Mesotherapy or biorevitalization — what’s better, what’s the difference, what’s better, prices and reviews

Administration of drugs intradermally or subcutaneously allows you to create a large concentration of active components in the layers of the skin where their effects will be most effective.

No drugs inside, nor the application of cosmetic products on the skin will not be able to exert such pronounced local effect, which can give mesotherapy or biorevitalization.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy – is the introduction of active components into the dermis (mesoderm).

The skin can be driven a large variety of substances, both medicinal and homeopathic. Often active components are mixed before administration with the formation of the so-called «cocktails».

In addition to the effects themselves active ingredients of cocktails, rejuvenating and stimulating effect on the skin and possess themselves of microinjection in which the substance is delivered to the dermis.

Such traumatic exposure and the effect of the applied mezokokteyley rejuvenates the skin and allows to maintain metabolic processes at a high level.

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What is biorevitalization?

Biorevitalization is a method that allows to compensate for the deficiency of hyaluronic acid and to start the process of renewal and rejuvenation of the skin, the most physiological way.

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What’s the difference?

Two seemingly very similar injection method have their own characteristics, indications, contraindications, strengths and limitations. The main differences are given below.

comparison criteria mesotherapy biorevitalization
age anyone from 18 years old from 25-30 years, so as soon as after 25 years there is a gradual decrease in the rate of synthesis of hyaluronic acid by the body
prevention of skin aging shown shown
prevention of photo ageing and restore the skin after exposure to intense sun shown shown, will give a more pronounced effect in comparison with mesotherapy
the presence of problems such as excessive dryness, enlarged pores, rosacea and the presence of areas of hyperpigmentation of the skin shown, it is possible to choose individual drugs and their combinations that will give the most pronounced effect in each case and will have a beneficial effect on the entire face shown, major improvements will occur as a result of General improvement of the skin and reduce skin sensitivity to external environment factors
acceleration of skin regeneration after operations on the face, especially if surgery is performed for cosmetic purpose can be used at the discretion of the doctor shown
loss of skin elasticity (turgor), signs of aging such as sagging skin of the cheeks, the eyelids, the wrinkles, the contours of the face shown shown
filling skin defects such as scars or deep skin creases on the bridge or in the area of nasolabial folds not shown shown
improve the color and appearance of the skin, especially the skin around the eyes shown shown
used drugs a large quantity of drugs from medicinal to homeopathic, including hyaluronic acid, the use of «cocktails» hyaluronic acid
the origin of hyaluronic acid can be both animal and biokinesiology can be both animal and biokinesiology
the concentration of hyaluronic acid 0,5-1% 1-3%
trauma causing microtrauma is one of the ways to improve the skin’s ability to restore and update injection – a necessary measure, the main effects of the drug hyaluronic acid
the speed of onset of effect the effect is delayed, the first signs of improvement may come in the second half of the treatment course or after it ends instant, after the first treatment
the required number of procedures a course of 5-10 treatments, sometimes requires repeated courses a course of 5-10 treatments, sometimes it is enough one procedure
pregnancy and breastfeeding contraindicated contraindicated
infectious and bacterial diseases accompanied by rise in body temperature, malaise the procedure is delayed until recovery the procedure is delayed until recovery
autoimmune, allergic reactions, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis contraindicated contraindicated
the tendency to form keloid scars contraindicated contraindicated
bacterial, fungal and viral diseases of the skin in the place of the alleged injections contraindicated contraindicated
violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of the alleged drug administration (abrasions, cuts, hematomas, etc.) contraindicated contraindicated
reduction of speed or a violation of the processes of blood clotting, drugs that reduce the clotting ability of the blood (heparin, acetylsalicylic acid, etc.) contraindicated contraindicated
the presence of allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid it is possible to carry out the procedure of mesotherapy without the use of hyaluronic acid contraindicated
simultaneous hardware and health treatments (peels, laser skin resurfacing or hair removal, etc) in those areas where it is planned to introduce the drug not recommended not recommended
the presence of permanent gel in place of the proposed procedure it is possible to carry out the procedure with care, using only those drugs for mesotherapy, which will not give complications in this situation hyaluronic acid is not introduced
the likelihood of fibrosis at the injection drugs is in those cases where applicable, the hyaluronic acid alone or in a cocktail there
the likelihood of atrophy of the skin at the injection site no there
the likelihood of stagnation of lymph in the result of excessive development of connective tissue in the injection site no, if you are not using the hyaluronic acid there
the likelihood of Hyper — and hypopigmentation areas of the skin at the injection site no there
the likelihood of developing in the presence of the predisposition of such diseases as psoriasis and systemic lupus erythematosus, activate the reproduction of viruses, such as herpes or HPV there there
the likelihood of developing multiple benign tumors of adipose or connective tissue, which have the appearance of small nodules or swelling at the injection site no, if injection is not used hyaluronic acid products there
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The table presents the main criteria that differs from mesotherapy biorevitalisation. Based on these criteria and your needs you can choose suitable for you method of treatment.

