Mesotherapy under eyes, bags, bruises, dark circles, swelling, medicines

Mesotherapy is a procedure designed to rejuvenation the skin around the eyes, which is most sensitive to the effects of external factors.

This procedure is the introduction by injection in the area around the eyes mix of drugs and vitamins, matched to each patient individually.

Mixtures included:

  • pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines
  • minerals
  • the hyaluronic acid.

Under the influence of these funds aktiviziruyutsya the growth of new cells, regeneration and production of collagen and elastin.

The cause of the problems in this area

With age (and sometimes young), under the eyes and bruises, bags, dark circles. The reasons for this are many.


Bags under the eyes appear due to such reasons:

  1. fatigue, prolonged work at the computer.
  2. stress, depression;
  3. diseases of the urinary and cardiovascular systems, respiratory diseases, sinusitis, sinusitis;
  4. the fascination with alcohol and Smoking;
  5. hormonal shifts in women;
  6. improper diet;
  7. ultraviolet: tanning without sunscreens and bad points, this contributes to the appearance of swelling;
  8. eating at night, salty food, get ready for what the morning will appear swollen.


  1. anatomical fragility of blood vessels, which causes bruising under the eyes;
  2. trauma;
  3. appropriate way of life: excessive TV, long work time at a computer, chronic fatigue, failure to comply with the regime of the day, as well as Smoking and abuse of alcohol;
  4. age: over time the vessels become increasingly fragile. Extinction of sexual function in women, hormonal disruptions also influence the condition of the skin, particularly under the eyes;
  5. illness of the kidney greatly affects the condition of the lower eyelids: if any dysfunctions of the urinary system, they swell and turn blue;
  6. diabetes insipidus;
  7. lack of the hormone vasopressin produced by the adrenal glands;
  8. diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  9. diseases of the eye;
  10. an unbalanced diet;
  11. diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Dark circles

Causes of dark circles under the eyes are almost the same as and bruising.

What drugs are used for mesotherapy eyes

Cocktails for mesotherapy vary according to the nature of the impact (the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis), the properties and structure of drugs, mechanism of action and degree of their interaction in a zone of injection.

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Conventionally, all drugs are divided into:

  1. base (base),
  2. auxiliary substances.

Based on active substances, which influence the cause of the problem and deterioration of the skin.

Auxiliary AIDS promote blood flow. It’s the vitamins, antioxidants, venom and limfotoniki.

You can also select substances, which are introduced with the purpose of treatment, and homeopathic remedies.

The most commonly used in mesotherapy such groups of substances:

  1. hyaluronic acid that promotes retention of moisture by the skin;
  2. extracts of herbs and plants;
  3. collagen, elastin – products of animal origin;
  4. vitamins (mainly A, b,C,E,R);
  5. minerals, organic acids;
  6. drugs.

Mechanism of action

The preparations are injected under the eyes is very thin needle, after which the skin reacts, responding to a stimulus. The skin under the action of the stimulus mobilizes internal reserves.

The effect of the procedure is the following:

  1. disappear «crow’s feet»;
  2. removed dark circles under the eyes, brightening and decreasing in diameter gradually completely disappears;
  3. smoothed the bags under the eyes;
  4. removed swelling if they are not caused by serious diseases of internal organs;
  5. also eliminates sagging of the eyelids.

Wonderful effect of the procedures is achieved thanks to the activation of metabolic processes in the cells and to remove wrinkles by filling them with fillers.

The essence of mesotherapy is that the skin alone synthesizes elastin and collagen under the action of medicinal solutions.

How is the procedure

The procedure goes something like this:

  1. you need to remove makeup;
  2. the area around the eye is treated with a disinfectant solution, and then pain killer;
  3. through the injection of the drug, the dose is selected individually;
  4. in the case businessmoney mesotherapy, the drug applied to the skin, and then using a special drug is processed low-frequency shock;
  5. after injection, the patient relaxes a little, then the skin around the eyes is treated again with the disinfecting solution;
  6. on the paraorbital area, apply soothing cream.
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The total duration of mesotherapy procedure – 15-20 minutes. The session need to be repeated once in seven to ten days. Need only 5-7 sessions to achieve a good result.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of mesotherapy are as follows:

  1. mesotherapy is non-toxic, the composition used medications minimum dosage of vitamins and homeopathic remedies;
  2. there is no age limit;
  3. easy to use: just visiting the doctor once a week;
  4. affordable price procedure.

The disadvantage of this method is that the injections are quite painful, also possible side effects.


  1. the tendency to allergies;
  2. pregnancy and lactation;
  3. cholelithiasis;
  4. cancer, diabetes;
  5. pathology of blood vessels;
  6. of blood clotting;
  7. chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation;
  8. the increased body temperature.


The effectiveness of sessions of mesotherapy has been proven.

The result will be the disappearance of injections:

  1. wrinkles
  2. bruises,
  3. swelling under the eyes,
  4. and look again will glow with youth.

The preparations work for six months, deeply absorbed and vitalityof the skin.

Photo: Before and after

Complications and side effects

Side effects after mesotherapy as a rule, are not significant.

After the procedure, you may experience:

  1. bruising, swelling;
  2. mikrogematomy, redness of the skin.

Usually these symptoms disappear within a few days.

If before the procedure were not considered contraindications, injection was done unprofessionally, can cause serious complications, which will bother the patient for a long time.

It can be:

  1. allergic reactions to the injected medication;
  2. infection, inflammatory reaction;
  3. bruising resistant seal
  4. exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  5. post-traumatic fibrosis (growth of connective tissue with the appearance of scarring);
  6. atrophy of the skin in the eye area;
  7. violation of lymph drainage, swelling;

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How to get rid of swelling after the procedure

If swelling under the eyes after mesotherapy do not go for 3-4 days, you should immediately contact the clinic where you did the procedure.

There will determine the cause of the phenomenon and prescribe appropriate treatment to the problem.

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I do not advise to self-medicate, as the true causes of the swelling you do not know, you can only hurt yourself.

Care after the procedure

Special, special maintenance after a course of mesotherapy, is not required.

But there are some limitations:

  • in the early days do not wash with hot water
  • not to visit the sauna, steam room or Solarium within 7-10 days.

Any changes in temperature are very undesirable. Want to protect your face from the sun, use sunscreen and wear sunglasses.

Do not RUB or scratch eyes immediately after the procedure is to use decorative cosmetics.

Not recommended reception alcohol both before and after the procedure. Failure to follow these rules can lead to very unpleasant consequences and to nullify the effect of the procedure.

The average cost

The cost of mesotherapy depends on the clinic in which the procedure is carried out, as well as part of the preparations for a cocktail, injected under the eyes.

The average cost of one procedure is 1500 – 3000 rubles., that is the course of treatment is about 20,000 rubles.