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As the years goes beauty, is changing shape. Cosmetology has in its Arsenal a variety of methods that allow every woman to extend her beauty. One of such methods is mesotherapy without a surgical method of rejuvenation of any skin area.

What is needed

Today, this procedure is one of the most effective ways to look attractive at any age. In cosmetics it is considered a real breakthrough.

It allows in short terms to overcome the aesthetic defects of the skin and figure. Home mesotherapy is a «budget» alternative to pricey salon.

The performance of its conduct at home slightly inferior cabin. But having mastered the technology of the procedure, each woman are able with your appearance can work wonders.

This method was developed for the purpose of:

  1. stimulating regenerative skin processes
  2. prevent skin aging
  3. correcting figure flaws.

The basis of the mechanism of the procedure is the introduction of special drugs by microprotol in areas that require immediate correction.

Periodic sessions of mesotherapy ensures long lasting result that will not disappoint a woman.

Is it worth to do yourself

To decide on the mesotherapy in the home, a woman needs only after, when she weighs all the advantages and contraindications of this procedure.

The benefits of its holding of the house are:

  • saving funds. By purchasing a dermaroller, it is possible to carry out the procedure repeatedly, getting just cocktails. It will be much cheaper than regular visits to the salon.
  • save time. To carry out the procedure at any convenient time and not waste it on trips to clinics and salons.
  • the effectiveness of the procedure. The result of home mesotherapy is not worse than the salon.

The benefits enticing. But it is important to take into account the fact that it has a number of disadvantages.

The disadvantages of the procedure are:

  1. high injury risk;
  2. the responsibility for the result falls on the woman;
  3. increases the risk of side effects due to the lack of qualified medical examination and to identify contraindications to the procedure;
  4. the decision to purchase a certain kind of cocktails for the procedure is not always correct.
  5. increases the likelihood of occurrences of adverse events and complications.

For decision on conducting the procedure of the house, you have to be smart about this.

Given the development of possible complications, experts advise to obtain medical consultation in the clinic and undergo the first few sessions.


Mesotherapy gives you a chance to get rid of skin problems on any part of the body. Her conduct at home allows you in a convenient time to remove all existing cosmetic flaws.

The procedure is shown in the following cosmetic problems:

  1. unhealthy complexion;
  2. excessive dryness of the skin;
  3. the expression of mimic and age wrinkles;
  4. loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin, her sagging;
  5. the appearance of age spots;
  6. excessive oiliness of the skin;
  7. extended and large pores on the face;
  8. seborrhea and acne;
  9. the loss of clear contours of the face;
  10. frequent muscle cramps;
  11. the appearance of double chin and saggy cheeks;
  12. cellulite;
  13. hair loss;
  14. stretch marks and scars.
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Aesthetic correction of any part of the body, mesotherapy has high efficiency.


Mesotherapy is carried out of the house, gives good results and justifies the expectation of women. But the procedure has a number of contraindications when it is possible.

To refuse its carrying out is necessary when:

  1. pregnancy or when feeding the baby breast;
  2. any contagious viral illness;
  3. identifying in the body cancerous tumors;
  4. existing diseases: epilepsy, abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels, gallstones, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, renal failure, diabetes;
  5. use of a pacemaker;
  6. skin damage (burn, wound, abrasion, abscess);
  7. inflammatory processes;
  8. the use of blood thinners;
  9. prolonged medical treatment;
  10. recent chemical peels;
  11. high susceptibility to component composition used in the procedure of drugs.

The list of contraindications is extensive. To the probability of complications be minimized, it is important to consider all the contraindications and consult a cosmetologist.

Video: a Little bit about mesoroller

Necessary drugs and devices

Mesotherapy has recently ceased to be the only salon procedure. Her conduct at home became possible after the invention of the dermaroller. In appearance this device resembles a miniature paint roller with a handle, which is millions of tiny needles. They are made of steel, gold, titanium, silver, platinum.

Between mesoroller different sizes of spines:

  • from 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm for remove wrinkles and nourish the skin;
  • to 0.5 mm, for combating hair loss and for applying the placental masks;
  • up to 1 mm — for rejuvenation and tightening of the skin to restore the elasticity of its underlying layers;
  • to 1.5 mm — for scar removal, pigmentation, stretch marks and deep wrinkles;
  • 2mm — for stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, to get rid of cellulite, deep scars.

Home mesotherapy is a gentle version of the procedure. The apparatus pierces the skin to a lesser depth than the syringe. The device is available an extensive range with different value. It can be easily purchased at the pharmacy or beauty salon.

Along with a dermaroller, buy special cocktail or concentrate.

They can go with the unit or separately.

Each drug should be selected individually based on their skin condition and the existing problems.

