Men’s hair removal (waxing for men) — intimate areas, back, groin, face, ways, as is done compare prices

Moreover, most men have to overcome the resistance and condemnation of those who consider hair removal with body occupation is reprehensible and unworthy.

So what are the motives often induce the men to accept hair removal:

  • as a rule, most of the hair in the skin of the body and remove those who have something to show: young people and older people who exercise and try to emphasize the relief of muscle;
  • hair removal in the intimate area makes the penis and scrotum appear larger, especially at first after the procedure because the hair hiding the base of the penis and it looks smaller compared to the testicles, which additional volume gives a lush;
  • men of any age who want to diversify their sexual life;
  • those who believe a skin care without much vegetation easier, and no hair is more hygienic, wants to get rid of such manifestations of excessive sweating as the wet spot on the shirt in the armpits, on the back;
  • professional necessity: the higher the position, the higher the competition, because attractive appearance and grooming are also beginning to have a value;
  • also men can remove hair in the case of the constant irritation from the razor or shaving, pustular skin diseases that interfere with normal and clean shave.

  1. Sugaring or hair removal sugar paste is suitable for those who have Allergy to the components included in the composition of the wax, or to whom the use of hot wax discomfort due to its high temperature.
  2. Waxing or hair removal wax is a universal procedure, with which many begin acquaintance to waxing. Wax copes with a hard and dense body hair in men.
  3. Using the epilator is a budget option, however painful, and not suitable for a number of areas of the body.
  4. Hair removal special creams may be used by men as it is the least painful method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation, but it lacks not for long, for 5-6 days.

If women like to experiment and try hair removal wax, sugaring later, and then a shaver, some men prefer to do waxing in the salon or invite a specialist at home. Most experienced over time learn the skills of hair removal wax strips, often to the armpits. Fortunately now there is wax strips unisex or designed for men.

Commonly used types

Waxing your chest and back is good for those who:

  • likes to Flex its muscles;
  • compliance with professional requirements (artists, athletes, chefs);
  • compliance with the rules koporativnoj culture, where high requirements for appearance;
  • prone to excessive sweating, especially in summer.

  1. Hair removal underarms allows you to look neat and to reduce the probability of occurrence of a smell of sweat and wet spots on clothing.
  2. Hair removal on the face (shaping eyebrows, waxing the cheeks, chin, upper lip) helps to correct the appearance.
  3. Waxing the intimate areas of a man adds confidence in its irresistible and is used for hygienic purposes.

For depilation of the skin of the chest, back, arms and legs in men it is best to use warm wax with strips or hot wax. Usually anesthetize these areas is not necessary.

Removal of unwanted hair in the bikini area can be of different depths. Often men order the bikini design or performing an intimate haircut.

Usually for pain procedure uses the cream «EMLA» in the amount of 5 ml, if you are removing hair in the pubic area and the base of the penis, 10 ml, if you plan to spend a total hair removal in the crotch area, including in the crease between the buttocks.

Anesthetic cream applied to the skin and is closed at the top by a sealed dressing. For this you can use regular plastic wrap, which form something like a bathing suit.

The ends can be fixed with a band-aid. An occlusive dressing is left on the skin for 15-30 minutes. Analgesic effect of cream with this method of use takes about an hour, which is sufficient for the procedure.

Men’s hair removal intimate places can be performed with the removal of hair from the skin of the scrotum, and without it. In some cases hair on the skin of the testicles was cut short with clippers. Hair mezhyagodichnoy the crease is removed according to the desire of men.

Some men prefer to leave the patch of hair on the pubis, giving some outlines. Hair can be cut, and can be retained in its original form. The procedure of deep hair removal bikini of the masters prefer to be with a condom.

Others simply asked the man to help them during the procedure. Such assistance is especially relevant when removal of hair from your scrotum when you need to pull the skin. Removes hair in intimate areas always only with hot wax.

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  • varicose veins in the place of the proposed procedures;
  • damage to the integrity of the skin in the place of hair removal (abrasion, cuts, scratching);
  • the presence of inflammation in the skin, regardless of the cause, which is inflammation of the could cause;
  • viral, fungal and bacterial diseases of the skin;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Allergy to components of wax and used during the procedure cosmetic.

Preparation for the procedure

First you need to let hair grow out to such a length that they could grab and snatch, which is about 5-6 mm. Sign up for the procedure better closer to the evening as at that time the most high pain threshold, but also have the opportunity to go straight home, which reduces the risk of irritation from the friction of damaged skin about clothes.

