Month after mammoplasty

What you need to know before surgery


  • to plan operative intervention so operation is not occurred in the period. Better to plan an operation 5 days before or 3 days after menstruation;
  • if my period is irregular, it is better to do the operation after a month;

The presence of menstruation is not an absolute contraindication for surgery.

However, you may receive the following consequences:

  1. the reduction of blood clotting during menstruation can cause bleeding;
  2. during menstruation is also reduced natural resistance to infections, which is an additional factor for the occurrence of complications;
  3. increases the rehabilitation period;
  4. additional bruising and swelling;
  5. worsen the potential for the tissues to heal.

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How surgery affects women’s reproductive function

If you plan to do breast surgery, do so after pregnancy and childbirth. And no sooner than a year after these events.

And there are certain reasons:

  • many women doing breast surgery, especially when establishing large breast implants after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast droops. This is especially pronounced when subglandular implants. These women after the end of lactation period requires a breast lift;
  • during lactation also, breast surgery can not be done, and not going to take it no surgeon, the breast needs to recover, otherwise problems in the rehabilitation period is inevitable, and the results of the operation in this context can be far from desirable;
  • much depends on the individual characteristics of the patient – weight fluctuations, genetic predisposition, skin condition, and no doctor guarantee that after childbirth the Breasts will remain the same. Because breast cancer during pregnancy and lactation can increase several times and the denture is simply not withstand such weight. There is a high probability that the breast implants will need to be repeated;
  • of course, it is absolutely contraindicated to do breast surgery during pregnancy: surgery, anesthesia, stress – all this may negatively affect the child. Also during pregnancy there is a reformation of the tissues of the breast, and the operation result can be absolutely unpredictable.
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So if you don’t want to lose time and money – better to do the breast implants after the birth of a child.

Also consider the following factors:

  1. breast augmentation and implant do not affect pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy and lactation the breast with the implant will increase slightly, after these processes accept the old forms, but the original form will not accept never;
  2. if during the operation of mammoplasty, the surgeon made mistakes during breastfeeding can cause problems: stagnation of breast milk, inability to Express. As a result inflammation of the breast treated with implant more complicated. In some cases, even require removal of the implant. But usually, when the professional operation, problems with subsequent lactation no;
  3. there is a risk of damaging the implant while breastfeeding. If this happens, the implant will inevitably have to remove.
  4. such an operation is not a contraindication to subsequent pregnancy and lactation. The exception is the procedure with a circumareolar access (when it is cut with a semicircular shape under the nipple areola to introduce the implant) — in this case, the need to suppress lactation immediately after delivery.

Photos before and after surgery

Strays whether a the monthly cycle after mammoplasty

Surgery mammoplasty, like any other surgery and anesthesia is stressful for the body.

Stress causes the body a number of neuroendocrine changes, the intensity of which depends on the strength of the stress. Consequently, these changes lead to a crash of the menstrual cycle.

The vast majority of these changes are reversible and are temporary, that is, the menstrual cycle restores itself.

If within 1-2 months of normalization will not happen, you will need to contact your gynecologist.

Many females have a picture of swelling, chest pain, and aching pain in the abdomen, as before menstruation, which, however, does not start.

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Gynecologist in this case after examination will prescribe treatment you may need, regulation of hormonal levels.

For the correct calculation of the maturity month, you need the day of the operation to count the first day of the new menstrual cycle.

Period must occur in the number of days after the surgery, how long in women lasts the normal menstrual cycle.

The delay of menstruation during the postoperative period depends on a number of factors:

  1. from the extent of the surgery (the surgery for more volume, the longer the delay period);
  2. the duration of the operation (the longer in time had surgery, the longer the delay);
  3. the proximity of the surgical field to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes (a surgery directly related to these bodies).
  4. a complication of the surgery (the less complications, the shorter will be the delay period);
  5. speed recovery after surgery (the delay will be the less time, the faster restores the body after surgery).

Useful tips

  • weigh the pros and cons of surgery, especially if you have not yet given birth. Is it worth the risk and go for a second operation, if the result of pregnancy and lactation, the breast will lose its beauty? Maybe take the advice of the majority of surgeons and still do the breast implants after birth?
  • often patients clinics of plastic surgery trying to ignore the advice not to do the surgery mammoplasty during the period directly before them or directly after them, citing the fact that it is not in a favorable time period.

But it’s a big disregard for their health, which can result in significant problems, besides to nullify the result of the operation.

You can find a doctor who will do the surgery and during menses (menstruation, in principle, is not an absolute contraindication for mammoplasty). But then, with possible complications, you will have to blame only yourself.

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Besides, it should be remembered that doctors who value their reputation, will never agree to unnecessary and unjustified risk;

  • if you are taking contraceptives and are planning breast surgery, talk to your gynecologist about the regimen to my period not started before the due time. If you have irregular periods and surgery mammoplasty plan, contact your gynecologist who will prescribe you a course of treatment on the regulation of the menstrual cycle. After solving these problems, the planning mammoplasty will not be difficulties;
  • if you decided to do breast surgery, tell the surgeon about the plans for pregnancy, then the decision on operation will be adopted: the doctor will try to minimize risks regarding future breast-feeding;
  • if you unplanned became pregnant during the first months (up to six months) after surgery, mammoplasty, should be carefully examined by a mammologist: milk ducts may be clogged or inflamed, the breast may appear painful sensations. But clearly these circumstances are not a reason for abortion;
  • deciding on breast implants, don’t hold anything back from your doctor, do not try to deceive doctors or about the month, nor about the pregnancy – firstly, you are unlikely to succeed, and secondly, do not tempt fate, so you do not pay primarily health, but also Finance, for his pressedienst.