Mesotherapy lpolitikai – buy direct, price

How does the drug

The processes of accumulation and burning of fat reserves are constantly taking place in our body. People leading an active lifestyle, doing the Jogging and regular sessions in the sports hall do not suffer from obesity because physical activity is several times faster destruction of fat.

If the intake of fats exceeds their consumption, the increase in subcutaneous fat and the person gains volume.

Fat deposited in:

  1. vascular walls
  2. internal organs,
  3. in the intermuscular space,
  4. and in larger amounts in the subcutaneous fat.

Mesotherapy lipolytica aimed at combating excessive fat in the area of subcutaneous fat. The introduction of the drug to a depth of 5 – 6mm using a special thin needle to reduce the volume after the first procedure.

The basis of preparation lipolytica lies, soybean enzyme (PPC), which is able to destroy fat cells (adipocytes). It is noteworthy that the soybean enzyme is able to influence only the damaged cells of adipose tissue.

Therefore, the composition of mesotherapeutic cocktails is not only lipolitic, but desoxycholate, which has the ability to break through the outer membrane of adipocytes.

What do you mean direct and indirect

All lipolytic drugs its mechanism of action are divided into direct and indirect.

Direct lipolytica include:

  • phosphatidylcholine;
  • desoxycholate sodium.

Direct lipolytics are in mesotherapy are more popular. Drugs in this group have the possibility of destruction of the cell membrane of adipocyte, which allows you to fight against fatty deposits on a more qualitative level.

The effect of the treatment are visible after a few days, and when doing a course of 3-4 treatments to achieve the cherished result.

Indirect lipolytics are:

  • artichoke;
  • caffeine;
  • artichoke extract;
  • «Alsatin».

The indirect lipolytics as close to natural, but the effect of the procedure is observed to a lesser extent. To achieve the desired result it is necessary to conduct a longer course of treatment.


The main indications for mesotherapy lipolytica:

  • to reduce local complications, particularly cellulite;
  • reduced skin tone;
  • stretch marks or striae;
  • excessive dryness of the skin;
  • increased pigmentation.

Direct indications for mesotherapy lpolitikai no, mostly it is man’s desire to bring its appearance in order without exercise and diets.


There is a whole list of contraindications, under which the mesotherapy lipolytica contraindicated.

The main contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to the drug components;
  • a history of cancer;
  • diseases of the nervous system, including epilepsy;
  • any period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • injuries in the region of the intended injection;
  • endocrine diseases (thyroid lesions, diabetes);
  • the presence in the body of chronic foci of infection;
  • nevus and pigment spots in place of the drug;
  • aggravation of any disease;
  • a high body temperature.
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If it was revealed one or more of the listed contraindications, the implementation of mesotherapy lipolytica strictly contraindicated, potential for serious complications.

What body areas can be corrected with the help of these funds

Not every area of the body can be adjusted by using lipolytics.

Areas of the body where lipolytics are the most effective:

  • the area of the buttocks;
  • the hips – the «breeches»;
  • ever;
  • abdomen;
  • zone «double chin»;
  • the chest area;
  • arms from the elbow to the shoulder joint;
  • the lateral surface of the abdomen.

Most often resort to the procedure to reduce fat in the buttocks, hips, abdomen and chin, where the action of lipolytic drugs manifests itself maximally.

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Preparation before the procedure

Before you perform the procedure are a series of events:

  1. consultation with the doctor cosmetologist. At the first meeting, the expert must gather the patient history, identify contraindications, and to discuss the need for the procedure. During the medical history specified the presence of allergic reactions, cancer and other migrated or existing diseases. In order to verify the absence of run scratch tests for allergies carry out a skin test by applying it immediately with the machine on the inner surface of the forearm. The scratches apply a drug, and in a few minutes determined by the reaction of the skin. This test allows you to avoid such serious complications, as angioedema.
  2. testing a standard set of tests:
  • General blood test (to determine the level of leukocytes and eosinophils. Leukocytes are direct indicators of the inflammatory process in the body, and eosinophils are responsible for allergic reaction);
  • the General analysis of urine (determination of urine of a high level of leukocytes also tells about the inflammation in the body);
  • biochemical analysis of blood (C-reactive protein is a marker of inflammation);
  1. individual selection of drugs and duration of therapy;
  2. the signing of a voluntary consent to the medical procedures. Without this document, no doctor will perform any procedure;
  3. it is necessary to warn the patient that the procedure is quite painful and long-lasting (average 20 – 30 min). At the client’s request carried out the selection of pain medication.
  4. directly before the procedure no special preparation is required.

