Micellar water for dry skin – Nivea and sensitive

Modern cosmetology offers a large selection of care products for skin.

One of the daily problems that every girl and women is:

  1. problematic removal of makeup
  2. the pollution of the facial skin that is constantly exposed to external factors.

Micellar water for dry skin is a universal cosmetic preparation, are not only able to easily remove makeup completely and cleanse the face.

What it is

Initially, the water content of the micelles was developed for care delicate skin of young children. But after a while cosmetologists pay attention to the product, assessed its quality and began to produce a means for an adult category of people.

The peculiarity of the micellar water — it is able to eliminate traces of makeup without damaging even sensitive skin.

The liquid cope with other types of dirt that are on the face. Use macelaru not only on the face but on other parts of the body.

Classic cosmetology tool has neither taste nor smell. However, in order to use the liquid was more pleasant procedure, many manufacturers add to the product the flavoring, herbal extracts and other substances that enhance the effect of the product.

The composition of milarky quite complicated. This tool, which is developed on the basis of micellar (microscopic crystals), which represent the smallest kristallizirovany water particles.

In the composition of the micellar water is no soap and alcohol. So it doesn’t dry the skin and not damage it.

Secret actions agent is in the properties of the micelles to remove dirt and grease, so the liquid is considered ideal for cleansing the dermis.

Are there differences in the types of the dermis

Himself skin, especially the face, has different types. Proper skin care involves proper selection of cosmetic products according to the type of the dermis.

There are three main types:

  • bold;
  • dry;
  • sensitive.

Most manufacturers produce a micellar water is a universal product, but beauticians recommend to choose macelaru in accordance with the skin type.

Special categories of the cleaning fluid no. The choice should be made, paying attention to composition.

Bold type

The composition of the micellar water used for oily skin includes substances, not only can not only clean, but also to frost and dry dermis. Only for oily type skin the composition may be administered alcohols.

Companies that implement miculescu for oily skin:

  1. Bioderma Sebium. The main components of the composition, copper and zinc. Has a calming effect on the skin.
  2. Uriage. Contains Apple extract and thermal water. Eliminates Shine and does not cause any discomfort after use.
  3. Grenier. The composition includes alcohol. Cleanses the skin, reduces the appearances of acne. Do not apply in the eye area.
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Dry type

To cope with the dryness of the dermis is not so difficult. You should regularly use miculescu rich in vitamins substances that can hold moisture and does not damage tissue.

The composition of the micellar water for dry skin should not include alcohol and other corrosive chemical substances:

  1. L’oreal. Has a simple composition of glycerin and panthenol. Excluded any oils and alcohols. Miceliari nourishes and moisturizes the dermis.
  2. Nivea. Has a special composition, as the micellar water Nivea for dry skin developed on the basis of grape seed. Optional components are panthenol and propylene glycol. Actively moisturizes the skin.
  3. Vichy. The basic substance means a Dutch rose extract and panthenol. To effectively cope with the problem of dry skin.

All cosmetic products that come into contact with dry skin should not contain alcohol.

The sensitive type

The most difficult to find micellar water for sensitive skin. Attention to the composition requires a special. The medium should not contain alcohol or preservatives.

If too sensitive type of epithelium is not recommended to use this tool:

  1. Grenier. Suitable for combined type. Among the components of a alcohol.
  2. Sensibio Bioderma. Constituent funds is a surfactant (dissolved type) and butter. Removes makeup without causing dryness and irritation. May cause burning.
  3. Arno. A unique product with extract of Camellia oil and pearl. Not includes no aggressive elements. Perfect even for fragile skin.

Before selecting a micellar water for sensitive skin you should consult with your beautician to eliminate the option of a side effect.

How does

Miceliari, as mentioned, was used only as a children’s dermatological agent. Subsequently, she began to use people suffering from skin diseases. Its composition does not contain components that can negatively affect the epithelium.

