Microcurrents (microcurrent therapy for the face) — home, price, contraindications, photos before and after

The micro —

Microcurrents are two main ways of exposure:

  1. Under the influence of weak electric pulses, the normalization of muscle tone, improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the tissues, accelerates metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of the skin.
  2. Microcurrents promote deeper penetration of active components of cosmetics, such as collagen, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, etc., which enhances the effect from application of cosmetic preparations.

Muscle tone can be reduced and the face looks haggard and weak. Often it may be locally elevated. Usually spasmatic muscles of the face near the nose, the muscles of the forehead or around the mouth.

Muscle spasms occur in response to long-term stress, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight without sunglasses, the most common emotions that expresses a person’s face. In these places, usually just before the first wrinkles appear.

Normalize microcurrents tone muscles: relaxes muscle clamps and activates the lost muscle tone. In the end, the face acquires a quiet expression, the skin deals.

Such treatment of the skin improves circulation by relaxing the muscles, and due to the normalization of blood flow through the vessels. In the end, the more skin gets the necessary nutrients and oxygen, leaving redness, improves complexion. The metabolism speeds up cell division, it facilitates and accelerates the processes of skin regeneration, healing scars from acne. In the end, the skin looks more fresh and clean.

Activation of blood circulation and metabolism enhances the local skin immunity, both cellular and humoral.

Fibroblasts contribute to the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, improve the saturation of the tissues with water inside due to the generated by fibroblasts natural moisturizing factor, which make skin more youthful, smooth fine wrinkles.

Microcurrents normalize lymph flow in the tissues of the face. Accordingly, the faster toxins and products of metabolism, skin cells functioning at optimum conditions. This allows you to remove the swelling on the face, bags under the eyes, lighten dark circles in the skin of the eyelids, slows the aging process of tissues.

If the procedure is done with a special gel that contains active nourishing ingredients, nutrients penetrate from the gel to the deeper layers of the skin, have a more pronounced and longer effect aimed at hydration, nutrition, toning skin, anti-inflammatory and protivopravnoy action, better narrows the pores and regulates the sebaceous glands activity.


This procedure is one of the safest types of physical therapy, but even it has its contraindications.

General contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy;
  2. Chronic diseases of internal organs in the acute stage;
  3. Cardiovascular disease: cardiac arrhythmias, presence of pacemaker, arterial hypertension with high blood pressure, krizovym current;
  4. Diseases of the nervous system: epilepsy and other diseases accompanied by convulsions;
  5. The patient has a stroke, a heart attack in the past, cancer;
  6. Hypersensitivity to exposure to electric current;
  7. Piercing in the affected area;
  8. Acute infectious diseases with the violation of General condition and fever;
  9. Condition after surgery on internal organs (less than 6 months);
  10. The tendency to thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, embolism;
  11. Collagenosis.

Is also contraindicated:

  1. Gold and platinum leather reinforcement, the presence of a metal-ceramic and metal seals (some cosmetologists is regarded as a relative contraindication);
  2. Herpetic rash.

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In cosmetology

  • Increase skin tone, improve facial contours, a more accurate portrayal of cheekbone and chin, non-surgical tightening of the skin around the eyes, elimination of double chin;
  • Prevention of wrinkles, removal of superficial wrinkles, especially formed in response to dehydration of the skin;
  • Treatment of pigmentation, prevention of ageing and eliminate dark circles around the eyes;
  • Eliminate enlarged pores;
  • Eliminating sensitivity of the skin, tendency to redness, dehydration;
  • Treatment of oily skin, aimed at regulating sebum secretion, preventing acne, faster healing of post-acne scarring and the complex of cosmetic procedures;
  • Treatment of rosacea at the stage of occurrence of erythema in complex cosmetic treatments to eliminate the redness of the skin;

In dermatology

  • treatment of excessive hair loss;
  • Treatment of perioral dermatitis, atopic dermatitis;
  • Elimination of swelling of the face for dermatitis and.

In plastic surgery

  • Preparation of the patients for cosmetic surgery on the face and body;
  • Postoperative management of patients to eliminate edema, lymph congestion, post-surgical scars.

