Mesotherapy for hair — what it is, reviews, prices, photos before and after, contraindications

For and against

Compared to other delivery methods of nutrients, it has advantages.

  • Enough depth the introduction of active components.

No shampoo or conditioner does not penetrate the skin to a depth at which the hair follicles. They all operate at the level of the epidermis. A certain amount of active ingredients can get into the mouth of the follicles.

But in order to create the necessary concentration of nutrients, the content of these substances in cosmetic or medicinal products must be very high.

On the one hand increases the cost of the drug or agent for external use, and on the other increases the risk of adverse effects and side effects.

For example, a well-known remedy for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia Minoxidil for topical use is available in 2% and 5% solution. But for mesotherapy uses a 0.5% solution. As they say, a big difference.

  • Time savings.

The procedure is performed in courses of several sessions. Each takes 40 minutes, and to repeat them should be no more than 1-2 times a week.

At the same time means for external application need to use often every day and sometimes 2-3 times a day.

Some tools have a fairly light texture and does not gernat hair, while others need to wash or special way to style hair.

Some cannot be applied immediately after shampooing, or head can not be washed for some time after treatment. All of this creates discomfort, time-consuming, changes their plans, pulls attention and energy away from more interesting and useful things.

Preparations for oral administration also need to receive 2-3 times a day. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe them a handful a day. Some drugs, such as zinc, can only be used one hour before food or two hours after a meal. Thus, patient services has the potential to feel like a Granny with a bag of pills that need to be taken hourly.

  • An additional stimulating effect from the injections.

Additional trauma to the skin when the needle goes in helps to activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation.

  • The lack of systemic action of drugs.

Those who regularly taking zinc supplements, you know these unpleasant symptoms, such as nausea, bottled abdominal pain. Minoxidil for women may only be applied in the form of 2% solution, otherwise there is a risk of unwanted facial hair.

Any preparation for external use or a pill has its side effects. And the higher the concentration of active substance, the risk of adverse reactions above.


  • Soreness.

The introduction of drugs into the scalp painful. The degree of pain can vary depending on the depth of injection, the skill of the beautician, individual sensitivity to pain of the client. Judging by the reviews, the pain can be from mild to nearly intolerable. Anesthesia this method is not carried out.

  • Unguaranteed efficiency.

A course of mesotherapy may not give the expected effect or the effect is unstable. The result of the injection depends on many factors, including both subjective and objective reasons. Often, if not identified or not eliminated reason that caused hair loss, topical treatment will be ineffective.


  • dull, brittle hair with split ends and early graying;
  • thinning thin hair;
  • increased oiliness or conversely dryness of the scalp, excessive dandruff;
  • the decrease of hair density with loss of focal or diffuse;
  • preparing for hair transplantation;
  • stimulation of the follicles for hair growth.
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The types of alopecia and the composition of the drugs

Currently a lot of negative reviews on mesotherapy for hair. But hardly anyone in the reviews indicates type of alopecia and the composition of the drugs.

Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that the mesotherapy of the scalp there is no single universal drug that can eliminate all symptoms. For each disease or cosmetic issues there are specific drugs that can be used independently or as part of mezokokteyl.

Diffuse alopecia

To establish the presence of this type of alopecia can be the subsequent signs:

  • hair loss all over the head, i.e. on top of, and in the occipital region;
  • after a period of heavy loss, you receive a «fuzz» of new hair and density with time is completely restored;
  • the beginning of the loss was preceded by an intense acute or chronic stress, adherence to a rigid diet during a certain period of time, disease, medication, trip to the sea (climate change);
  • there is seasonality in cycles of hair loss.

For treatment of diffuse alopecia will fit:

  • vitamins a, E, b;
  • minerals such as zinc, copper, calcium, etc.;
  • substances that stimulate blood flow, pentoxifylline, Ginkgo biloba, etc.;
  • antioxidants;
  • peptide drugs.

It is not necessary to use only vitamins and minerals. Their shortcoming can be easily supplemented by taking a comprehensive vitamin and mineral preparations. Vitamins must be combined in the composition of mezokokteyl with substances that improve the microcirculation and peptides.

It is this combination of active substances allows to create optimal conditions to restore the function of hair follicles.

If the cycles of active hair loss are the seasonality, the rate of mesotherapy can be carried out before the start «molting». At least for a month, and preferably 2-3 to the hair follicles in large quantity did not go into the rest phase.