After the micellar water has been used in cosmetics, the cleansing agent composition has changed significantly.

In most kinds of liquid contains alcohols, preservatives and surfactants. These elements, despite the fact that effectively cope with the intended purpose (the cleansing of the dermis), can harm the skin.

The advantages of this tool include:

  • gentle cleansing of the pores;
  • the ability to break down even waterproof makeup;
  • moisturizing effect;
  • the removal of the irritation;
  • food and saturation with vitamins;
  • acceleration of regeneration;
  • the solution of problems of different skin types.
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The downside of cosmetic drug is the risk of allergic reactions:

  • burning;
  • redness;
  • itching.

It can also increase the dryness of the dermis, or sensitivity. Most adverse reaction occurs when the wrong selection tools.

What a micellar water is suitable for sensitive skin

The owners of sensitive skin is difficult to find the means to care for her. If you apply the regular beauty products, then the dermis will immediately react to the appearance of red spots, burning, irritation, itching, dryness, etc.

Sensitive type of dermis requires an individual approach, so cosmetologists are developing a special series of micellar waters. In most cases, the bottle with the remedy indicated by its special effects.

Miceliari for sensitive skin gently cleanses, soothes and moisturizes the delicate skin surface. Such products are hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation even when hit in the eye. The composition should be softening, exfoliating and antibacterial agents.

As a result of applying micellar water delicately cleanses and improves the condition of the epithelium.

Quality products is considered to be:

  • L’oreal «Absolute tenderness»,
  • Nivea 3 in 1,
  • La Roche Posay.

Browse popular brands

Manufacturers micellar water a lot. Development and release of popular tools do both small and the largest cosmetic company. All miceliari differ solely in the composition, as their main action is the same.

A General review of the micellar water from the most well-known brands will help to appreciate the difference between the products:

  1. Grenier. The tool is designed to cleanse the skin of makeup and all sorts of dirt. It consists of alcohols, and after using the film. Available in two variants: for oily and sensitive skin. Has average cost.
  2. L’oreal. The product is designed to combat the most persistent makeup, cleansing from all types of pollution and improvement of the dermis. After application the skin remains sticky film. The price is quite acceptable.
  3. Vichy. According to women who have tested the product, bad tool removes waterproof makeup and impurities. The main ingredient is thermal spring water, for this reason, the cost of the product high.
  4. Nivea. High quality product, able to cope with the task. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Minus miceliari from Nivea 3 in 1 – greasy film left after application. The price of the product is the lowest among the known companies.
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If you evaluate micellar water brand, the quality does not always match the expected. Any tool must be chosen according to its composition.

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Do I need to flush

The use of micellar water involves several stages of procedure:

  1. Soaked with liquid, wipe the entire face in the direction of massage lines.
  2. When removing cosmetics from the face or coarse, must be abundantly moisten a cotton pad and apply it to the eye or lips for a few seconds.
  3. After removing the bulk of makeup or dirt, should be soaked a clean ROM again, wipe the face.

Depending on the composition of milarky on the skin after application may be felt a feeling of stickiness or oily residue. If such feelings are present, you can safely rinse the face.

It is not recommended to wash with hot (cold) water. It is better to remove any residual cosmetic product with cool water. It is also not desirable using soap.

Tips beautician

The beauty professionals suggest, first of all, before you start using (buying) a micellar water to get acquainted with its composition, to eliminate the possibility of contraindications.


  • an allergic reaction to the components (e.g., herbs, fragrances, etc.);
  • a tendency to rash (it is also possible allergic reaction);
  • pregnancy (not recommended remedy due to the presence in the composition of preservatives);
  • skin’s too sensitive (the presence in the composition of the bromide and chemical glycerin);
  • skin diseases in the application.

As cosmetologists are advised to give preference to the cleaning liquid does not contain harmful additives, especially if it has silicone, alcohol, fragrances and other chemical elements. The more natural the composition of the micellar water, it’s safer.

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