Mesotherapy buttock — foot, reviews, for the hips

Every girl dreams to have a toned body with a beautiful and young skin. However, to achieve good results is not always possible. Buttocks mesotherapy is considered very effective treatment that perfectly smoothes the skin, eliminates cellulite and helps to cope with excess weight.

When applied

To achieve ideal results, you need to know in which cases it is best to do this procedure.

So, indications for mesotherapy of the buttocks include the following:

  • the appearance of cellulite;
  • sagging skin may be due to sudden weight loss;
  • local fat deposits;
  • the formation of stretch marks;

The essence of the procedure

Buttocks mesotherapy is an innovative method to restore skin tone.

This procedure has high efficiency and is virtually pain.

The mesotherapy for this area allows to obtain the following results:

  • to reduce the amount of body fat;
  • to eliminate the appearance of cellulite;
  • to give the skin a stunning tone.

Additional results provided by this procedure include the pronounced effect of lymph drainage. In addition, the procedure increases skin turgor, stimulates lymphatic flow, which helps reduce swelling, joint pain, feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities.

In the process of mesotherapy in skin and subcutaneous region is administered mezokokteyli, which include several key ingredients:

  1. Lipolytics are substances that destroy the cells of fat and prevent the process of their formation.
  2. Vascular tools – bentonite, which have a vasodilating and lymphatic drainage effect. Through their use it is possible to provide vasoprotective effect and stimulate microcirculation in the buttocks.
  3. Tools that loosen connective tissue adhesions.
  4. Drugs that enhance the skin elasticity. Also, funds have a strong firming effect.
  5. Vitamin complexes and minerals.

For mesotherapy aesthetic therapist delineates problem areas, which performs the injection of special preparations. The injections do not cause discomfort, however when getting medication under the skin, there is an unpleasant tingling.

How is mesotherapy buttocks, thighs, and legs

To perform the procedure in the hips, legs and buttocks, the doctor uses a special microscopic needle, having a length of not more than 0.3 mm. They provide effective mezokokteyley under the skin.

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Injections can be done in various ways:

  • manual is used for this purpose the syringe;
  • hardware and procedure is done with a special injector.

To mesotherapy buttocks and thighs is successful, you need to perform a number of actions:

  1. To begin with, the beautician needs to determine the composition of the cocktail for the procedure. Specific means is selected depending on the purpose of mesotherapy.
  2. Then the skin surface is treated with an antiseptic solution.
  3. After treatment you need to apply the cream produces the anasthetic properties. Through this it is possible to minimize pain during the procedure.
  4. Beautician performs injection.
  5. After the last injection the skin should be treated with antiseptic drug. Then apply the cream with moisturizing properties.

One session lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Specific time depends on the size and depth of plots that are cultivated.

To obtain a noticeable result, you should conduct a number of procedures – at least 5-12 sessions. The amount depends on the severity of the problem.

After completion of therapy, a positive result is guaranteed. To improve the efficiency of this procedure, it is recommended to normalize the diet and add physical activity.

The first results can be seen after 2-3 treatments. If a woman observed running form cellulite, you will need at least 10 sessions. Each of them do not more often 1 time a week.

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After this intervention on the buttocks, there are certain limitations that should definitely stick.

So, within 3 days after the procedure is prohibited:

  • to perform electro procedures;
  • visit Solarium;
  • to go to the sauna or steam bath;
  • to be under direct sunlight without application of sunscreen cosmetics;
  • to take any drugs – any funds can be used only after consultation with a doctor;
  • to apply cosmetics to the treated areas of the skin.

After performing the injections on the skin can appear:

  1. swelling,
  2. slight redness,
  3. bruises.

However, after a few days these effects will disappear. To speed up the recovery process, the specialist can assign the use of special ointments and gels.

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To prevent negative health effects, it is important to note that mesotherapy for the legs and buttocks has certain contraindications.

The main limitations include the following:

  • inflammatory lesions of the skin, which may be fungal, bacterial and viral origin;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • the increase in body temperature, fever;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • individual intolerance to medication;
  • mental disorders, epileptic seizures, the presence of panic before needle;
  • the use of drugs that have the effect of photosensitivity, usually referred Antibacterials from the category of fluoroquinolones, tetracycline;
  • the implementation of median laser peeling less than 1 month ago.

Side effect

After mesotherapy of the buttocks is only possible minor side effects quickly pass.

These include the following:

  1. Redness of the skin. Usually, this symptom disappears 30 minutes after the procedure.
  2. Pain. The presence of such symptoms depends on the sensitivity of the patient and the drug substances which are present in the cocktail for mesotherapy. Often this also affects the qualification of a doctor.

To reduce the pain during the procedure, before performing injections the area being treated is smeared with cream that contains an anesthetic.

  1. The appearance of bruises. These problems often occur after the first few sessions of mesotherapy.
  2. A little dizzy and as chills. Such problems arise very rarely.
  3. Traces of injections. They may be visible for 2-3 days after the procedure.

And is it worth doing

Do not expect visible results immediately after the first treatment. It will not help to completely get rid of cellulite or to increase skin elasticity. In advanced cases, after the first visit to the beautician. generally the results will not be visible.

To get rid of bumps and dimples on the buttocks, you need to pass the whole course of mesotherapy. The specific duration of such treatment should be determined by the doctor-cosmetologist.

The procedures are performed with a week interval.

Tangible results will be visible only after a month. While doctors do not recommend to hope for a miracle. During treatment, be sure to adhere to special diets.

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If you fulfill all the recommendations of the doctor will be able to get rid of uneven skin. Disorders in the diet will reduce all the results of mesotherapy to zero.

After months of treatment is recommended to wait about a week. It is this period of time is required for the disappearance of bruises. You can then evaluate the result – skin will be amazing smooth and beautiful, will disappear too small and uneven.


Specific the cost of this procedure depends on many factors. These include the composition used for mesotherapy cocktail, qualified beautician, the pricing of the salon.

The average cost of a session of mesotherapy buttocks with a duration of 30 minutes is 3500 rubles.

If you want to further process the thighs, the price will increase to 4200 rubles. The combination of the three zones – for example, buttocks, thighs and stomach – the procedure will cost about 5000 rubles.

Buttocks mesotherapy is considered very effective procedure which helps to give the skin elasticity, to get rid of cellulite, make the terrain of the body more beautiful and clear.

That treatment brought the desired results, it is very important to choose the right cocktail for mesotherapy and strictly follow all the recommendations of a cosmetologist.

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