Mesotherapy dermaroller — reviews, at home, in the salon, gialuronovu acid

Mesotherapy dermaroller – effective procedure which helps to significantly improve skin condition. Using this device, the dermis is beautifully saturated with nutrients, which helps to solve the most serious problems.

What is this device

The dermaroller is a roller that is attached to a plastic handle and is equipped with a thin steel needles. The effectiveness of using this tool based on the principles of acupuncture. Due to the effect of dermaroller start important recovery mechanisms.

They include the following components:

  1. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Device needle puncture the epidermis at a shallow depth, but this is quite enough to start regenerative processes.
  2. Efficient absorption of useful components from the surface of the dermis. Punctures, which create needle dermaroller, are a kind of channels. Through them in the layers of the epidermis get nutrients from special preparations which are applied to the skin before exposure.

Experts that explore the influence of cosmetics on the skin, concluded that regular application into the dermis gets no more than 3 % of the required components.

If after the application to use the dermaroller, it is possible to increase this figure to 86 %. Due to this, the effectiveness of cosmetics multiplying.

Through the use of dermaroller could in the short term to reduce wrinkles, make the facial contours more clearly, to increase the firmness and elasticity of the epithelium.

Invisible channels created by the dermaroller to fade after 1-2 hours. However, the duration of effect of the procedure much more.

With mesotherapy with the help of this device it is possible to achieve these results:

  • increase blood circulation in treated area;
  • to intensify the formation of new cells;
  • to restore the desired level of collagen and elastin;
  • improve the composition of the extracellular matrix through increased metabolism.

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Depending on the intended use there are several varieties of such devices:

  1. Cosmetic. Needle length in such devices is 0.5-1 mm., Such device can only use a beautician because there is a high likelihood of damage to the basal membrane of the dermis.

With the help of this device manages to cope with stretch marks and scarring and remove wrinkles around the mouth area and the corners of his eyes. Also, this dermaroller helps with alopecia, the first degree of cellulite and skin pigmentation.

  1. Home. This device needle length does not exceed 0,2-0,5 mm. With it is possible to eliminate small wrinkles and enlarged pores of the skin. This dermaroller perfectly enhances the color and texture of the skin. It is often used in the early stages of hair loss.
  2. Medical. These devices have a needle with a length of 1-2. 5 mm. They are used with local anesthesia because the procedure is usually accompanied by severe discomfort.
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Such devices may be used only by experienced doctors in a salon. With their help, manages to cope with strong stretch marks, cellulite and scarring on the skin.

How to use it

To have the procedure brought the desired results and did not provoke negative effects on health, it is important to use the dermaroller:

  1. Before the procedure, the devices should be treated with a disinfectant substance. This will help to prevent infection.
  2. The skin before the treatment, too, need a good clean. For this purpose, suitable foam or gel for washing. After that, it is also disinfected.
  3. Then apply a special composition – serum or cream. Then quickly led the dermaroller in different directions. During the session, should be felt a little tingling.
  4. After completion of the procedure may appear redness and swelling. If everything was done correctly, these symptoms will disappear within a few hours. The treated surface should not be punctured or redness.
  5. In conclusion, the skin cleaned with antiseptic composition. Then it can be treated with a soothing mask. It is advisable to choose a structure that do not need to rinse with water.
  6. After the mask apply the cream that fits your skin type.
  7. If you want to go out, the skin is treated with sunscreen. This will help prevent burns.

The drugs used for mesotherapy dermaroller in the cabin

Currently, there are a lot of concentrates and cocktails, which can be used for mesotherapy, using a special device.

Concentrated funds are used in such situations:

  1. Concentrate with ascorbic acid is used for skin whitening. This remedy helps with the appearance of age spots.
  2. Concentrate with hyaluronic acid. This tool helps against wrinkles and excessive dryness of the skin, as it has a pronounced moisturizing and smoothing properties. Hyaluronic acid helps to activate the metabolic processes. It helps increase the flow of blood to the cells.

