Mesotherapy with vitamin C — with pigmentation, face

Useful injections of micro-doses of healthful drugs that can rejuvenate Your skin today carry the name of mesotherapy. It is based on the application of a certain vitamin or complex, Supplement with some components.

Vitamin C is needed by the body for:

  • overall strengthening of immunity,
  • prolonging youth and beauty keeping the skin, maintaining its elasticity and smoothness,
  • helps to ensure a healthy appearance, preventing the appearance of acne, age spots and wrinkles.

The problem is that the human body is not able to produce this essential vitamin, so it we are able to obtain only from the external environment products, mineral complexes, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any procedure mesotherapy has a number of pros and cons. No exception and the injection method of administration of vitamin C.

The positive side of injections, a solution of ascorbic acid:

  • accurate delivery essential vitamin in a specific area;
  • food minimum servings «inside,» which is more uniform and gradual, which ultimately impact more effective result;
  • to achieve maximum effect in a short time;
  • the duration and durability of the result;
  • saturation of cells With vitamin C, improves blood circulation, which stimulates overall improvement in mood and well being;
  • minimal pain and no needle marks.

The main disadvantages of mesotherapy vitamin C:

  • injection method, as injections to be afraid of many people;
  • a high probability of allergic reaction;
  • may burn of skin cells;
  • the risk of infection;
  • complications of a different kind from the hands of a beautician.


Vitamin C bears the following main functions:

  • revitalizes and strengthens cells and tissues;
  • is able to whiten and lighten;
  • stimulates regeneration at the cellular level.

Therefore, it is possible to identify the main indications for its use of injecting method.

They presented the following list:

  • dark spots on skin (face or body);
  • numerous and not your freckles;
  • bad General condition of the skin (sagging, looseness, not a healthy color);
  • loss of elasticity at young age;
  • early and strong sagging of certain areas on the face;
  • the tendency to form vascular network in the skin (rosacea);
  • prevention of formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mesotherapy is based on a nutritional complex preparations, which almost always included ascorbic acid, for greater production of collagen cells, improve blood flow, as under its influence the walls of blood vessels become smooth and elastic.

So is the formation of a protective barrier against the ingress of various infections in the skin.


Some people are contraindicated any mesotherapy procedure, and some do not recommended the use of ascorbic acid as a separate solution.

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In the end, the main contraindications consist of the common (on the injection procedure) and specific (relative of vitamin C).

The cases in which it is impossible to carry out mesotherapy with vitamin C:

  • the period of childbearing and feeding his chest;
  • moments of aggravation of any chronic diseases;
  • there are problems with the cardiovascular system, as well as in malignant tumors and diabetes;
  • disease, neurological (epilepsy);
  • the presence of any inflammatory process, accompanied by fever;
  • infection and inflammation of the skin;
  • Allergy and individual intolerance of vitamin C;
  • the tendency of skin to appearance of scars from acupuncture;
  • panic fear of injections.

How to carry out mesotherapy with vitamin C

At the first consultation with a cosmetologist You will never do from those or other types of injections. Competent cosmetologist, always carefully inspect problem areas and assess the General condition of the skin. If necessary, will be assigned certain medications and advanced procedures aimed at cleansing of the dead top layers of cells.

With You beforehand to discuss all possible side effects and contraindications.

Specialist assigns Your individual plan the procedure.

Typically, a few sessions with a set number of injections of appropriate doses, after a certain interval of time.

Average only about 5-7 sessions every 10 days.

Mesotherapy with vitamin C involves the use of complex products, the bulk of which is ascorbic acid. Additional components are mostly collagen, vitamins a and E and organic extracts and hyaluronic acid.


  1. Before beginning the procedure, the required area is treated with antiseptic (alcohol), to prevent infection.
  2. Next, the esthetician gets an anesthetic (gel or cream) which softens the pain from the needle.
  3. After a certain time, starts the process – with a special syringe with a thin and sturdy with a needle injected the drug, with the designated micro dose for one injection, to a depth of about 3 millimeters.