For the body:

  • Toning of breast skin, hands, feet, stomach, prevention of sagging and sagging skin during weight loss, with age and other reasons;
  • Use in anti-cellulite programs, to improve blood circulation, promote the metabolism and excretion of toxins;
  • Scar treatment, scars and stretch marks;

How is the procedure

Whether to appoint a microcurrent for the face how to do the procedure, how many sessions you will need, you can ask the doctor. On consultation, the beautician identifies the type of skin and the main problems to be addressed in treatment.

Usually made treatment complex, including, if necessary, cleaning, peeling, beauty treatments, hardware procedures, special home care.

This combination allows us to treat the problem in different ways and to get the most pronounced and lasting results.

If they prescribe microcurrent for the face, a course of 8-12 treatments will need to pass completely, as the effect of therapy may not appear immediately, but after 6-7 treatments. The duration of one session can be from 10 to 40 minutes depending on composed of beautician program.

The procedure is performed using special electrodes placed on the pre cleansed skin of the face special gel, ampoule concentrate, or cream.

Before applying the cosmetic preparation can hold a scrub or enzyme peel. Microcurrent therapy can be carried out simply using water or saline, but in this case it is necessary to use special electrodes that will easily glide over the skin without special lubricants that are cream or gel. During the procedure, the patient does not feel muscle contraction or pain. You may feel a slight tingling sensation.

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After the procedure, the beautician can apply to the skin customer’s special care cosmetic product (cream, gel or concentrate). Can apply the creamy mask, which after some time wash with water. And may be limited to the removal of the remains of the means by which the procedure was carried out, if the cosmetic product contains sufficient active ingredients that will impact the client’s skin for some time. On consultation the doctor will tell you whether you should do more, and how often to do treatments in the future.


Apparatus for the face with microcurrents allows you to use mono — and bipolar pulses. Unipolar pulses are most often used for deep injection of active ingredients into the skin.

This can be or two of the active electrode, or one passive, which is fixed to the patient’s skin and one active. To a much lesser extent they affect the muscle tone and lymph flow, than bipolar.

Bipolar pulses have a marked effect on the speed and the intensity of metabolic processes in the tissues, lymphatic drainage and muscle tone, quickly relieve swelling and provide detoxification. Used for the procedure in this case, two of the active electrode.

Varieties of microcurrent therapy emit depending on the preferred desired effect:

  1. Microcurrent facelift is aimed at improving skin elasticity and improve its appearance.
  2. The reprogramming of facial muscles involves the removal of the high tone facial muscles to reduce facial wrinkles. With proper procedure on good equipment the effect of wrinkle reduction from micro-comparable to Botox, but retains the mobility of the facial muscles.
  3. Ionic mesotherapy is used for the introduction of certain substances into the skin. The effect of enhancing the skin permeability to large molecules of it is less than elektroforeza, but the combined effects of microcurrents and active substances makes the procedure very effective.
  4. Microcurrent lymphatic drainage helps activate the flow of lymph from the tissues, this massage is performed with the electrodes along the lines of lymph flow.
  5. Desincrustation skin allows you to clear the pores of impurities and sebaceous corks. Is carried out using special solutions, softening the contents of sebaceous glands and facilitate their purification.

What can be used electrodes

Different shape and size of the electrodes allow you to work with different cosmetic preparations, in different parts of the face and body. Because if you and your girlfriends did the procedure different electrodes, it was microcurrent therapy, just how it is used could vary.

The electrodes are:

  • Movable metal spherical: designed to work on the face and body, provide a large contact area with the skin, they are ideal to massage a special gel;
  • Movable electrodes with cotton swabs: used to work on the face and neck using solutions and lotions;
  • Electrodes gloves can be used on the face and neck, but it is best to work on the body, most often the procedure using electrodes gloves is the gel;
  • Stationary electrodes similar to the electrodes from the ECG device can be used to work on the face and body, convenient to provide a long exposure on a specific area or areas, for example, to the lymph nodes.

The consequences and complications (side effects)

If the patient has no contraindications for the procedure, risk of complications, no. It may cause pain when therapy in the location of the electrodes, but it is, if you ask the beautician to reduce the intensity of exposure.

Some beauticians take the procedure patients with dental implants and pins and during the procedure, the appearance of pain in getting around the area metal structures.

It should be remembered that the electrodes cannot be placed in the projection of the heart, blood vessels of the neck and eyeballs.

