Moisturizer for sensitive skin – persons who are non-comedogenic, bioderma

Many girls suffering from regular appearance of pimples and blackheads, it is hard to choose moisturizer for oily skin. This is because most care products have a sufficiently dense texture that settles a film on the surface, the formation of new comedones. That is why it is widely believed that oily skin needs to be dry salicylic acid, clearing it to squeak. But this is not true.

Unfortunately, this type of epidermis, with insufficient hydration starts to produce more fat, which also contributes to clogged pores. It is a vicious circle: fat cream provokes the appearance of acne and excessive dryness gives the reaction in the form of Shine on the face. And what to do? Everything is simple – choose the right care.


To make a correct choice in favour of effective funds, you should understand why oily skin needs a moisturizer.

This will help you decide in the store at purchase’s skin care.

  1. Owners of this type of epidermis was more fortunate than the girls with constant peeling. Later on, oily skin ages and wrinkles appear on it much later. But if you do not use the creams regularly drying the face, for forty years you can get a pronounced mixed type with enlarged pores and dryness. To deal with imperfections will be much more difficult.
  2. The cream helps to moisturize the face after aggressive exfoliation or peeling. Similar procedure without the use of moisturizers, to injure the skin, causing her to highlight all the new portions of fat to protect.
  3. Cream protects the skin from aggressive external influences – rain, wind, snow or sunlight.
  4. Regular application of suitable creams are able to stop the production of sebum and, consequently, reduce the appearance of blackheads.

Beauticians around the world are advised not to neglect caring products to any girl. Even if the lack of care unnoticed in youth, in adulthood it will have an effect.

What properties should possess

To moisturizing cream La skin problem she came, you should choose a product with or not having certain properties.

You should pay attention to when choosing:

  • recommended to use light, gel-like texture that does not contain the composition of fats and silicones that mercilessly clog the pores;
  • protection from UV radiation in the composition, also tend to provoke the appearance of black dots;
  • well, if the composition will be mainly natural absorbent components (acids or infusions), but it is not necessary to choose the cream with the presence of salicylic acid, as it is very dry dermis;

Should refrain from the dense textures even when using a night cream. Better if the right tools will help you to choose an experienced beautician.

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Reviews pharmacy and store products

On store and pharmacy shelves are wide range of tools that are intended to moisturize the epidermis, while fighting existing imperfections. The best tool that is appropriate in a particular case, could only by trial and error. But sometimes you can hit the target the first time.

Pharmacy products

La Roche-Posay

Cream designed specifically for oily skin prone to imperfections. The composition is enriched with vitamin E and a specially designed molecule that can regulate the production of sebum. Provides a matte effect for 8 hours, reduces pores.

Bioderma Sebium AKN

Bioderma is presented in the form of an emulsion, which helps to fight against pathogenic bacteria that enter the skin. It helps narrow pores, normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. Reduces the risk of inflamed pimples, capitiva the epidermis from the inside.

Noreva Matidiane Anti-shine day treatment

French remedy, which helps fight imperfections on the face to women in adulthood. Removes toxins and has seboreguliruyuschee action.

Shop tools

Nivea Visage Matte perfection

Mattes the skin, nourishing and struggling with imperfections. Judging by the reviews, is not for everyone. But the price does not hit the pocket if the tool will not be very effective.

Clinique superdefense

Designed to care for problem skin in women of Mature age. In addition to the elimination of defects, fighting the first signs of aging. Hypoallergenic. Contains UV protection.

Clean&Clear Daily cleansing gel 3in1 by black dots

The manufacturer claims that the result is noticeable after the first application. And with regular use of acne, the skin becomes healthy, radiant appearance.

It must be remembered that even the same skin type are different, and the application of the same means one person can produce a miraculous effect, and the other – to provoke the emergence of new imperfections.

If after 2 weeks use is not observed improvements, it is recommended to change godovoe tool.

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Are non-comedogenic moisturizer for oily skin

Cosmetics that do not clog pores and does not cause the appearance of black dots, called are non-comedogenic. Consist mainly of natural ingredients. Does not contain added fragrances, silicones, alcohol. Texture easy, liquid, gel. Gently moisturize without overloading the epidermis.

Lumene Arctic Aqua

Intensive night cream. Judging from the statement on the packaging is capable of retaining moisture in the deeper layers of the epidermis. Contains vitamins and minerals and also water from the Arctic springs.

Hyaluronic acid

The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and omega-3. Has in the composition of perfumes. Tightens and smoothes the skin, reduces inflammation.

Any tool that has a light texture and does not clog pores, it is possible to consider are non-comedogenic. Even if the manufacturer is on the packaging not specified.

When and how to apply

In cosmetology, there are a number of rules for the proper application of care product. From the correct this procedure depends on the end result.

  1. Before using the cream, the face must be cleaned with a foam or gel cleanser. Better if the funds will be picked up from one line, then the result will be more obvious.
  2. After cleansing you need to use the tonic. It will help prepare skin for application of moisturizer.
  3. Apply a cosmetic product with clean hands to cleansed face. Or use a special spatula, which should also be washed thoroughly after each use.
  4. Apply the cream regularly, morning and evening. If the skin does not need intensive food, it is possible to use light textures not only during the day but at night.

If you do not follow these simple rules, causing the crude product to the skin with dirty hands, tools can not wait. Black dots and inflammation will appear with new force, and the owner of oily skin will find comfort in the thought that once again did not. The most expensive care is used incorrectly, at best, simply not have any effect.

How to wash

Cream is not enough to skillfully use, it remains necessary to properly flush. More dense texture require careful peeling with the help of suitable products with small abrasive particles.

You should wash at least twice a day and the extent of contamination. For this you should use the appropriate foam or gels.

You can use specially designed brushes to cleanse the face, such as Clarisonic.

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Tips makeup artist

Makeup can clog pores of not less dust that gets on the face after make up removal. If the skin is problematic, cosmetics should be selected more carefully and use it correctly.

  1. Expired cosmetics is a storehouse of pathogenic bacteria. The same can be said about the packaging, when applied with a brush, which then «floats» in the product. It is better to make a choice in favor of a pump or a neat spout.
  2. Dry cosmetic products need to dial carefully washed brushes. Beauty-blender should also be washed immediately after use.
  3. The most hygienic way of applying cosmetics, it is not strange – the use of fingers. If they are clean.
  4. Popular grout pores, which necessarily contain a silicone, it is recommended to use only on important occasions when you really need to look irresistible. Similar products sin that mercilessly clog the pores. Tone also means you don’t use daily. If it is indispensable, you should try to use CC cream. It has a light texture which does not sink into pores. Of course, it all depends on the manufacturer.
  5. Even after a very hard day not to go to sleep with makeup on. The next morning will definitely appear new pimples and comedones.

Skin, like any other, has its pros and cons. If you find the right approach, she said beauty for years to come and will save its owner from seeing premature wrinkles on the face, raising self esteem girls with their beauty and natural Shine.

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