On the third day in the hospital or home allowed to take a shower. In the first week can be assigned to the complex of rehabilitation procedures, such as LPG-surging. 10-14 days after surgery sutures are removed. Pain in the wound area, expressed discomfort when moving, sitting, when standing up can be maintained for several months. Usually as normal enough to return to work within 3-4 weeks. A month after surgery you can start to play sports.

Complications of memorobelia

  • The appearance of scars.

The most common cause of the development of such scars in the case of fixation of the tissues to the bones of the pelvis – friction. If we are talking about seams that are on the inner thigh vertically, it is the friction of the seam of the compression underwear. And if the seam in the groin crease, it is the friction of the seam on the tissues of the perineum when walking.

In both cases, can develop in areas of maximum friction a minor wound, which when healed create irregularities of the scar. To solve this problem is to consult a surgeon who appoints a bandage with healing ointment or the imposition of a secondary intradermal sutures.

  • The development of marginal necrosis (necrosis) of the skin.

Blood circulation in the crotch area is relatively weak. And the tension of the edges of the leather can be very significant. In such circumstances, the regional blood flow to areas of the skin that form the scar can be broken. Areas of the skin in which the disturbed blood supply, die. The seams in this case diverge.

In cases where blood flow does not overlap completely, there may be delayed healing of surgical wounds with the formation of extended Hyper — or atrophic scar.

  • Infection.
  • The development of hematomas, seromas.
  • Violation of the outflow of lymph with the formation of persistent swelling of leg and foot.
  • The development of asymmetry of the thighs and/or genitals.
  • Violations of the venous outflow, thrombosis.

If at the same time with plastic surgery is liposuction, the possible complications should be added and complications of liposuction.


Name of service The cost
liposuction from 80,000 rubles
non-surgical liposuction procedures 6 from 45000 rubles
9 non-surgical liposuction procedures from 54000 rubles
surgical tightening of the inner thigh from 130000 rubles

The before and after photos


Larisa: After the first delivery lost 20 lbs. the Legs are tightened well. Just hanging belly apron. But after the second birth had to throw only 12 lbs. But my stomach at all the bags, and went large folds of skin at the inner thighs. I was only 38, and I don’t like that all my life to hide the body podnebesnaja size clothes or constantly, even in the heat, wear spanx. So I decided on surgery.

At the same time tightens and hips, and the abdomen (liposuction and tightening of the skin). Very afraid of anesthesia. Very afraid of complications. But everything went more or less smoothly. It was hard only the first month and a half, when it was necessary to limit physical activity. I have had two kids, husband, home, job one for me will do. But even despite this result, I turned pretty good.

Maria: After liposuction with femoropopliteal constantly swollen feet. Already three years have passed after surgery and the swelling did not decrease. Courses now constantly doing manual lymphatic drainage massage, go to the B-Flexi. After the course of treatments for some time better, but then again, it all starts with a new force. Already adapted to wear special tights against swelling. But they don’t revile in the heat. So now I live from one course to the next.

Catherine: did liposuction two years ago. Then removed the fat from the thighs. The surgeon said that the skin is elastic and will recover all right. Instead, the skin hung in folds and was loose. It to pull enough fingers to take. Even no efforts are made unnecessary. When girls me your cellulite show, and at the same time the fold of skin hold hard with both hands, then I am always very sincerely think, «I wish I had your problems!!!». I understand that choice but as a lift for me. So how to live with this loose skin really hard.

Still, we like to feel attractive not only for themselves but also for others. Therefore, make an appointment to see three different plastic surgeons. See who will tell me that. Girls, use your head before agreeing to any surgery. Could be worse. And may need more complex surgery to fix it.