The pros and cons

Advantages of microcurrent therapy:

  1. Security;
  2. Good tolerance of the procedures;
  3. A large number of readings;
  4. A complex effect on tissue;
  5. Visible and felt by the client, the improvement of the skin after the procedure;
  6. Good compatibility with other cosmetic procedures and beauty products;
  7. A high degree of cost-effectiveness of treatments for beauty salons.

Cons microcurrent therapy:

  1. The presence of contraindications.
  2. The need to maintain the result by repeating courses procedures.

It would seem that what is the procedure? But it turns out that this is the easiest and safest way to preserve youth and beauty of skin without the risk of complications.

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Use at home

Microcurrent therapy for face at home — it’s convenient, useful and safe if you follow some simple rules:

  1. Make sure you have no contraindications for the use of microcurrents;
  2. Choose safe and proven device for home use;
  3. Be sure to pick up a special gel treatment considering the skin issues you want to get rid of;
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the instrument during the procedure;
  5. For more pronounced effect, use scrubs, nourishing or moisturizing mask, massage or self-massage of the face.

It’s possible that carried out the procedure at home will be less effective due to the technical characteristics and capabilities of the devices for home use. This disadvantage can be compensated by a large number of procedures.


Currently microcurrent therapy machines for home use on the market are many. So there is plenty to choose from. If you want to do microcurrents to the face, the device must have the following technical characteristics: power of pulses from 20 to 800 microamps, frequency 1-300 Hz.

All devices can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Apparatus which enables a massage of the face microcurrents;
  2. The combined apparatus, which allow treatment using galvanic currents, myostimulation, vibration and other impacts.

Easier and safer just to select massager manufacturers such as Galvanic Spa (USA), Skin Expert (China), Gezatone.

It is important to remember that very bad conduct microcurrent therapy for face for dry skin! Because for home use you will need to purchase a special gel.

Proven gels Beauty Style water-based, which was specifically designed for these procedures. For the treatment of sensitive, dry skin prone to redness, skin with rosacea is well suited product containing horse chestnut, Ginkgo biloba extract, cornflower extract, polyphenols from red grapes.

To care for dehydrated skin after outdoor exposure in winter, the optimal would be to use gel with aloe Vera extract and hyaluronic acid.

If the skin with age, began to lose elasticity and begin to appear the first wrinkles, you need to choose the gel with collagen and elastin in the composition. Face lift microcurrents using this gel will give a pronounced and long-lasting result.

In the presence of deep wrinkles best would be to use a gel with a high content of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

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Frequently asked questions

What age can I carry out the procedure of microcurrent therapy?

If you decide to do microcurrents to the face, age is neither a limit nor the indication. Assigned treatments in the presence of skin problems that can be corrected microcurrents. Already in the 18-20 years can be observed dryness and skin sensitivity, a tendency to redness, oily skin with acne and comedones, rosacea. Contraindications age do not exist.

How often can I do the procedure? How often?

The first 8-12 sessions can make a course 2-3 times a week. Then maintenance treatment from time to time or take a break for 4-5 months. Appropriate for a course of treatments the frequency of 2 times per year.

What effect to expect, the durability of effect?

Improving the condition and appearance of the skin occurs after the first session. Significant improvement occurs after 5-6 procedures. Microcurrents normalize muscle tone, blood circulation, accelerate lymph flow, because the first visible effect will be to improve the complexion, reduce swelling and increase elasticity and tone of the skin.

Such problems of skin like acne scars, age spots, excessive sensitivity of the skin, dehydration of skin, etc. will go away gradually. In order to expedite the receipt of results, you can add other cosmetic procedures that will impact the problem.

If you have passed the entire course, the effect is permanent, but its duration will be influenced by such factors as:

  • lifestyle and habits (Smoking, overeating, drinking sufficient /insufficient amount of water, proper sleep and optimal order of the day, susceptibility to stress, etc.);
  • the presence of acute or chronic diseases;
  • daily maintenance skin care;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary Supplements, and so on.

Help microcurrent for facial acne (acne)? Microcurrent therapy is effective in dealing with acne of mild to moderate severity, acne and scars in the place of allowed items is used to prevent new lesions.

To enhance the effect, you can use special cosmetics to care for oily/combination skin with tendency to rashes, vitamin-mineral complexes.