If you plan to do the waxing first, then choose the experienced craftsmen, because of the skills of the wizard depends on the degree of pain the procedure. Each subsequent procedure will be less painful. The day before the depilation, it is desirable to use a soft scrub to facilitate removal of hair.

Skin care after hair removal

In the first days after the procedure is not recommended to RUB the skin, because:

  • better procedure in soft cotton underwear that is not tight to the body;
  • the procedure is done in the evening to avoid rubbing the skin at the site of hair removal clothing;
  • to take a shower without using a washcloth.

In the first 6-10 hours after the procedure it is not necessary to wet the skin.

Within 3-5 days you do not need to take a hot bath, sauna or bath, since heat can intensify the severity of inflammation after waxing. Better take a cool shower.

In 5-6 days you can start to use a scrub or a special lotion against ingrown hairs.

How to reduce inflammation of the skin?

  • for skin treatment after the procedure, you can use Chlorhexidine, Actovegin, Solkoseril, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to reduce the appearance of red spots and prevent the appearance of pustular rash;
  • ready-made body cream with calendula, chamomile, aloe;
  • prepared themselves with a soothing cream from regular cream or body lotion with added aloe Vera juice to the windowsill or tea tree oil, which you can buy at the pharmacy.

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The consequences of improper skin care

  • the procedure itself is painful and the pain can be acute during the procedure and slight aching after graduation for another 1-2 hours;
  • skin irritation in the form of red dots in place of remote hair, which can last from several hours to several days after the procedure;
  • breaking of hair out of the mouth of the hair follicle (the skin) instead of removing the root happens when breaches of the procedure and gives quick hair growth, often on the second or third day after depilation;
  • scratches and bruises are in places with delicate thin skin, if the skin does not pull and does not lock like it should when hair removal;
  • ingrown hairs, if you do not use a scrub or a special lotion for skin care after depilation;
  • pustular rash in the place of hair removal.

The cost of hair removal treatments for men is usually higher because of the hair they have longer, they are thicker and placed deeper in the skin. Hence, a greater number of consumables per procedure and time-consuming.

You should also consider the fact that in most cases the area of skin from which you want to remove the hair, much more than women.

For example, the price intimate waxing for men may be higher due to the need to remove hair even with buttocks. Women waxing buttocks spend very rarely.

Region Hair removal wax for men Hair removal wax women
Fully hand 1000 RUB. 800 RUB.
Shin 1200 RUB. 800 RUB.
Hip 1200 RUB. 800 RUB.
Feet completely 2000 RUB. 1300 RUB.
Armpits 700 RUB. 500 RUB.
Bikini classic 1500 RUB. 700 RUB.
Bikini deep 2000 RUB. 1600 RUB.
Buttocks 800 RUB.
Belly 800 RUB. 400 RUB.
Back 1000 RUB.
Chest 800 RUB. 200 RUB.
The serum (slow hair growth) 200 RUB. 200 RUB.

Can you relieve for good?

First, when the transition from constant shaving to hair removal wax, you feel relieved. But over time the wax becomes a chore, because many are becoming interested in ways of radical hair removal, if not for life then at least for years.

Currently, hair removal for men has ceased to be an outlandish procedure. As the staff of some salons, men among all the customers who come to the hardware procedure of hair removal of about 40%.

Besides the obvious convenience, there are several reasons why men choose long-term methods of getting rid of unwanted hair:

  • the discomfort of ingrown hairs;
  • long-lasting irritation on the skin after waxing;
  • discomfort necessary to grow hair to the desired length of the next procedure;
  • allergic to wax or makeup to waxing.

Men’s hair removal services can differ from female used modes of devices and number of procedures required to completely get rid of hair. This is due to the fact that the skin of men is thicker and hair follicles, usually occur at greater depth.

Laser ELOS

The Elos technology is probably better suited for men because the combination of laser with electromagnetic wave gives the most pronounced effect at a relatively great depth of the skin without damaging the top layers. Epilation for men is also popular for its ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin simultaneously with the removal of the hair and thus contribute to prolonging youthful skin.

Laser hair removal for men most popular. Laser hold the back hair removal, remove hair in the groin, get rid of unnecessary hair from the face and neck. One of the most modern methods of hair removal at the moment is Qool-epilation for men.

Also, this method is called «cold laser hair removal» because at the time of impact of the laser on the hair, the skin is not heated and is not damaged. Accordingly, less pain, good effect of removing light, gray and vellus hair. Is Kool-epilation on any of the areas of the body. The effectiveness of treatments in men is often larger than in women. This is due to the fact that the men hair is more hard and dark. Such hair is exposed to much stronger.

