Mesotherapy for rosacea, can I do the face

Every woman tries to preserve the beauty of the person resorting to various treatments, applying creams and masks, as not everyone can boast a healthy and beautiful skin given by nature.

Undoubtedly, with age, there are various inevitable changes. To these most often include:

  • wrinkles,
  • sagging skin,
  • spots,
  • change the color of the face and the appearance of visible red blood vessels that can occur in youth.

In these cases, masking the cream often does not cope with its task.

The one and only correct solution would be to campaign to the cosmetician-the dermatologist for further advice and recommendations for carrying out certain procedures.

Consider in more detail one of those as mesotherapy and rosacea, which is very important, especially for women.

What it is

Complex and confusing the term rosacea is a disease of the upper layers of the skin, manifested in the expansion of small blood vessels, especially the capillaries.

This disease primarily affects:

  • the face in the cheeks and nose,
  • chest area.

Basically he is exposed to more women, and it is also more concerned about the weaker sex.

Appeared a single red-purple, sometimes with purple tint «star» may not be as visible, but the sprawling web of such vessels could lead not only to loss of aesthetic appearance, but also can be a sign of serious health problems.

Rosacea gives the skin a permanent red color, and grid translucent capillaries spoils the whole beauty of a female face.

It often causes:

  1. development complexes
  2. psychological disorders and depression, with regards to the appearance of women.

Causes of

The essence of the disease consists in the fact that the walls of kapillyarov in a normal healthy state is able to shrink and expand, depending on the desired volume of blood delivered to the tissues.

However, at certain times some people have lost the ability of these small blood vessels to narrow, which they are constantly in expanded form and Shine through the thin layer of skin.

This process occurs under the influence of a number of specific factors.

This disease is most often noticed in people with sensitive skin, however, oily skin is no exception for the development of the disease.

The main reasons for the development of rosacea include:

  • The hereditary factor. Diseases of the blood vessels lies at the genetic level, and if someone of the parents or relatives have such, they will appear in the next generation. This especially affected the female line.
  • Hormonal disruptions in the body. Imbalance of certain hormones is manifested by the appearance of vascular nets in the skin.
  • Irradiation with ultraviolet light. Excess sunlight and frequent stay in the tanning beds may be to blame for the development of rosacea, as under the influence of ultraviolet light is damage to the top layers of the skin.
  • Unfavorable environment with extremes of temperature. This may be influenced by climate or under other thermal effects (high or low temperature production, frostbite or burn). As a result of defeat of skin, is the damage to small blood vessels in it.
  • Bad habits – Smoking and alcohol and eat healthy food.
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Smoking is the culprit of many cardiovascular diseases. It destroys the property also extends to the capillaries. And alcohol, consumed even in small quantities have some persons able to give the face a bluish-red hue in a very short time. Harmful spicy, fried, fatty and salty food can sometimes be a culprit for the development of rosacea.

  • The lack of proper and regular skin care.

Many women believe that by pursuing various kinds of cosmetic procedures of the face, they protect and prolong youth and beauty. In fact it is very questionable misleading, since many procedures of this kind makes the skin very vulnerable to the effects of the environment.

  • Consequence of certain diseases of internal organs and tissues.

Very often, rosacea is a symptom of the disease of certain internal organs. Usually this problems with the liver and gastrointestinal tract, as well as General disruption of the cardiovascular system.

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How to carry out the mesotherapy in rosacea

Mesotherapy involves treating the skin with injections of certain medications into the problem areas. Such procedures can treat a variety of diseases of the skin. Is no exception and rosacea.

Cosmetologists and dermatologists, in each individual case, based on the preliminary tests and examinations, prescribe appropriate and necessary course of mesotherapy with rosacea of the face.

It may consist of a single injection, or from the complex at a specific interval.

The procedure is performed using thin needles that are injected under the skin a few millimeters, bringing in the required areas necessary tool.

Each dose of injection to about one tenth of a milliliter of the drug. All actions are performed in a short time and virtually painless.

Injection can be accomplished in two ways:

  • manually, when the doctor from the syringe through the injection enters into the zone of the vascular mesh means under the skin;
  • with the help of special equipment, involves the use of a specific tool for the implementation of subcutaneous injections, the problem area, this method is more comfortable but less accurate and effective.
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What drugs are used

Mesotherapy involves the use of so-called «cocktails» of drugs. All of them based on a vitamin complex, differ only in some composition in accordance with each individual case.

Mesotherapy for rosacea face provides drugs comprising:

  • different groups of vitamins;
  • essential trace elements (zinc, selenium, magnesium, etc.);
  • certain medicines;
  • products and extracts of animal origin (collagen, elastin, etc.);
  • organic acid;
  • medicinal plants;
  • biotech products (some DNA and hyaluronic acid).

Any medication mesotherapy initially consists of a core group of vitamins and oligo elements, all other components are added depending on each clinical situation separately, in strict accordance with the physician’s prescription.

How effective is this procedure

It should be noted that mesotherapy for rosacea face, is not the main way to treat it.

The main effect of this method is aimed at the General health of the skin and enriching it with the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Mesotherapy for rosacea more effective for prevention, as the injection enriched in trace elements, rejuvenate and strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, prevent their further destruction.

These procedures help to give the skin a more healthy appearance, smoothing out and making it supple, thereby to adjust a bit to hide the vascular network.

The greatest effect of this method of treatment of rosacea is achieved only in conjunction with basic, most often with laser treatment, which involves the removal of damaged capillaries.

Mesotherapy in turn revitalizes, rejuvenates and strengthens skin cells and blood vessels, to return and to restore the proper functioning of dead cells and tissues it is not.

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Like any other cosmetic procedures, mesotherapy has a number of contraindications.

The main concern:

  • of various inflammatory processes of the skin infectious origin;
  • chronic herpes;
  • the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • paroxysmal disease, neurological (epilepsy);
  • patient fear of injections;
  • allergic reactions and intolerance to certain drugs;
  • taking certain medicines and the treatment of other diseases.

Any unaccounted contraindication can greatly aggravate the condition and cause General harm. Therefore, this procedure should be approached with full responsibility, reviewing and discussing with the doctor all interesting sides of the issue.

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The duration of the course

Depending on each specific case and according to the stage of the disease determines the duration and complexity of treatment of rosacea mesoterapia. Defining moments in this case will also be age factor, the skin type, other skin problems on the face. Not a few important and General condition of the vessel.

A single mesotherapy procedure with rosacea, the person will not be able to provide adequate and long-lasting positive effect. So it is recommended to spend exactly as much as prescribed by a doctor-cosmetologist.

On average, comprehensive treatment of rosacea mesotherapy is around 4 to 5 sessions of injections, at intervals of about 10 days.

A follow-up visit to the doctor for observation should be done in six months, then as directed.

The average cost

To name a specific price of mesotherapy in the treatment of rosacea is difficult because it is determined by several factors.

Key among them:

  • the area of the affected areas (cheeks, nose, etc.);
  • the size of the vascular meshes;
  • the type and cost of the drugs;
  • the number of required injections;
  • the total duration of the course;
  • the condition of the skin and blood vessels;
  • the region and the reputation of the clinic.

On average, one session of the course of mesotherapy with rosacea of the face a particular area, in clinics of Moscow, is determined in the range from 3 000,00 7 000,00 rubles of the Russian Federation.

Modern cosmetic procedures and drugs provide incomparable assistance to many, returning them to normal life. Confident and beautiful people, in many ways more successful than others with certain complexes with regards to their appearance.

Don’t be afraid to change for the better. The main thing to do it correctly and wisely, trusting the professionals.