In order to make the effect more long-term, it is recommended to stick to a diet that will not provoke the appearance of new lesions (non-starchy foods, sweet, fatty, spicy, spicy), do not touch the face with dirty hands, pass the required examination by a dermatologist and, if possible, eliminate the cause of acne.

Is it possible to do treatments with rosacea?

Yeah, spending the use of microcurrent for the face in rosacea is possible and useful. Due to the normalization of blood flow in the blood vessels, reducing the sensitivity of the skin, improve its moisture is habitual redness in the rosacea areas, stop the progression of the disease, becomes less pronounced reaction of a person of redness to external influences.

Is it painful?

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The procedure is absolutely painless. May be only a slight tingling at the point of contact of electrodes with skin. If discomfort appears, the cosmetologist may reduce the strength of the current in the device to a comfortable value.

Can I do if I wear brekety?

The presence of metal structures in the impact zone is a contraindication for the procedure. But many cosmetologists consider it a relative contraindication, if the device for carrying microcurrent therapy allows you to change the settings to select the optimal modes of exposure, and you will easily endure the procedure. If during the procedure you feel uncomfortable, you can bypass the zone breketov (middle part of the cheeks) and work in the area of the forehead, around the eyes and in the lower jaw.

Can I use for rosacea?

Microcurrents for the treatment of rosacea effective in the early stages of the disease – erythematous.

Subsequently, the presence of papules, or dilated blood vessels, microcurrent therapy will also improve skin condition and prevent progression of the disease, but to remove spider veins and vascular network.

Is it possible the deterioration of the skin after the termination of session procedures microcurrent therapy for addiction?

While the person cares for the skin, it gets used to the fact that the skin tightened, smooth, has a smooth color and narrow pores. If you stop to care for the skin, it will not become worse, she will become what she can be if not maintained. Itself microcurrent therapy is not addictive and does not affect the skin condition after stopping treatments.

How many sessions?

The optimum number of 8-12 procedures. If there is evidence it is possible to increase the number of procedures to 15. Sometimes you can stop and 6 treatments, but then there is a risk that the outcome of the treatment will not be persistent.

Does microcurrent therapy for smoothing out bags under the eyes?

Yes, it helps. Especially if you use massage electrodes along the lines of the outflow of lymph from the eye region. Microcurrents relax the spasm of the muscles in the eye which maintains swelling of the eyelids, improve lymph flow, whereby it is possible to get rid of bags under eyes in several procedures.

Is it possible to do it with a dental implant or pin?

The presence of a dental implant or pin is considered as a relative contraindication, and the number of cosmetologists performs a microcurrent therapy patients with metal structures in the jaws, face and neck.

Contraindicated if the procedure of microcurrents in the presence of moles?

If the skin is the single moles with no signs of tumor degeneration, the procedure is carried out so that the moles around. When a large number of moles the procedure is performed only after consulting a cosmetologist.

Do I need any special preparation for the procedure?

Special preparation for the procedure is not required. Before the procedure in a beauty parlor is cleansing and toning the skin, can be used scrub.

Analogues procedure

The mechanisms of action and rendered the effect of treatments of microcurrent therapy can be compared with such procedures as biostimulation Pro Futuro, radio frequency lifting with the muscle toning and chiromassage. But each of the types of procedures to better cope with their special challenges because the choice is yours and your beautician.

Prices for the procedure in Russian rubles

Procedure Moscow Saint Petersburg regions
microcurrent lymphatic drainage from 1500 from 1500 700
microcurrent lifting from 1800 from 2000 700
microcurrent introduction: tools from 1400 500  
microcurrent therapy on the face from 1800 ot1500 1300
microcurrents to the eye area and forehead from 1000 900  
microcurrents on the neck and chin from 1000 800  

The price of the procedure is indicated without the cost of cosmetic products such as gels and lotions for the procedure. Therefore, the final price of a procedure, including consumables can be more.

Name Price Discount price
Microcurrents complex: the Face, neck and décolleté 4500 4050
Microcurrents complex: Neck,decollete 2000 1800
Microcurrents complex: Belly 2500 2250
Microcurrents complex: hands 1500 1350
Microcurrents complex: Face 2800 2520
Microcurrents complex: Legs 2500 2250
Microcurrents complex: Hands 2300 2070
Microcurrents complex: Spin 3500 3150
Microcurrents complex: Buttocks 2500 2250

Before and after microcurrent therapy for face