Hair removal testicles and perineum, the face can be painful, because before the procedure is advisable to use painkillers.

If you intend to conduct laser hair removal of the face, the anesthetic drug applied to the skin only in the areas where you plan to hair removal, for example, on the skin around the eyebrows or on the upper lip in the mustache area.

Permanent hair removal

Contraindications of this procedure include:

  • fresh tan, especially if the intensity of the sun is significant;
  • peels, microdermabrasion and other traumatic skin treatments in less than 3 weeks before epilation;
  • taking medications that increase skin sensitivity to light;
  • the presence of downy, very light or gray hair;
  • epilepsy;
  • Oncology;
  • skin rash;
  • psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.
  • the presence of connective tissue diseases, blood diseases, autoimmune processes in organizme;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diabetes.

For ELOS epilations additionally there are contraindications, such as:

  • wearing a hearing aid and pacemaker
  • the presence of metallic pins, needles, piercing in the place of the procedure.


If you start to do hair removal, to pluck or tweeze a hair longer in any case, as the injury to the hair follicles could trigger compensatory growth of hair and will reduce the effect of the procedure to zero.

Two weeks before the procedure, you must start using sunscreen and reduce your exposure to the sun. This rule applies to any kind of permanent hair removal because dark skin significantly reduces the effect of the procedure and increases the risk of side effects such as pigmentation.

A day or two before the procedure is necessary to shave the hair in the alleged epilating.

The skin after the procedure

  • within two weeks it is necessary to use sunscreen;
  • two to three weeks after the procedure is to refrain from enzyme peels, use of the scrubs out aggressive cosmetic products with alcohol;
  • during the day it is not necessary to RUB the skin at the site of epilation, take a hot bath, a cool shower is recommended;
  • for a week it is better to avoid heavy physical labor and exercise, as excess perspiration can cause the appearance of pustular rash;
  • the skin after the procedure within one to two days to process a panthenol or other healing tool that can recommend a doctor.

The effects of permanent hair removal

  • pain during hair removal and for some time after the procedure;
  • burns in the wrong selection mode of the apparatus;
  • pustular rash;
  • the appearance of foci of pigmentation on the skin;
  • relapse of herpes as a reaction to the skin damage.

What is the procedure of hair removal in the salon for men and women:

  • usually, if waxing record man, before the procedure is sufficient lead time to customers are not met with each other, one after the procedure, the other coming to the salon to his own time;
  • cabin staff are specifically instructed that they did not announced the names of procedures that a client comes in the lobby lounge or at the reception;
  • the salon staff do not consider the removal of unwanted hair in men is something reprehensible just because in the industry of beauty care is a prerequisite of attractiveness for women that for men.

The cost of male hair removal

The procedure of laser hair removal zones The cost in rubles
shins 6500-13200
thighs 7200-17600
stop 1200-2400
belly 3000-9900
forearms 4000-9700
shoulders 3900-9700
hands 1200-4400
underarms 3000-7700
total bikini 4000-6600
deep bikini 6000-9900
the nipple area 1500-3950
male breast 7250-9900
decollete 4500-6350
back and lumbar 4500-16500
buttocks 4850-13200
upper lip 1400-3200
the area between the eyebrows 1000-4500
chin 1500-4400
full legs 18000-29700
the arms fully 7000-19900
forehead 1500-6720
cheeks 1100-7000
nose 800-2800
ears 1900-3300
neck 2700-6200
fingers 1000-2200


The cost of hair removal

Treatment (zone) The cost in rubles
Thigh 13 000
Bikini deep 10 000
Bikini classic 7 000
Chest 10 000
Shin 12 000
Face completely 6 000
Feet completely 24 500
Armpit 2 500
Hands up to the elbow 4 000
Fully hand 8 500
Back 15 550
Buttocks 6 000


The price of ELOS hair removal

The procedure of ELOS epilation The cost in rubles
underarms 3000-4900
owner 7900-10500
eyebrows 2400
antennae 2400
deep bikini (women.) 8500-9000
deep bikini (the husband). 7500
classic bikini 4500-6000
hips (women.) 7000
legs (wives.) 5000
legs completely (wives.) 16400
legs completely (the husband). 19000
buttocks 7000
thighs (my husband.) 10900
shins (the husband). 8000
back 10200-13000
lumbar 4200
belly 6700-8300
breast 4700-8300
the white line of the abdomen 1400
the fingers or toes 1800

Prices on hair removal for men is now most salons are the same as for women. This is due to the increasing competition between beauty salons, because they are interested in attracting male clients as reasonable prices and various discounts and promotions.

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