Mesotherapy abdomen — reviews, price, at home, from sagging, diet

What is

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure which aims to eliminate various defects of different parts of the body. In this case, the person under the skin are special preparations which contribute to improving the shape and appearance of the skin.

Mesotherapy abdomen is considered to be one of the most popular techniques, because it can help to get rid of various disadvantages of this part of the body. Consider this procedure in more detail.

Who should do

Direct indications for mesotherapy abdomen are:

  1. Obesity stomach area.
  2. The first signs of aging on the skin of the abdomen.
  3. Correction of stretch marks on the belly.
  4. Severe pigmentation on the skin.
  5. The desire of the patient to rejuvenate the abdominal area and tighten the skin.

Also, this procedure can be used from sagging.


Contraindications for mesotherapy in the abdomen are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. HIV infection
  3. Hepatitis.
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. Oncologic pathology.
  6. Hypertension.
  7. Unstable emotional condition of the patient and various disorders in the Central nervous system (depression, neurosis, etc.).
  8. The clotting of blood.
  9. Cholelithiasis.
  10. Different acute gastrointestinal diseases.
  11. The period following recent surgery.
  12. A weakened immune system.
  13. Acute respiratory illness.
  14. Acute infectious or bacterial disease.
  15. The age of the patient under the age of eighteen years.
  16. Obesity is caused by hereditary factor.
  17. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  18. Idiosyncrasy of the patient drugs administered during mesotherapy.
  19. Fear of injections.
  20. Diabetes.
  21. Various diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  22. The inflammatory processes.
  23. Chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver.
  24. Various diseases of the skin at the site of the procedure.
  25. The patient is taking drugs that affect blood clotting.


The following types of mesotherapy procedure of the abdomen, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Injection – involves the injection of medications under the patient’s skin with thin needles. The advantage of this method is that after it is possible to achieve really quick and visible result.

The main disadvantage of injectable mesotherapy is considered a painful procedure and its invasiveness. In addition, when the patient more at risk to the occurrence of complications.

  1. Fractional – allows you to carry out the procedure with very little surgical trauma by administering needles exactly at the appointed area.
  2. Non-injection involves injecting medication into the patient’s skin without injections and injections, and by exposure apparatuses (ultrasound, compressed oxygen, etc.). This technique is perfect for those who do not want to endure the pain and fear of infection through needles.
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In addition, non-injection mesotherapy abdomen and has such advantages of their use:

  1. Can remove stretch marks and scars.
  2. Provides for the introduction of fewer drugs.
  3. Absolutely not painful, in contrast to other types of mesotherapy.
  4. Can remove cellulite.

How do

Mesotherapy stomach has such features of its implementation:

  1. First, the beautician to treat the area for the procedure with antiseptic solutions, to eliminate the possibility of infection.
  2. After disinfection in the skin of the abdomen injections are administered to a depth of two mm to 1 cm (depending on which fabric you need to have an impact).

As for the techniques for the preparation of injections, they do not differ from conventional subcutaneous injection.

  1. After the procedure the patient is made skin treatment. If irritation develops, can also be applied emollients and moisturizers.

In General, mesotherapy abdomen does not differ from the procedure in other parts of the body. The only difference is that it uses other drugs (a more narrow medical focus).

The duration of the course

To achieve really significant results and improvements, you need to spend from four to ten sessions of mesotherapy abdomen. Usually the duration of treatment is determined by the beautician individually (depending on the complexity of the patient’s problem).

It is important to take a break between each session in one week. This is due to the fact that the administered drugs have the time for resorption and provide a therapeutic effect.

The further procedure is only possible after complete resorption of medicinal substances.

Do I need to prepare

A week before the upcoming mesotherapy, beauticians recommend to do this:

  1. Pass a General analysis of blood and urine, to exclude the possibility of a weak body, inflammation or other disorders in the human condition, which is not recommended mesotherapy.
  2. To conduct a General inspection at the therapist (it needs to measure pressure and to inquire about the person’s health).
  3. Women should take a pregnancy test.