In addition, such drugs are used for eliminating inflammation, scarring and aging. To achieve sustainable results, it is very important to carry out the procedure regularly.

  1. Concentrate with chamomile has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, this tool effectively cope with the symptoms of allergic reactions.
  2. Concentrate with aloe Vera possesses strong anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.
  3. Concentrate with elastin and collagen provides great elasticity to the skin.
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Cocktails for mesotherapy combine several components to obtain a comprehensive effect:

  1. Preparations based on hyaluronic acid and protein components make the skin more elastic, improve complexion and narrow pores.
  2. The compositions of hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, carotene and kelp – excellent job with the stretch marks and cellulite.

Rules of use at home

Procedure it is possible not only in beauty salon but also at home. It does not need special training and specific skills.

Independent application of dermaroller safely while meeting all requirements and individual usage.

Usually the session takes 10-15 minutes and hold it every 2 days. After 10 days of periods can be increased up to several times a week. Getting used to the dermaroller may take about 2-3 weeks.

For home use you should choose a dermaroller with a needle length of 0.2-0.5 mm. such a device facilitates loosening of the skin, which provides better absorption of nutrients.

If you are allergic to metals, you can use the alloy of gold – it is considered hypoallergenic.

During the procedure can cause discomfort. To reduce their severity, you can use a special cream produces the anasthetic properties. It should be applied a few hours before the procedure.

Before mesotherapy skin cover active substances. Their composition should be chosen depending on the desired effect. After the session, skin is treated a soothing mask.

Features of application in different fields

It is important to note that mesotherapy with the help of this device it is possible for different parts of the body.


Mesotherapy dermaroller person has certain characteristics. That procedure was completed successfully, you need to perform a sequence of actions.

These include the following:

  • make a gentle exfoliation, to get rid of dirt and remnants of makeup;
  • to handle dermaroller and skin disinfectant composition;
  • to apply a therapeutic drug;
  • work through each area of skin by moving in different directions;
  • if there is an untoward reaction, the session should stop and treat a person with a soothing cream;
  • disinfect the dermaroller.


To cope with the fallout and other problems of the scalp, shown mesotherapy and dermaroller for hair. To start, head to wash. It is very important to get rid of the remnants of the shampoo to the rest of him did not get into the layers of the scalp.

Then you can gently dry the hair and start the process:

  • thoroughly disinfect the dermaroller;
  • divide hair into separate strands to prevent them from tangling;
  • processing each region using the device, moving from the top to the edge of the growth zone;
  • apply a lotion and a few minutes to massage your head with your fingers;
  • again to handle the hair.
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Mesotherapy with dermaroller is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • blood diseases associated with the violation of its coagulation;
  • active appearance of moles;
  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • rosacea;
  • eczema;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the treated area;
  • infectious pathology;
  • exacerbation of viral diseases;
  • the presence of the tendency to keloid scars;
  • aggravation of chronic pathologies.

Photo: Before and after

Side effects

This procedure can lead to such side effects:

  • pain is possible when using a dermaroller with long needles;
  • local redness and swelling of the skin;
  • getting an infection under goiu;
  • the formation of bruises and hematomas;
  • dryness and itching;
  • headaches are possible in the presence of neurocirculatory dystonia;
  • hyperpigmentation – is the result of sunlight on the treated areas of skin;
  • fibrosis and scarring;
  • allergic to the metal that is present in the composition of the needles of the device;
  • infection with hepatitis b virus or HIV is possible when mass use and the lack of careful handling.

The average cost

The average cost of mesotherapy with dermaroller – 1500 rubles.

If the treatment is with vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, its price may be about 2200 rubles.

Mesotherapy with dermaroller is an effective procedure that helps to improve the skin. Thanks to the use of a properly sized structure it is possible to cope with aging and acne, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin in the epidermis. Most importantly, to take account of all contraindications to the use of this device.