The number of injections in the problem area can reach several dozen per session. The duration of the entire procedure is about half an hour.

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Whether effective procedure for pigmentation

In the fight against age spots should join, knowing their origin. It could be hormonal disruptions, and reaction to ultraviolet light, and sometimes it is a symptom of a serious disease.

Only by identifying the true cause of this skin problem, you can intelligently begin treatment. Often, eliminating the cause, they can fade over time independently.

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Mesotherapy with vitamin C when the pigmentation involves the lightening of dark areas on a couple of shades. Greater efficiency is represented in the prevention of the emergence and formation of new pigment spots.

In this case, the drugs on the basis of the ascorbic acid solution are one of the safest bleaches. Effect is achieved due to additional production by the cells of the skin collagen, which prevents aging and pigmentation.

The greatest effect of smoothing and brightening skin tone can be achieved by completing a series of mesotherapy sessions in vitamin C. without observing certain rules, or when aggravation of culprit pigmentation the result will be temporary.

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Can I use on my face

Of course, this procedure for the face, in some cases, is simply the one and only correct solution.

Vitamin C:

  • remove dark circles under the eyes;
  • lightens freckles and senile age spots;
  • correct and smooth facial wrinkles;
  • prevent sagging and delicate skin of the eyelids;
  • revitalizes the skin, making it smooth and elastic;
  • used in the treatment of rosacea (vascular mesh);
  • used in the treatment of acne.


After the procedure is completed, You will be treated the area of injections a cooling lotion, and You can be free. This treatment is not traumatic and does not impose strict bans, you can safely return to normal life.

Suggest only to refrain from the effect of sudden temperature changes on the treated skin, respectively, to exclude visits to spas, or being in the cold.

Follow also to comply with the recommendations of a cosmetologist, and at occurrence of signs of infection or irritation to seek help.

Between sessions of mesotherapy set the time interval 7 to 10 days for recovery of tissues after the injections, and the first desired positive results can be noticed within a day.

Adverse reaction

Though mesotherapy with vitamin C and is a useful procedure, it has its downside, or rather the possible side effects.

They are inherent in any impact on the body, in the specific case of big advantage is their short temporary and they practically do not harm the overall health in General.

Among the major include:

  • pain during injection, which can persist after the procedure;
  • edema formation is a normal phenomenon for any damage to the tissue;
  • bruises can appear;
  • redness at the injection site;
  • allergic rashes and irritation.
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They are usually from the second day begin to fade, and after a week they will be totally gone. If, on the contrary, with each passing day the situation gets worse, it is urgently needed to seek help, to investigate the causes and assign the required treatment.

The average cost

The price of mesotherapy ascorbic acid consists of several components.

Among these:

  • area body or person, subject to correction;
  • the volume of work;
  • required quantity of the drug;
  • the composition of the used media;
  • the use of anesthesia and special cosmetics;
  • the method of injected – manual or hardware;
  • the pricing policy of the clinic and cosmetologist.

Considering all these points, in one session You will have to pay in average up to 7000,00 3000,00 roubles. It also depends on the regional origin. Price in the capital is much higher than in the province.

Useful tips

  1. Remember that to achieve good results it is possible only after the implementation of several mesotherapy sessions, single treatments will not give a positive effect. Should adhere to the appointed beautician course, observing all his recommendations.
  2. The procedure often is temporary, so to maintain the results achieved required maintenance sessions.
  3. Carefully and responsibly treat the choice of a cosmetologist, which will make You hundreds of injections.

  4. Pre-examine all the «pros» and «cons» of mesotherapy ascorbic acid, applying them on yourself.

Vitamin C is currently used in many drug medicine. It is called the universal remedy that can prolong life at the cellular level.

Industry of beauty and youth actively uses it in various methods and options. Effect on the skin ascorbic acid is practically the only safe and equally beneficial tool. Yours is only a selection of the most suitable ways of its application and proper use will help to meet all expectations and to eliminate frustration.