Mesotherapy from post — acne scars, results

Modern cosmetologists are working every day to preserve the attractiveness and the beauty of the people. They have developed a large number of injection methods of effective influence on the skin layers and accelerate the healing process, restore and enhance the appearance, among which the most has become widely popular mesotherapy from acne scars.

What is

Mesotherapy is a complex of injections, injected under the skin of the face and body. This method of cosmetic simulation is relatively painless, compared to other, more aggressive methods.

The uniqueness of mesotherapy from acne is that it is capable of point affect the necessary for the treatment area on the skin, without affecting the rest of the body.

How does

Using this procedure, the physiological delivery of the active ingredients needed to regenerate the skin and effectively get rid of scars, takes place exactly to the location of the problem.

A positive result is achieved quickly due to high concentration in injection:

  1. vitamins,
  2. proteins
  3. nucleic and amino acids.

The effect of mesotherapy from acne scars is enhanced complex effects on the hardened skin areas:

  1. despite the fact that the dose of administered substances are small enough, they have the concentration necessary for the simulation, restoration and structuring of the skin. The effect of therapy occurs rapidly and is almost immediately noticeable;
  2. the composition of the injection is chosen depending on what triggered the cause of the formation of acne, and the individual tolerance by the patient of the means employed;
  3. each injection represents a microscopic puncture the upper layers of the epidermis. this type of exposure helps to speed up the metabolic processes in the skin, to make the mechanisms of regeneration, to promote intense recovery;
  4. injecting drugs increases the body’s natural defenses and accelerate the immune response, allowing the treatment is fast and effective.

Mesotherapy from acne scars is known that has shown its high efficiency even in cases where other treatments did not give positive result.

Indications and contraindications

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment for many cosmetic defects.

In addition to the treatment of post-acne (scars, blemishes) it can give a noticeable positive in the following cases:

  • signs of premature aging of the skin, the characteristic facial wrinkles;
  • darkening of the skin due to disease, consequences of hormonal transition periods (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause), aggressive treatment of acne;
  • the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, age spots, freckles, vascular diseases, in which the meshes of the capillaries are visible to the naked eye;
  • scars of any origin: surgery, acne, atrophic symptoms on the skin, keloids.
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Mesotherapy from acne scars can help even in cases when the previous long-term treatment led to complications and new inflammation began to appear at the scars.

To carry out this cosmetic procedure is strictly contraindicated in the following cases:

  • during any trimester of pregnancy and lactation, as used active substances can have a negative impact on the fetus or newborn;
  • persons under 18 years of age;
  • neoplasms benign or oncologic nature;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • chronic diseases of the urinary organs;
  • acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system;
  • the appearance of new acne on the skin;
  • period after infectious inflammatory diseases of bacterial or viral nature;
  • allergic reaction to used drugs, idiosyncrasy;
  • pathology blood clotting;
  • small cracks, wounds, injuries, different damage to the skin.

Prior to conducting the procedure, specialist dermatologist always conducts a full examination and questioning of the patient, and allergic tests in order to exclude any scenario of unforeseen situations and complications.

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How do mesotherapy from acne scars

Before you begin a course of treatment, the patient is informed about what is mesotherapy from acne scars, talk about the technique of the procedure and conduct diagnosis of the organism in order to determine whether this method of treatment is appropriate, effective and safe.

The procedure is done in a few simple steps:

  1. the skin, before the introduction of medicines, thoroughly disinfected. Processing is subjected to not only the site that requires treatment, but the surface around it to ensure sufficient purity of the top layer of the skin;
  2. some patients poorly tolerate the pain and injections, so for them anesthesia, reduce the sensitivity of the skin;
  3. mesotherapeutic cocktail is injected under the skin of the patient;
  4. in order to avoid infection received small wounds and inflammation, the skin is treated with antiseptics again after the procedure.

Any form of mesotherapy is performed in an outpatient setting. The doctor works only with sterile instruments for each new injection is taken a new syringe.

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Methods of administration of substances

The introduction of drugs into the skin of the patient can be accomplished in several ways:

  • injection. Can be performed with the aid of syringes with thin needles, and special apparatus;
  • non-injectible. Drugs mezokokteyl applied to the surface of the patient’s skin, and then use hardware effects are immersed into the skin. As a catalyst for the penetration can use magnetic or laser therapy. This is the most suitable method for getting rid of acne scars.

Any form of mesotherapy has its advantages and disadvantages. It is chosen depending on what kind of skin area will be processed medicinal substances.

The pros and cons

This procedure can have both advantages and disadvantages.

The undoubted benefits include:

  • high performance and fast results after mesotherapy from post-acne;
  • overall improvement of the skin;
  • long-lasting results.

Disadvantages called:

  • microdamages of the skin and pain in the case of the introduction of needles in sensitive places;
  • the appearance of redness at the injection of substances, changes in skin color, edema;
  • if the doctor is not qualified in the issue of cosmetic procedures, the risk of complications is very high.

The result

The result will be visible after a few sessions:

  • significantly improves skin condition,
  • complexion,
  • decrease the amount of inflammation and intensity of the manifestations of skin flaws.

Scars and deepen the scars will gradually acquire not such a noticeable look and will soon disappear altogether as a result of successful upgrade of the epidermal cells.

Side effects

Mesotherapy from acne scars has several small side effects. After the procedure the skin may appear quickly passing bruising, bruising and redness.

These side effects occur because of microtrauma of the skin and are considered quite normal for this procedure.


After a mesotherapy acne scars from the skin some time needs special care in order to recover soon.

For successful healing, the doctor will prescribe special ointments and creams, providing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

In some cases, prescribe a course of antihistamines. The choice of these drugs depends on the condition and the individual patient.

During the rehabilitation process, doctors do not recommend:

  • to consume beverages containing alcohol both before and after the procedure;
  • to go to bath or sauna during the course of treatment;
  • to be under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, to sunbathe or visit the Solarium.
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At the end of the rehabilitation period all swelling and redness on the skin resulting from exposure therapy, completely disappear.

The duration of the course

In order to see the results after mesotherapy acne, patients will need to undergo a course of treatment sessions. The period between the introduction of active substances should be not less than 7 days.

The duration of the course depends entirely on the patient’s condition and the degree of development of the problem appeared. Usually, the therapeutic course is 5-10 sessions.

The effect of mesotherapy is quite long, as the used substances can accumulate in the body and, subsequently, to attack from the inside, without a doctor.

After completing the course should undergo a few sessions 1 time per month to fix the result.

The average cost

The average cost of a course mateparae is calculated depending on number of sessions, the prestige of the chosen clinic and doctor selected high cost drugs for making mezokokteyl.

The following is the cost of treatment in some clinics in Moscow

The name of the clinic

Mesotherapy of the face and neck

Intraceuticals rejuvenate the face and neck




Health and beauty



Grandchildren Of Hippocrates



Despite the price, many choose mesotherapy as a method of getting rid of acne thanks to its simplicity, safety and efficiency

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