Micellar water for oily skin — Garnier, which is better

Every woman wants to look attractive, and this often requires the use of special cosmetics. One such tool micellar water, which helps to keep the skin in good shape and to protect it from the adverse effects cosmetics and the environment.

For the first time deciding to use a micellar water, any woman will face the question of how to choose a suitable for her brand and whether it is possible to use this tool? Many well-known companies releasing a micellar water, divide it into several types depending on the skin type for which it is intended.

What is needed

Micellar water not so long ago was back on the cosmetic market, triggering a considerable interest.

Initially this tool was invented to help people suffering from various allergic reactions, severe skin diseases.

Over time, this tool has become widely used not only doctors, but also estheticians, makeup artists who are trying to save the skin of their clients in good condition.

The tool itself is a water balanced according to a specific recipe. Her categorically excluded various harmful for the skin substances such as soap or alkali.

Due to the composition of the medium:

  1. easy to rinse,
  2. does not cause skin dryness, which is characteristic for washing with plain water from the tap.

This tool is actively used by people suffering from problems with skin. This tool is capable of, depending on variety, nourish cells skin extra moisture it needs to maintain the tone.

Many women mistakenly believe that a micellar water is to use as a makeup remover, however this is not entirely true.

This tool – the last line of skin care, it is recommended to be applied on an already clean surface. However, for cleansing micellar water can also be used.

Tool is easy in use, it gained a considerable popularity even among people who are not engaged in cosmetology professionally. All that is necessary is to moisten a cotton swab with a little water and wipe the already clean skin.

The characteristics of the composition

Micellar water for oily skin differs from an ordinary water tap with a special compound which imparts the necessary to combat the oiliness properties.

The main ingredient of water, ensure its positive effect on the skin is a micelle.

Under the micelles refers to small droplets of liquid consisting of the esters of the fatty oil type.

These droplets are able, like a sponge, absorbing from the skin of excess dirt.

Micelles protectively act on the alien ingredients for skin, which allows you to remove dirt easily, without significant effort and by using basic cotton pad.

The main objective of micellar water consists in high-quality cleansing of the skin.

A means in addition to the micelles also include additional components. Often this can be a variety of essential oils such as pink or castor, and glycerin. These components provide softness to the skin, nourishing the cells for additional moisture.

Essential oils of various plants help to provide the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Another frequent component of micellar water for oily skin, which many do not favor is alcohol. This component is necessary to effectively eliminate Shine and a little dry skin is oily.

If the water is meant for dry skin, alcohol in its composition should not be, otherwise its use will only aggravate dryness.

Additionally, the structure of the micellar water usually consists of complex chemical components designed to alleviate it and improve the contact with mud particles and fat.

All these components have proven its safety and very low toxicity in the dosages in which they are used in the composition of cosmetic products.

It is important to remember that depending on the brand and type of water, its composition can vary greatly.

Choosing the right tool, pay attention to its components in order to avoid deterioration of the skin.

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Useful properties

Micellar water is a cosmetic product that provides a soft effect on the skin.

This has been achieved thanks to a composition that does not interfere with the normal metabolic processes in the skin, protects against the harmful effects of the environment.


  • quickly and quite easily removes from the skin cosmetics, not requiring intensive rubbing of the skin;
  • provides strong cleansing and safeguard the skin, including from the formation of blackheads;
  • provides freshness to the skin, helps to maintain their tone and normal humidity indicator;
  • usually has no odor, can trigger allergies, and is also colorless, which guarantees the absence of dyes in the composition;

  • rarely leads to the development of skin allergies, as it contains in its composition anything that might provoke a negative reaction;
  • does not cause irritation, because the most neutral in composition;
  • can be used to care for different skin types, including sensitive, as it was originally designed for this purpose and will be useful in this case;
  • micellar water does not require additional flushing and other manipulations, so as not leave on the skin unpleasant stains and marks.


Though the tool is a popular cosmetic product used to care for different skin types, but it is not a universal remedy. There are a number of serious contraindications and disadvantages that you must consider before you start to use it actively.

These include:

  • some people when using water on the skin is formed an unpleasant sheen the sebaceous type;
  • individual response can be considered a feeling of tightness and dryness, though it occurs rarely;
  • some tools make the skin sticky to the touch, which is why you need to wash after using micellar water;
  • it’s impossible to allow such water in the eye, as additional components in its composition it may cause redness and burning.

We should also mention allergic reactions.

The tool itself rarely causes allergies, but the extra components that helps to achieve certain properties, it can cause unpredictable reactions of the skin.

If after using the water develops a feeling of itching, redness, swelling, this indicates intolerance to any component of the composition of cosmetic products. With the development of such reactions should either change the brand of water used, or completely abandon it.

How to choose a micellar water for oily skin

Choose the micellar water, which would fit exactly a particular woman with her type of skin, can be difficult. Sometimes you have to try several different tools before to give preference to any particular manufacturer.

There are a number of simple rules that will help to Orient in the diversity of these cosmetic products and with a higher probability to guess the choice:

  1. considering the bottles in the store, make sure that you got exactly the micellar water, not tonic for the skin of the person or thermal water, which are used for completely different purposes;
  2. selecting means, it is better to give preference to the same brand of makeup which is used by a woman (manufacturers often care about the good of the compatibility of their products);

  3. when choosing a moisturizer for oily skin, pay attention to the composition, it must contain Polysorbate, which provides effective control of fat, but can provoke the emergence of feelings of tightness;
  4. you need to pay attention to herbal ingredients included in the composition of the water and choose the components on which no allergic reactions in particular women;
  5. picking up the tool, not oriented to an advertising company, and rely on my own feelings use a particular micellar water.

Browse popular brands

Today in stores you can find several representatives of different companies, which produce a micellar water.

The most widely known:

  • The Uriage for oily skin. French cosmetic product, which contains no alcohol and other harmful to the skin ingredients. Tool gently dries the skin without causing a feeling of tightness.
  • Bioderma Sebium. Zinc and copper are excellent components of this micellar water. The metals help to relieve itching and irritation of the skin. Also thanks to their presence managed to control the sebum secretion, that helps to get rid of oily sheen.
  • Garnier clean skin. Micellar water for oily skin Garnier helps not only clear skin, but slightly matting them, eliminating Shine. In the composition of this water alcohol is present, which may be a feeling of tightness and dryness, especially in the area around the eyes.

On the market today, you can find a lot of diverse brands that produce micellar water, but not all of it is suitable for oily skin. Consider the choice of funds it is recommended carefully reading the part of not being afraid to abandon the use of the results are unsatisfactory.

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