Mesotherapy with Filorga drugs — reviews, tips beauticians, price

A bit about the manufacturer

The laboratory Filorga is one of the leading French manufacturers of drugs for mesotherapy.

It produces a fairly wide range of professional cosmetics and line of multicomponent drugs for mezokokteyley aimed at the elimination of skin imperfections and signs of aging.

The company Filorga produces exactly the products that you can use almost any age (even in patients under thirty who have only begin to show the first signs of aging).

The pros and cons

Mesotherapy Filorga has the following advantages:

  1. High efficiency.
  2. The opportunity to start the sessions already with 27-29 years of age.
  3. A wide range of medications to be administered.
  4. The safety of most medications.
  5. The ability to stop age-related changes in the skin and prevent the first signs of aging.
  6. The ability to improve the skin condition, which is deteriorating due to improper diet, stress, overwork or other reasons.
  7. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can go home.
  8. Quick recovery period.

The cons of this cosmetic procedure are:

  1. The high cost of drugs.
  2. The risk of an unwanted normal effects.
  3. Risk that medicines are not quite effective and will not help to resolve the problem on the skin.
  4. The need for multiple sessions. In addition, to strengthen the result, cosmetologists are advised to repeat the treatment after some time.
  5. The need to endure the injections.


Preparations for mesotherapy Filorga consists of a fairly large quantity of biocomponents, which they can deal with many skin defects.

The overall effect of these drugs is as follows:

  1. Acceleration of skin regeneration.
  2. The formation of favourable environment in the soft tissues, so the skin slows down the aging process.
  3. Effective comprehensive care of the face and hair.
  4. Elimination of dandruff and oily scalp.
  5. Normalization of the secretions of the sweat glands.
  6. The maintenance of normal water balance in tissues.
  7. Nutrition of the skin.
  8. Enrichment with vitamins skin.
  9. Stimulation of elastin and collagen.
  10. Improved metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  11. Improvement in the immune processes in tissues.
  12. Restore the damaged structure of the surface of the epidermis.
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Review of drugs for mesotherapy Filorga from

Preparations for mesotherapy Filorga to distinguish its unique composition, which includes such active substances:

  1. The hyaluronic acid.
  2. The complex of twelve vitamin (A, C, d, E, group b, etc.). These substances will improve the synthesis of collagen, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieve inflammation and improve metabolism.
  3. Complex of the twenty amino acids.
  4. Minerals improve the absorption of nutrients.
  5. Nucleic acids improve the synthesis of proteins.
  6. Antioxidants.
  7. Amino acids.

NCTF 135 +

The drug NCTF 135 or «Innovative» is designed for patients with the age of thirty years.

He is appointed in the presence of such testimony:

  1. Severe dryness of the skin.
  2. The first signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging skin).
  3. The prevention of aging.
  4. Treatment of the formed scars.
  5. Rare hairline and hair breakage.
  6. Seborrhea and other diseases of the skin.
  7. Oily skin and acne.

The traditional course of treatment consists of five sessions that should be conducted with a break of two weeks.

After this the patient is advised to undergo three more support sessions in three months.

Technique input injection papulnaya.

Contraindications to the input NCTF 135+ are:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation.
  2. The presence of chronic or acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system.
  3. Heart disease.
  4. Fear of injections.
  5. The clotting of blood.

NCTF 135

The drug NCTF 135 has the name «Enriched».

It is recommended to use the patient’s age thirty to thirty-five years that have readings like:

  1. The presence of spider veins on the face.
  2. Pathological laxity and dryness of the skin.
  3. The appearance of small facial wrinkles on the skin.
  4. Atrophy.
  5. The visible fatigue of the skin after stress, nervous feelings, diets or excessive exercise.
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The duration of treatment should include four to six sessions with a break for two weeks.

Follow-up procedures (as additional treatment) can be done every three months.

Management technique enriched mezokokteyl – papulnaya.

Contraindications to the use of this drug are:

  1. The presence of edema or other complications in patients after recent surgery or other cosmetic procedures.
  2. The age of thirty years.
  3. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  4. The clotting of blood.
  5. A weakened immune system.
  6. Taking drugs that can disrupt blood clotting.
  7. A variety of infectious diseases.

NCTF 135 +

The drug NCTF 135 + has extravagancy therapeutic formula. It is aimed at treating patients with age from thirty-five years.

Indications for the use of NCTF 135 + are:

  1. The patient has aging changes in the skin (the appearance of small facial wrinkles or deep wrinkles, uneven skin, sagging skin, etc.).
  2. Prevention and treatment of rosacea.
  3. Treatment of skin laxity that has changed after stress or travel in a hot country.
  4. Prevention of skin changes that occur after hormonal imbalance and during menopause in women.
  5. Preparation of the patient for rehabilitation after deep chemical peels, laser resurfacing or plastic surgery.

In addition, this drug can be used as an auxiliary component in the complex therapy of patients with photodermatosis and other skin imperfections.

The duration of treatment should be three to five full sessions. Between each session must be a break of 2 weeks.

Also, as adapter-treatment can be carried out in one procedure every three months.

Contraindications to the use of NCTF 135 + are:

  1. Patient age younger than thirty-five years. This is explained by the fact that people at such a young age, have no so strong of age-related changes in the skin, so just don’t need in a strong impact on her such strong drugs.
  2. Pregnancy breast-feeding.
  3. Of blood clotting.
  4. Acute respiratory illness.
  5. Acute infectious diseases.
  6. Heart disease.
  7. A weakened immune system
  8. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  9. Acute chronic gastrointestinal disease.
  10. Depression and other disorders in the CNS.
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Advice beauticians

So as not to cause any side effects after mesotherapy Filorga should follow the advice of cosmetologists:

  1. Don’t tan and use sunscreen.
  2. Do not visit sauna, pool and Solarium.
  3. Do not take a hot bath.
  4. If redness or swelling, immediately go to the beautician.
  5. Do not apply on face cosmetics that can cause skin irritation.


The price for mesotherapy Filorga depends on the type of medications used for procedure, number of sessions and the skills of a beautician.

On average, the estimated price for this cosmetic procedure are:

  • NCTF 135 from 3 to 5 thousand roubles;
  • NCTF 135 HA from 5 to 7 thousand rubles;
  • NCTF 135 HA+ from 6 to eight thousand.

In addition, the cost of this type of mesotherapy may vary at the combined sessions (the improvement in several areas of the skin).

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