  4. Patients are advised to do abdominal ultrasound and EKG of the heart.
  5. The patient must visit a beautician, which will be mesotherapy. The specialist must determine the degree of neglect of the condition, clear the problem and the drugs that will be administered to the person.
  6. To further avoid risk of allergies before the procedure it is very important to do the test for allergen products that will be introduced during mesotherapy.

If you encounter a positive result on any drug to inject it under the skin as this may worsen the human condition.

  1. You need to avoid stress and nervous strain.
  2. It is advisable to give up bad habits (Smoking, drinking).
  3. Need a little bit to adjust your diet and minimize consumption of sweets and flour products as they will hinder rapid healing of the skin and prolong the course of recovery.
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Video: Important features

Specialized drugs

For mesotherapy stomach can be used a variety of medications. They are selected depending on the existing skin defect of the patient (each of the drugs has a narrow therapeutic focus).

Most often, therapists use these group of drugs for mesotherapy abdomen:

  1. Lipolytics are special substances aimed at stimulating the lipolysis. They are used when fatty deposits in the abdomen.
  2. Enzymes are substances that have an effect on the connective tissue structure. They are able to reduce scarring.
  3. Vitamins restore skin elasticity and nourish it with nutrients.
  4. Products containing elastin to fight wrinkles and restore elasticity of the skin.
  5. Hyaluronic acid and collagen act together to restore the skin’s elasticity and nourish it.
  6. Drugs to strengthen blood vessels.

In addition, if mesotherapy, the patient can be administered as individual substances and preparations, and combination «cocktails» of several drugs.

Does this procedure weight loss

The main effect of mesotherapy aimed at improving the condition of skin and its appearance.

This method is not so effective for weight loss as, for example, body lift or liposuction.

Despite this, mesotherapy can still slightly adjust the shape without surgical intervention, which is one of its main advantages.

In addition, when you enter some of the drugs they remove toxins from the body, which also promotes weight loss patient.

Mesotherapy stomach at home

Not everyone knows that mesotherapy stomach you can do at home yourself. Of course, this procedure will not include the introduction of yourself injections with drugs, as is happening beauty salon.

Despite this, the action from home mesotherapy is also quite effective.

The best method of mesotherapy at home is to wrap the abdomen with the use of special algae, oils and cosmetic additives.

The skin of the abdomen need to roll up a food film (before that, it should be well lubricated with vitamin supplements).
If you do this procedure at least 1-2 times a week, you can not only improve the overall appearance of the skin of the abdomen and to saturate it with vitamins, but also to get rid of a few inches in the waist.

In addition, quite a popular technique for mesotherapy at home is to use a special roller, which should be gently led by the belly. Unfortunately, this method is highly traumatic and if improperly performed can cause damages to the skin and getting an infection.

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Photo: Before and after

Side effect

Often after this procedure, patients experience these side effects:

  1. Pain.
  2. Itching of the skin.
  3. Redness of the skin.
  4. Swelling.
  5. The ingress of infection.
  6. Burning on the site of the procedure.

The average cost

The price of mesotherapy stomach is dependent on the extent of the patient’s condition, the duration (number of cycles) of therapy and beautician training.

The average cost of this procedure ranges from three to five thousand rubles for one session.


To reduce the risk of side effects and accelerate the recovery process, you should follow these recommendations after mesotherapy:

  1. Within three days after the procedure you cannot access a swimming pool, sauna, Solarium, steam bath and tanning in the sun.
  2. You need to wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics to minimize irritation of the skin of the abdomen.
  3. You can’t do abdominal massage.
  4. It is undesirable to put on the skin of the abdomen of various cosmetics that can contribute to skin irritation.
  5. Even after the end of therapy to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods that will not contribute to deposition of fat in the stomach area. The foundations of the diet should be vegetables, fruits, juices, cereals, and lean meat and fish.

Also patients need to know what the effect of the procedure does not appear immediately. It will be visible only after a few sessions.

Mesotherapy abdomen is very contradictory. For this reason, you need to think well before to agree on its implementation. It is also recommended to read testimonials and inquire about the results of those people who have already undergone such a cosmetic procedure.