Moisturizer for oily skin — for face, not clogging the pores

One of the main aspects of correct skin care is moisturize. The saturation of skin cells with moisture, it is important to any type fat is no exception. Moisturizing face cream for oily skin can not be excluded from comprehensive care.


Our body is designed so that all vital processes occur in an aqueous environment, the persistence and elasticity of each cell depends on its saturation with moisture. The epidermis needs all the moisture is not less than the internal organs.

Hydrated skin looks fresh and well-groomed, able to withstand adverse environmental factors:

  1. cold,
  2. fever,
  3. the wind
  4. dust
  5. germs.

Loss of moisture the skin takes on a greyish earthy hue and loose texture, which reduces the barrier function. Only the saturation moisture restores firmness and definition to facial contours.

The problem of oily skin excessive secretion of sebum, which has nothing to do with moisture.

When clogged pores and blackheads, with the development of acne and the treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs the skin is most severely affected by dehydration.

Office workers are exposed to the negative effects of year round, winter is the dryness of the skin is expressed especially sharply: heating, windburn, frostbite. Winter care should more fully provide the dermis with moisture.

Important! It is impossible to apply moisturizer just before going out. The time from hydration to output must be 40 minutes in summer and 2 hours in winter.

What properties should possess

Moisturizer for oily skin should not clog the pores — this is one of the main features in the choice for this type.

The cream should be light texture, well absorbed and does not leave traces.

An additional feature of this cream should be protected from the sun’s rays adversely affect the skin. The protection factor should be at least SPF 15 in winter and SPF25 with high insolation, for example, travelling abroad to warmer climes.

You should also consider and the age category indicated on the cream. Age on the tube is not just a figure, changing category, changing the composition.

A good moisturizer not only permeates the skin with moisture, it has properties of preservation of lipid-water balance and improve the penetration of nutrients into the deep layers of the skin.

The characteristics of the composition

In cosmetology every means available in accordance with the specific requirements for each type of skin. When pronounced type should not be used are those where there is a mark for all skin types.

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The composition of a moisturizer for oily skin must include the following components:

  • Medicinal herbs (extracts, extract). The best value is in bold creams have herbs: chamomile, calendula, aloe, series, mint.
  • Caffeine and Niacinamide a substance having a high astringent activity.
  • Salicylic acid are not interchangeable when dealing with inflammatory manifestations.
  • Panthenol, sulfur, allantoin, retinol to moisturize the epidermis well and evens the complexion.
  • Extract of kelp. A great tool used in cosmetics to normalize the secretion of the glands of the skin and nutrition of the epidermis.
  • In the first place in the composition should be water.
  • Emollients are a group of substances capable of improving skin condition. They improve the color, give the skin elasticity, relieve dryness and flakiness. Exposure to these substances create a kind of film on the face, which retains moisture inside the cells, does not allow it to evaporate.
  • Lactic acid, sorbitol, dextrin help the skin to retain moisture.
  • Antioxidants. Preserve youthful skin by eliminating free radicals. Antioxidants include: vitamins A and E, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, grape seed extract.
  • The emulsifiers. On the skin the effect is not have used as a basis for mixing the required components with each other.
  • Aromatic additives are used to increase the value of the cream, with the negative odors, few dare to use the cream as directed.

In the production of various creams used by their components. Even with the same composition but a different ratio of cream will have distinctive characteristics. Choosing a cream, be aware of this feature of the production.

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Overview of the most popular moisturizers for oily skin

When choosing a cream, consider such factors as: product quality, composition, difference in age categories, skin types and seasons.

Moisturizers based on the formula the oxygen complex Novaftem-O2.

Supply cells with oxygen and containing antioxidants. This cream and serum oxygen cosmetics Faberlic, Russian production, with daily use improves skin condition, improve skin tone and elasticity, promote the rapid regeneration of violations can be purchased in the price range of 250 to 500 p.