So, vitamin b necessary to eliminate the allergic effects to improve skin tone. Glycolic acid smoothes the appearance of creases, improves firmness and elasticity, helps to fight acne, improves collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C is essential to prevent aging of skin. Hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing and toning effect, improves skin elasticity.

Choosing a particular drug, you need to consult with your cosmetologist and use only those tools that have been recommended taking into account existing problems.

Proper selection of drug and its dosage, adherence to technology implementation procedures will allow you to obtain a good effect.

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Photo: Before and after

The technique of mesotherapy at home

During the procedure the platen roller is rolled on the surface of the skin. He’s making punctures in it and activates the regenerative process. Subsequently, the cells themselves are beginning to synthesize elastin and collagen, improving the skin condition.


Home treatment will help to improve the condition of hair. Before its implementation, should prepare a dermaroller. It is necessary to sterilize and dry them well.

Hair treatment is performed in the following stages:

  • Wash the hair with usual shampoo and thoroughly dry them.
  • Treating your scalp with antiseptic solutions: hydrogen peroxide, alcohol.
  • To put an active drug for the procedure on video.
  • The processing of the surface of the skin on the head:
  1. to roller to the back of the head;
  2. if the procedure is performed first, then each section is processed only once.
  3. movement of the roller over the skin should be slow.
  • Apply on the head of Minoxidil.

After completing the procedure, the unit must be washed in hot water and dry. Do not be afraid, if after the first treatment the skin will appear a little bruised.


Before handling a person you must prepare your skin:

  • clean away dirt and makeup
  • wipe clean with any antiseptic solution.

The roller apparatus is sterilized before use.

Mesotherapy facial at home is performed in the following sequence:

  • The skin applied to the selected drug.
  • Slow movements without a strong pressing apparatus is rolled on the rules:
  1. the forehead is rolled from the center of forehead to temples, then from the eyebrows to the hair;
  2. cheeks – processed from the wings of the nose to the ears;
  3. chin – from the centre of the cheekbones towards the ear.
  • After the procedure the device is kept in alcohol and dried.
  • The impact zone is applied a soothing mask.
  • After wash away the mask, a protective cream is applied.

Skin for some time after the procedure will be slightly swollen and red. After 2-3 days the skin will recover and everything will be back to normal.


The procedure is a great way to get rid of excess fat, a way to return the muscles of the abdomen elasticity. Mesotherapy stomach at home involves the use of three types of drugs.

  1. The first 4 sessions are conducted using active agents that destroy fat cells.
  2. Then used the drugs with vitamins and minerals necessary for the metabolic processes (5 sessions).
  3. The last step uses hyaluronic acid for tightening the skin and giving it elasticity and smoothness.

The skin and the dermaroller before the procedure, you must prepare. The skin should be clean and treated with antiseptic.

The device is sterilized and dried. Treatment skin performs a spiral motion from the navel to the edges of the abdomen.

At the end of the session the skin protective cream is applied.

Duration and course

Mesotherapy consists of 2 periods: support and intense. The duration of each course is individual and depends on the severity of the clinical manifestations of the problem.

The normal duration of the intensive course is from 4 to 10 procedures. They are held at intervals of 1-2 weeks.

The duration of support course – up to 2 treatments per month. The effect will be noticeable after several treatments.

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The duration is also affected by the area of mesotherapy and the severity of the problem. The duration of each procedure from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Side effects

If a woman during mesotherapy mistakes were made, she could face a manifestation of side effects. They can be so pronounced that saved the entire rehabilitation period.

Unintended consequences include:

  1. swelling;
  2. redness;
  3. inflammation and allergies;
  4. infection;
  5. bruising, seals under the skin;
  6. the formation of hematomas, scars;
  7. the development of muscle atrophy;
  8. itching and burning;
  9. the development of lymphostasis.

A woman it is important to remember that if the side effects do not diminish within 2-3 days, and their expression only growing – it is the reason for going to the specialists to prevent serious complications.

Peculiarities of rehabilitation

The rehabilitation period usually lasts 2-3 days. To reduce the manifestation of side effects, to accelerate restoration of the skin, it is important to properly care for her.

It consists of using ointments and creams that have certain actions:

  • regenerating;
  • resolving;
  • protective;
  • antioxidant;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • moisturizing.

After mezoterapii should be time to give up tanning, pool, beach, bath, Spa.

In addition, you should:

  1. To minimize physical exertion, not exercise.
  2. Do not consume alcohol.
  3. No Smoking or significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.
  4. Not to use cosmetics.
  5. Not to tan and protect the skin from UV exposure.
  6. With the appearance of burning and itching, do not scratch the skin and protect it from injury.
  7. Not to wax on the spot of the procedure.

Compliance with these basic recommendations will allow a woman in a short time and painless to recover.

Today mesotherapy is a popular procedure. Over the past decade, she has earned a lot of positive feedback among both professionals and patients.