Hair loss after childbirth

Pregnancy many women remember as the time when the hair is looked and fit, grew rapidly and practically fell out. But after giving birth hormonal changes. And all those hairs that were supposed to fall out during pregnancy, begin an avalanche to fall from about the fourth month after birth and up to one year.

This process in varying degrees was noted by each of the young mothers, as it is natural. This means that you can use folk remedies, but hair loss after childbirth still will start and end at the time.

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Another thing, if:

  • the fallout continues over a year after giving birth;
  • the density decreases rapidly;
  • there is no growth of new hair in the place of the fallen;
  • produce large bald areas.

In these cases, you can use mesotherapy to keep sufficient hair, to finish faster hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

In this case you can use all those drugs which are listed for diffuse alopecia. The effect of injection should be noticeable after 4-6 treatments. If a cosmetologist argues that the course you are doing now and the effect after 6 months, it is an occasion guard. After three months you should see significant improvement.

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern

It occurs in women sufficiently often. The appearance of baldness, as is the case with men, androgenetic alopecia causes rare, but the density of hair can suffer significantly.

To suspect yourself of androgenetic alopecia by the following characteristics:

  • hair falls mostly in the temples and the crown;
  • a significant receding hairline, begins to «glow» parting;
  • the hair of the top of the head become thinner, become slightly pigmented, doesn’t grow long;
  • despite the duration of the process of hair loss, new hair growth there.

For men and women with androgenetic hair loss requires special preparations. Apply vitamins, vasodilators, herbal extracts can be, but only as auxiliary means.

First here are such substances as:

  • Minoxidil: used as in both men and women;
  • antiandrogens.

If women have the procedure can cause significant improvement, then the men wait for the growth of hair is not worth it. In the female body to the state of the hair follicle, not only affects dihydrotestosterone, in violation of hair growth, and estrogen, which women do not happen total alopecia.

Because the sole purpose of the use of injection drugs in men is to inhibit the process of hair loss. Women have the same drugs can cause the normalization of hair growth for quite a long time.


  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to any component of drugs for mesotherapy;
  • cancer;
  • critical days;
  • inflammation of the scalp caused by bacterial infection, fungal diseases;
  • acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus.

How is the procedure

A few days before the procedure, you must abstain from taking aspirin and Durga of drugs that reduce blood clotting.

Injections are performed with observance of rules of asepsis and antisepsis, i.e., in the same conditions, which performed intramuscular and intravenous injections in the treatment room.

Used disposable syringes and needles, disposable gloves, a scalp before treatments is treated with a solution antiseptics. The cocktail is mixed immediately before administration to the eyes of the customer, which may, if desired, to check that he will enter.

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Introduced mezokokteyl method of microinjections, i.e., through punctures of the skin are injected small doses of the drug at a small distance from each other. To reduce the soreness from the procedure, you can ask the beautician from time to time to change the needle on the syringe, because the needle is sharper, the easier it enters the skin, the less discomfort. By the time the procedure takes 30-40 minutes. After the procedure is completed, the client can return to their daily activities without any restrictions.

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Consequences of the procedure

After the procedure can be:

  • slight swelling of the scalp;
  • soreness at the injection of the drug;
  • slight bruising where was the damaged small vessels of the skin;
  • the crust on the puncture site of the skin;
  • itching immediately after the procedure and several days after it.

To avoid infection, it is not recommended:

  • wash the head, use of the pool within two days after the procedure mesotherapy;
  • to carry out other treatments for scalp and hair the day of the injection of mezokokteyl.

Video: Technique of mesotherapy

How many treatments

Usually prescribe a course from 4-6 to 20 treatments depending on the client’s problem and its severity. The first few can be performed at intervals of 1 week, the main number of sessions performed 1 time in 2 weeks. After the main course you can do maintenance treatments at 1 per month.

Moreover, the supporting procedures will be useful both for those who have a specific disease or condition affecting the condition of the hair and scalp, and those who do mesotherapy for density and beauty of hair.

Prices for the procedure

Name of service The cost
consultation with trichologist 300-500 rubles
1 session of mesotherapy 2000-4000 rubles

The value of the procedure depends on the drugs used and the required amount in 1 session. In some cases, clinics offer free advice to those who immediately pays for the procedure or the entire course.

The before and after photos