What was listed above is a minimum examination before the procedure of mesotherapy. If the contact is not executed at least one item from the list, it should be wary and go to another clinic.

How to carry out mesotherapy lipolytica

Mesotherapy can be performed using local anesthesia, and without it. All depends on the patient’s wishes and his level of pain threshold.

For pain relief use the cream anesthetics, which are applied externally in the field of administration.

Tools used for this procedure:

  • sterile disposable syringe with a thin needle;
  • the drug lipolytic in a sterile package;
  • skin antiseptics (alcohol, alcohol solution chlorhexidine, etc.);
  • cotton balls;
  • sterile tray;
  • non-sterile disposable gloves.

At the request of the patient in the area of administration of the drug is applied for the pain, waiting the required time specified in the instructions.

Further, the area of injection is treated with a cotton balls soaked in antiseptics. Initially, the treatment is carried out a broad way, covering a large area of the skin, then the treatment area constrict.

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The drug is gaining in a syringe, make the change to a new needle and injected the drug by the method of infiltration to a depth of 5 – 6 mm. the Resulting bruising should be wiped with cotton balls with antiseptic.

Photo: Before and after

The result of the procedure

The initial result of the procedure depends on many factors:

  • specialist qualification;
  • properly sized product;
  • completing a full course, not just a few procedures;
  • proper care of the areas that have undergone mesotherapy, after the completion of the course, and in between procedures.

Usually, the results are not long in coming, and cherished the body fat reduction observed after 2 – 3 treatments. After the first procedure there is a noticeable increase in skin elasticity.

Possible complications

Any medical manipulation connected with risk of complications.

The most common complications that occur after mesotherapy:

  • the bruising is;
  • the development of an allergic reaction, in severe cases, angioedema or respiratory arrest;
  • the increase in regional (nearby) lymph nodes – the response of the organism to the introduction of foreign matter;
  • joining a secondary infection – the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms via punctures;
  • abscess injection site.

Before the procedure the patient should ensure that the treatment room has anti-Allergy kit, which will be used if necessary.

If there is no given set from the procedure of mesotherapy is to give.

Care after the procedure

Proper skin care after the procedure mesotherapy is a key component in achieving maximum results.

As before the procedure, and after it is supposed to do linfodrenanti massage.

Massage of this nature can be accomplished in two ways:

  • manually;
  • with the help of vacuum jars.

After the massage the injection site it is advisable to soak for 12 – 15 hours, in order to avoid joining a secondary infection.

Within the specified time will occur minimal epithelialization, and will serve as a barrier against harmful factors.

Where to buy

Buy lipolytics are for mesotherapy at any pharmacy without a prescription, as well as in the beauty rooms at the doctor.

At home injection of the drug, contraindicated may be used only with the help of specialized massage nozzles.

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The effectiveness of home-use lipolytics is extremely small, so it is best to consult a specialist.

Lipolytics are often indirect action are part of ready-made cosmetics. In the free market common anti-cellulite gels and creams improving skin elasticity. Most often, in their composition a caffeine.

The average cost

Prices for the purchase of lipolytics and use them at home is much lower, but the efficiency suffers too.

Prices on indirect lipolytics are much lower. That is why at home often resort to them. The average price for a pack of 10 vials of caffeine varies from 70 to 100 rubles.

The average price for direct lipolytics are pharmacies in the first place depends on the dollar.

Currently, the price ranges from 2200 – 3000 thousand rubles per vial. For a full course, consisting of ten procedures, you will need not less than 20 thousand rubles.

The price for the procedure of mesotherapy in terms of cosmetic Cabinet included not only the cost of the drug, but the doctor cosmetologist. The prices depend on the quality of medicines specialist qualification, selected correction zone, and the prestige of the clinic.

Approximate prices for a procedure depending on the selected zone:

  • face approximately 6000 – 7000 RUB.;
  • stomach approximately 3500 – 4000 rubles;
  • hips are about 3000 – 4000 rubles;
  • buttocks approximately 3000 – 4000 RUB.

Given the fact that the average course of treatment is 10 treatments, the patient will have to pay from 30 to 70 thousand roubles.

Consider that if you select multiple zones for the correction, skin care clinics often give a discount.

The procedure mesotherapy lpolitikai rather contradictory. Many patients passed the course of treatment talking about impressionable results and inches lost in volume, while others consider the procedure useless and a waste of money.

To provide an objective opinion is not possible, because the result affects not only the price paid for the performance of mesotherapy, but many other factors:

  • the quality of the products
  • education professionals
  • proper care of areas exposed to lipolytic correction.