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In contrast to the classic abdominoplasty, which has almost unlimited possibilities for the correction of the shape and size of the abdomen, miniabdominoplastika able to eliminate cosmetic defects and to ensure the tightening of the skin only in the lower abdomen below the navel. On the other hand, body surgery, the entire abdomen from xiphoid process of the sternum to the groin is also not justified for all patients of plastic surgeons.

Types depending on the location of the incisions

  • Akolouthia (periumbilical).

Two parallel are cut symmetrically on both sides of the navel. It is used in cases when you need to remove stretch marks and tighten loose skin around the belly button.

  • The incision at the bikini line.

The most common method that is applied most often in women after the cesarean, when you want to eliminate an ugly scar, tighten the skin, repair the diastasis or laxity of the muscles or hemming hernia.

  • Accompanied by deepidermizatsiya skin.

We can say that this is not a cut. On the area of skin is removal of the superficial cornified layer and the excess skin folds into a thin crease. Applies only misrepresented the case when the excess skin is minor.

What are the options depending on the extent of surgery

  • With the removal of excess skin.

Usually used when the patient has excess skin and subcutaneous fat in the area below the navel.

  • Suturing of muscles.

If in addition to excess skin and fatty tissue is the rectus abdominal muscles or weakness of the abdominal muscles that was available originally as a constitutional peculiarity, or as an acquired pathology often after pregnancy.

  • Without moving the navel.

If you need to carry out the tightening of the skin below the umbilicus and a short distance above the level of the umbilicus, the skin is stretched so that the umbilicus is slightly shifted downward and remained at this new level. Move the navel to its previous level, as is done in classical abdominoplasty, not made, but to pull the fabric as much will not work. Because the option of holding is not for everyone.

  • With liposuction.

Often it is conducted for those who have not enough elastic skin of the abdomen in order to be self-liposuction. If the muscle tone of the stomach is reduced, there is a diastasis or hernia, in one operation, carry out the suturing of the muscles, liposuction and removal of excess skin. If the muscle tone is normal, then spend miniabdominoplastika without suturing of the muscle with liposuction.


  • the presence of stretch marks and sagging skin in the lower and middle thirds of the stomach;
  • the presence of separated muscles, gruzevich of protrusions;
  • the need to tighten the skin after performing liposuction;
  • the formation of the «fatty apron» in the lower third of the stomach.
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  • the patient has not reached the age of majority;
  • infectious diseases (malaria, tuberculosis, colds, STIs, etc.);
  • the presence of acute diseases of internal organs, fresh injuries;
  • the presence of chronic diseases, which led to the development of organ failure (renal, hepatic failure);
  • diseases of cardiovascular system (severe hypertension, frequent crises, arrhythmias, heart failure);
  • endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus type 1, decompensated type 2 diabetes);
  • benign and malignant disease;
  • skin diseases of any etiology (fungi, bacteria, viruses);
  • inflammatory and purulent diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • any purulent foci of infection in the body (sinuses, middle ear, tonsils, rotten, carious teeth, etc.).

What is the procedure

The operation time takes two hours. Is carried out only under General anesthesia. Before surgery is obligatory marking, which determines the number of removed tissues, the symmetry of the incisions and other need for a great result the stuff.

In surgery the patient undergoes General anesthesia, which can be intravenous or inhalational, treat the skin in the area of operations, antiseptics, the rest of the field covered with sterile towels and sheets. To make incisions can use a scalpel, but most use the electrocoagulator which simultaneously cuts tissue and seals small and medium-sized vessels.

Because the surgery is less blood loss and duration is reduced by reducing the time that a surgeon spends at the end of surgery on hemostasis, i.e., stops bleeding from the vessels of the wound.

If you plan to suturing of muscles or reduction of hernias, it is executed first. Secondly, liposuction is applied, if it was planned. The third stage removes the excess skin and subcutaneous fat in the lower abdomen. Fabric tensioned so that the wound edges came together, and sewn. The postoperative wound can salivate as non-absorbable suture, and absorbable thread.

After the stitches, postoperative wound treated with antiseptics and closed with a sterile bandage. Already operating on the patient wearing the compression garment.

The consequences

  • Swelling.

The usual case for such operations. Swelling begins to increase almost immediately after the operation, and he goes from one to three months. It was after the swelling will come down, you can evaluate the results of the operation.