Reviews of bio-revitalisation and mesotherapy

Anna: I am 38 years old. I began to notice fine lines, skin color has become gray, the face looked tired and haggard. Usually in this case I advise you to rest, to sleep, to go on vacation. But this is not possible. Then my beautician appointed to me 4 the procedure of mesotherapy. He only made two and already look younger for several years. Friend began to look with envy, found out I have a procedure name, and now collect money for a salon visit.

Maria: My impressions are only positive. The result from biorevitalisation liked it even more than that of mesotherapy, which was done about a year ago. Treatments came once in two weeks, I was enough to do two procedures. Before the procedure is done anesthesia, injections because I almost did not feel. The discomfort came when the blunt needle from the syringe. But I just asked her to replace, and until the end of the procedure, felt no pain. Paulke the skin remains a long time, because I did the procedure on Friday, spent the weekend at home, and on Monday were going to surprise their girlfriends and female fresh face.

Katherine: did a course of mesotherapy and didn’t tell anyone. But when the first improvement, the questions started, had to tell. My desire to look good not many of my surroundings understood as «all the best to children», and some already and grandchildren. I feel joy when I see my younger face in the mirror when you put the cream on raskladyvaya and become firmer-looking skin when you can spend the morning time enjoyable for me, instead of Foundation to cover up the boring spots. It is a great pleasure to look and feel good.

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Anastasia: did and mesotherapy and biorevitalization face, neck and décolleté many times. After the course of treatments the skin looks hydrated, smoother, it feels as if skin is filled with moisture from the inside, as once in his youth. Effect I lasts somewhere about six months. And meso, and biorevitalization for me are painful, especially strong pain is felt in the temples and neck. There were cases when on a place of injections remained small bruises, but they quickly pass if to lubricate them periodically with the heparin ointment.

Compare prices

The table shows the approximate prices in Russian rubles at the injection biorevitalization and mesotherapy injection.

Biorevitalization Moscow and SPB regions
«Hyalual». 1,1% 1,0 ml 6 500,00 from 4300,00
«Hyalual». 1,1% 2,0 ml 9 500,00 from 6000,00
«Hyalual». 1,8% 1,0 ml 8 000,00 from 5200,00
«Hyalual». 1,8% 2,0 ml 11 000,00 from 6800,00
«Hyalual». to 2.2% 1.0 ml from 9 000,00 from 6000,00
«Hyalual». the 2.2% 2.0 ml 13 000,00 from 9400,00
Ial-system 0,6 6 000,00  
Ial systems is 1.1 8 500,00  
Ial-system ACP from 10 500,00 from 10000,00
Surgilift plus 1.0 ml 11 000,00 from 9000,00
Juvederm, Gidrat 1.0 ml from 9 000,00  
Restylane Vital 2.0 ml 25 000,00  
Restylane Vital 1.0 ml 13 000,00 from 13000,00
Restylane Vital Lite 2.0 ml 19 500,00  
Restylane Vital light 1.0 ml 12 000,00  
Alupro 3ml 6 500,00  
Alupro, 1ml 2 500,00  
Alupro 6ml. 11 500,00  
Teosyal meso 1,0 ml 8 400,00  
Mesotherapy face    
NCTF 135 HA for the treatment of wrinkles (anti-aging effect) from 4500,00  
Treatment puffiness under eyes the treatment of dark circles under the eyes, correction of crow’s feet from 1500,00 from 1500,00
Vitamin complex Cytocare 40 — prevention of aging up to 35 years from 4000.00  
Vitamin complex Cytocare 50 — prevention of aging from 35 years from 6400,00  
Correction of double chin simulating the cocktail party, the formation of an oval face 2 700,00 from 2500,00
Anti-aging cocktail 2 900,00 from 2500,00
NCTF 135 — treatment for oily, porous skin (antiaging) from 3 000,00  
The cocktail for the treatment of acne vulgaris 1 200,00 from 1600,00
The cocktail for the treatment of acne vulgaris of moderate severity 2 150,00 from 6000,00
Cocktail for age 3 100,00 from 2400,00
Scar treatment 1 200,00 from 600,00
Mesotherapy scalp. Hair treatment 2 300,00 from 1600,00
Mesotherapy body. The lateral surface of the thigh from 3000,00  
Belly from 3000,00  
Buttocks from 3000,00  
Anti-cellulite cocktail 2 200,00 from 2000,00
The cocktail for the treatment of stretch marks. 2 400,00 from 1600,00
Anti-cellulite cocktail with lifting effect 2 400,00  
Anti-cellulite cocktail with improvement of microcirculation 2 400,00  
Anti-cellulite cocktail, eff. lifting and improvement of microcirculation from 3 000,00  
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The final cost of the course difficult to compare, since the choice of methods to eliminate defects and/or rejuvenation of drugs for the procedure, the number of sessions is affected by so many factors.

Only an experienced therapist can determine the condition of your skin what is more effective, mesotherapy or biorevitalization, and that will give the best effect depending on your wishes, time and financial possibilities.