Nivea Visage of the German production costs about 250 rubles, has established itself as a reliable tool, well coping with the problems of oily skin and betraying the skin matte.

TimeWise from Meri Key is ideal for moisturizing oily skin and has anti-aging effect, but the price is unreasonably high, the cost of 1 package of 2000 rubles.

Russian firm Nature Siberica produces a tool that is also proven only the good side and meets the requirements that are presented for categories of humidifiers persons will cost around 250 roubles.

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In fact, the cream for each must be selected individually, by trial. Preference should be given to the company, which in the most fully satisfy your needs and your budget.

All ranking lists, which can be found on the Internet, conditional.

How to choose the remedy, not clogging the pores

For oily skin you must use a light cream, easily absorbed into the skin and not remaining on her face.

If you choose a heavy cream, it can create a film on the face and contribute to pore clogging sebum.

The perfect option is gel-like watery cream is not overloaded with fragrances, they positively affect the skin even in the presence of inflammation and irritation.

When buying a cream in a specialty store you can always check the consistency, and at the same time and the absence is not desirable allergic reactions. To do this, take a probe and apply a little cream on your wrist. The action is checked after 10 minutes.

In the winter time when choosing a moisturizer you should give preference to a cream with nutrients, the consistency should remain easy.

With oily skin, the cream is thick and oily consistency should not be used. These creams interfere with the normal metabolism in the skin and create the conditions for the clogging of the pores.

If the cream is oil, for oily skin it is not worth taking. Preference should be given to containing aloe or anti-inflammatory herbal remedies.

Well go cream with salicylic acid in the composition, in addition to moisturizing action, they are perfectly struggling with inflammations.

Is it possible to cook at home

If you want to use only natural and fresh makeup, no problems. Everyone can make a cream at home. This requires time, accuracy, adherence to instructions, ingredients and a good mood.

Any cream can be prepared, guided by the General formula:

  1. The base oil is heated in a water bath to a temperature of 600
  2. Gradually making it difficult to add emulsifier and continue stirring until it dissolves.
  3. A thin stream pour the pre-prepared decoction of herbs, not stopping to interfere.
  4. Leave the mixture on a water bath until the product acquires a creamy texture.
  5. Allow to cool and add the active substance or essential oil.

Under this scheme, cooked in cream change the ratio and components.

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Base oil, almond 25 ml of broth Hypericum, chamomile, calendula or any other plant or 60 ml, active substance (dry yeast, about 5 grams), emulsifier – sucrose stearate 5 g, and a few drops of the chosen essential oil.

Gelatin cream

A good effect is having a cream-based gelatin.

5 g of gelatin per 100 ml of chilled water infuse for 20 minutes and add honey about 4 tablespoons, glycerine (70-80 g) and salicylic acid (1 ml).

A simple cream based on egg white


  1. egg white 1 piece
  2. yogurt is best without any additives 3 tablespoons
  3. honey with 3 teaspoons and juice from half of a lemon.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed (whites whipped separately and poured into the total mixture) and use. Apply on cleansed face, leave on 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

How to apply the cream

Cream should be applied along the massage lines of the face, avoiding the eye area and lips (to these areas apply a special cream or serum). The amount of cream about 5 ml. the rest of the skin does not absorb.

You should control how much the skin absorbs the cream. After application should not be greasy or feeling of heaviness.

Tips beautician

The skin requires constant and proper care. One moisture I it is not enough. Primarily skin should be fully cleansed of excess sebum and other impurities. For this purpose, various gels, lotions, tonics. The second step is hydration, with problematic points apply cosmetics.

If you have to go outside you should apply a protective components.

Mandatory condition for a complete care for oily skin are mask. To do 2 to 3 times a week.

Of great importance in the normalization of skin glands is given:

  • the right diet and timely treatment of all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • elimination of hormonal failure,
  • timely readjustment of foci of infection.

Following these rules will allow you to forget about your skin problems and enjoy its natural health.

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