  • Hematoma.

There can be different degrees of severity. Subcutaneous hematoma can be frighteningly blue, almost black, and spread over a large area of skin. But even these bottled bruising during the first two months without a trace.

  • Pain.

The more was the transaction volume, the more pronounced can be a pain in the postoperative period. Pain does not usually continue more than a week or two after surgery and is well dealt with by taking painkillers.

  • Strong tension of the skin on the belly.

This is something that will have to put up the first month or two. Skin tension is so strong that in some cases, before removal of stitches and some time after this the patient had to walk hunched over. Gradually as the healing of the joint and the formation of the hem to straighten more and more.

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The recovery period

  • Being in the hospital.

After mini a tummy tuck patient will have to stay in the hospital for two to three days to weeks. The first day you can only lie. With doctor’s permission, caregivers can raise the head end of the bed to the patient was reclining in bed.

If there is no nausea and vomiting, a few hours after surgery you can drink any water except soda. In the evening, if health allows, allowed a light dinner. In the second and subsequent days allowed to sit down on the bed with the help of medical staff, and then to get out of bed and start walking.

  • Rehabilitation.

After discharge from the hospital another two weeks will have to spend at home, so going to work might not be enough wellbeing and also pain when standing, walking, performance of simple household chores.

  • Compression underwear.

The bandage must be worn for at least a month after surgery. To fully or partially refuse to wear compressive underwear can be in agreement with the operating doctor.

  • Seams.

The sutures are removed on day 10-14. All the time, until the stitches are not removed, they need to process antiseptic solutions. The first five days the sutures can not be wetted. This means that it is impossible to take a shower and a bath. Within three to four weeks after surgery, the sutures can bulge and even going to «sorochki». Usually it is the effects of edema and it can be expected that after control the swelling the seam is smoothed.

  • Restrictions and recommendations.

Not recommended in the first month to be subjected to any stress, which may aggravate swelling:

  • it is impossible to massage the stitches, and in General the lower and middle third of the stomach, to RUB the creams and ointments;
  • should abandon heat treatments, exposure to any heat on the area of operation (heating pad, heat from the fireplace or furnace, sauna and steam bath).

Needs to hide from the sun or lights of the Solarium area of the scar for 12 months in order to avoid pigmentation of the scar.

  • Sport and physical activity.

Restriction of physical activity and sports for 3 months. You can then gradually return to training, starting with light exercises with no load on the abdominal muscles in for a minimum of 3 months.

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  • The absence of the expected effect.

May be the result of krivorukost doctor, and may be the result of inadequate assessment of one’s own body by the patient herself. In the photo the result of the abdominoplasty and liposuction of the hips.

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None of the surgeons who have advised and operated, not advised the woman to reduce weight, despite the fact that the woman has obvious obesity grade 3-4.

And that weight is a contraindication for liposuction, and for carrying out abdominoplasty. Another version of the appearance of the patient after completion of miniabdominoplasty and liposuction. The result is far from ideal.

  • The discrepancy between the joints.

Might be the consequence of suppuration of the joints, a significant load on the abdominal muscles, poor circulation due to a significant tightening of the skin around the wound. In the photo a case of suppuration of postoperative wound, healing it when broken. In any case, surgical treatment is required again to bring together the wound edges and sew them.

  • Necrosis (necrosis) of parts of the skin that form the scar.

May be a local necrosis, as in the photo below, which may require removal of necrotic areas of the scar and sutures.

And here extensive necrosis of the entire thickness of the abdominal wall. Here the conversation is not about addressing the cosmetic defect, but about saving lives of the patient and the closure region of necrotic tissue flaps transferred from adjacent areas of the body (lateral region, behind).

  • The formation of a cushion of fatty tissue around the edge of the scar.

The thickness of the fat fold in different parts of the abdomen may be different, because when you remove the excess skin and suturing the edges of the wound can show the discrepancy between the thickness of subcutaneous fat in the form of supporting roller and depressions underneath. To remedy the defect required surgery.

The cost

Name of service Price
miniabdominoplasty eh 120000 to 150000 rubles

Often the cost of surgery includes hospitalization, compression garments, the list of necessary drugs. Therefore, specify this information at the consultation.

Photos before and after miniabdominoplasty

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