Micromonospores — what it is, prices, reviews

What is the method?

The result of the procedure is determined by two components:

  • the effect of the application of active substances, which for the skin’s normal functioning and flawless appearance;
  • the influence of the galvanic current, the pulses of which have a positive effect on metabolic processes in tissues.

The combined effect of both factors yields a more pronounced result compared to using each component separately.

How does it work?

  • Ampoule preparations.

To conduct microiontophoresis used solutions of the active components. Use only substances that are in solution as ions with a positive or negative charge.

The solution is applied to the skin. Drugs for microelectrophoresis on the packaging have a special designation as to which electrode (positive or negative) to enter the active material.

Under the influence of the current of ions contained in the solution begin to move directionally with the surface of the skin in its deep layers. Usually during the procedure, the drug accumulates at the level of basal membrane ( the border between epidermis and dermis), where then for a long time to penetrate into the dermis and provide a stimulating and rejuvenating effect.

Be such a «depot» of nutrients in the skin may last from several hours to days, providing a gradual intake of necessary substances to the cells.

Ions penetrate through the pores and hair follicles.

  • The impact of direct current.

Electric current of low power:

  • beneficial effect on the activity of metabolic processes in tissues;
  • facilitates penetration of active substances into the cells;
  • normalizes the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, improving conditions for the functioning of the skin cells;
  • promotes muscle relaxation;
  • provides analgesic effect;
  • accelerates the flow of lymph, excretion of metabolic products of cells, quickly reduces swelling.

Muscle relaxant effect allows you to relieve muscle spasms and tension, with the result that the skin becomes folded and forms creases.

In fact, the galvanic current enables not only to deliver nutrients deep into the tissue, but also stimulates more efficient use of these substances by cells.

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The introduction of substances under the action of an electric current is applied for the treatment of many diseases. Here and diseases of the nervous system, and diseases of oprano-motor apparatus, and dental problems.

But in this article we will focus on cosmetic evidence for the purpose of microiontophoresis. This:

  • aging skin that loses its elasticity and tone;
  • problem skin, prone to fat;
  • the appearance of wrinkles and skin folds;
  • drooping of the upper eyelid, the initial stages of formation of hernias of lower eyelids;
  • age spots;
  • scars in the place of healed acne and skin injuries;
  • accelerate tissue repair and removal of edema after traumatic cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries;
  • prevention the development of hypertrophic scars after plastic surgery;
  • treatment of cellulite.


  • the presence of heart diseases, which are accompanied by violation of rhythm and conduction, heart failure;
  • cancer;
  • increased sensitivity to the action of the current;
  • infectious diseases (colds, herpes, etc.);
  • pregnancy at any time;
  • varicose disease.

How is the procedure

The client lay down on the couch. Hair removed from the face under the hood. When removed from the skin of cosmetics and pollution, on the face or other part of the body where the procedure will be performed, apply ampoule the drug is selected so to optimally solve problems of the client.

On top of the skin put a gauze impregnated with solution ampoule concentrate. One electrode give into the hand of the client, and the second carried a light massage along the massage lines of the skin. Pain during the procedure, there is a slight tingling sensation. As the massage skin, during the procedure, there comes a total relaxation.

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How many sessions are required for the course

Usually conduct the course from 10 procedures every 6 months. Maintenance treatments are required. After the procedure the skin needs special care and there is no need to observe any restrictions.

The price of micromonospores

Name of service The cost
micromonospores 1500-2000 rubles


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