Mesotherapy for weight loss of what effect to expect, the durability of effect

The essence of the procedure in the introduction of certain cocktails, which consist of special products (homeopathic or allopathic) subcutaneously and intradermally.

Used drugs

The main groups of drugs used for correction of volume of the body:

  1. Defibrotide drugs — destroy fibrous constriction, the components of the «orange peel».
  2. Lipolytics are enzymes that increase the breakdown of fats.
  3. Vascular drugs that improve blood circulation in problem areas.
  4. Elastin, minerals, vitamins, and collagen tighten the skin.

The procedure, combined with mesotherapy and giving together for greater effect:

  1. Cellulite massage — with body fat;
  2. The lifting in skin laxity and reduced tone;
  3. Oslobodenie — the edematous cellulite.

The procedure of mesotherapy for body

This is the fastest way to cope with fatty tissue, while leaving the skin supple. If natural weight loss we reduce the volumes are not always where we want, when mesotherapy to lose weight, you can «force» a desired area.

In addition, the procedure helps to cope with cellulite, which is very difficult to cure at home.

With the right course of carrying out the accelerated regeneration of cells, improves metabolic processes in cells, which helps to accelerate the breakdown of fats and to remove unwanted liquid. Due to the mechanical irritation of the needle destroys fat cells. The skin gains firmness and health, updated, disappears cellulite.

For men the procedure is the only procedure that helps get rid of subcutaneous fat deposits of the abdomen. Ineffective methods only in the case of location of fat in the internal organs.

Mesotherapy for face

The procedure helps as lifting helps to get rid of double chin, improve face contour.

For efficiency, it can be compared to plastic surgery. The principle of exposure based on the skin response to mechanical stimulation of the reflex reactions, a result of improved metabolic processes and blood circulation.

However, as an auxiliary method to weight loss even injections for removing of double chin you have to combine with other treatments such as masks, massage.

What effect to expect?

Effect when conducted properly, is very good, is observed after 2-3 injections. Skin lifted, hydrated, supple, healthy. Improving the quality of the skin, it begins to glow from within.

Introduced drugs slowly dissolve, which ensures prolonged action. Thus, the weight is reduced again by reducing the volume and the lipolytic effect affects loss of appetite.

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In addition, body mesotherapy promotes the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and swelling of legs, neurological disorders, headaches, dystonia, gynecological diseases.

The durability of effect

The effect lasts from six months to a year, then you need to re-do.

The required number of injections

Course body treatment is 10-15 procedures, for the face-about 10 procedures. Injections are made once a week. Supporting courses — 1-2 times per month.

About addictive

Smoothies for weight loss in this procedure do not cause physical addiction.

However, the psychological addiction it provokes. After the good results satisfied women are unable to stop injection, making them again.

But do not think that the effect eventually disappears, and everything becomes worse than it was, just the result should be maintained, because mesotherapy is not a stand-alone tool for weight loss.


  • the high price for the procedure, and the procedure is not limited to one;
  • this method, though effective, but not fully investigated;
  • the monitoring competence of bad control;
  • not so much the weight loss how much cosmetic effect.

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Indications and contraindications


  • subcutaneous fat deposits;
  • acne;
  • vascular mesh;
  • cellulite, stretch marks;
  • blurred oval face, double chin;
  • wrinkles, age spots, sagging.


  • inflammation;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hemophilia;
  • cholelithiasis, malignancy, diabetes;
  • intolerance is appointed for mesotherapy injections.


  1. The method of electroporation. By using the apparatus of the influence of electric current on the skin on time is a violation of the electrical connections and medicines penetrate deep into the skin layers. Last.e effects of communication are restored, and the drugs remain in the skin.
  2. Microcurrent therapy. By using iontophoresis , under the action of small current values, the drug enters the deeper layers of the skin.
  3. Gas-liquid treatment of the skin. Under high pressure, the jet of the drug received in the pores, providing an active force.



The city The cost in rubles
Moscow 2500-3000
Saint Petersburg 2500
Ekaterinburg 2000
Novosibirsk 3200-3500
Krasnodar, Rostov-on-don 3500-4000
Penza 1500-2300
Samara 2400-3500
Ufa 3000-3700

Approximate rates by zones


Zone 1-thighs, or buttocks, or abdomen 25000rub.
2 areas-hips and stomach, or thighs and buttocks 45 minutes 3400руб.
3 zones-buttocks, thighs, back, hands, tummy — 45 minutes 4200 rubles
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Side effects

Most often side effects occur due to incorrect technique of injection, reaction of the organism to the action of the drug, when the wrong drug.

1. Side effects caused by wrong technique of injections:

  • Burns. Occurs when immediately after mesotherapy, the patient is sent for physiotherapy.
  • Hematoma. The most common mesotherapy. Dependent upon the expertise of a doctor, his knowledge of anatomy, technique of possession procedure.
  • Achromasia scars. Arise because of not owning a doctor appliances nappaž, being the work of a doctor.

2. Side effects caused by the action of the drug.

  • In case of very rapid introduction of the drug into the blood vessels: calcitonin shows a negative reaction, short-term, the patient may experience redness, congestion, nausea, fainting due to a drop in blood pressure and sometimes vomiting. Half an hour later the symptoms disappear. These serious complications do not pose a threat. Non-steroidal drugs in patients suffering from gastritis, can cause pain in the stomach.
  • Allergic reactions. Shock can cause procaine. However, there have been no real case of this reaction over the past 50 years of its application. Care should be taken when using the sulfite radical which is a strong allergen.

3. Side effects caused by an incorrect administration of the drug.

  • Necrosis. Occurs when a poor mastery of the technique of mesotherapy.
  • A lot of pain. To avoid the need to consider the sensitivity of the patient to choose a more gentle drugs, as for example, Ketoprofen causes pain in the introduction, to calculate the depth of injection.
  • Infection. To prevent necessary to properly carry out the disinfection of the skin.

Complications and after effects of mesotherapy

After the procedure, possible complications, manifested in long lasting redness, fatigue, swelling, pain. Usually, complications arise when:

  • use of prohibited drugs;
  • compliance with asepsis, antiseptics;
  • a wrong selection of the components of the cocktail;
  • violation techniques of drug administration;
  • the incompetence of the doctor.

Rehabilitation and recovery

After mesotherapy, there may be some bruising, swelling and allergic reactions. So you need to carefully take care of the skin cosmetics that have anti-inflammatory, hydrating, regenerating properties. You can use tools, such as curiosin, skinoren, scars, chitosan gel.

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Frequently asked questions

Harmful procedure and if she changes the metabolism?

Mesotherapy for the body is not harmful, since the vehicles are delivered only the nutrients in the skin,metabolism drugs do not change.

What age can I start treatments?

Beauticians suggest resorting to the procedure before 30 years of age, due to the fact that the procedure age, the young the body is able to rehabilitate himself with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, restful sleep.

What alternative methods?

An alternative to the classic mesotherapy is liposuction, plastic surgery, electroporation.

Is it possible to at home?

Mesotherapy can be done at home, in the presence of a dermaroller, nutritious and analgesic cream, soap. First you must wash with soap and water, then apply an anesthetic cream half an hour, then spend on the required plot 10 times from two directions: vertically and horizontally.

Apply a nourishing (anti-cellulite, moisturizing, etc.) of cream. Remember that even though this procedure is more gentle than in the cabin, it can be fraught for you with bruises and hematomas at the wrong techniques.

Before and after pictures mesotherapy for weight loss