Mud therapy — contraindications, photos before and after, reviews

The improvement of the skin and elimination of cosmetic defects with the help of therapeutic mud is carried out in salons and at home, due to the high efficiency of procedures and the relative simplicity of their implementation. Fortunately, now in stores and pharmacies can be found curative mud in its natural state, and dried, which before use must be diluted with water.

What is a mud

Mud therapy is used for several types of mud, the difference of which from conventional earthen mud is rich in mineral composition, the specific composition of microorganisms, the abundance of organic substances. Also during the mud treatment mud highlights some gases have on the body stimulating effect.

Pharmacy dirt that is stored for a long time, until you reach the final consumer, its properties significantly inferior to those used in places of their production (in balneotherapy resorts, for example). Even worse is the case with the powder mud, so as after drying, the powder remains the only mineral constituent of some organic components. But in any case, even pharmaceutical drugs can greatly facilitate home care for skin and help in healing.



Sapropels represent sediments of organic origin, which are formed in fresh water. Formed these sediments mainly of dead algae, which are decomposed by water under the action of microorganisms.

The sapropel are the biologically active therapeutic mud and is appreciated for mild action compared to many others.

Black (sulphide silt)

This sediment, which in contrast to the sapropel formed in the salt ponds. Makes the black mud of the high content of salts of different composition. Isolated sulfate-chloride and sodium-potassium. Compared to the sapropel organic matter black mud contain less.

All sulphide silt mud of the place of education are divided into the following subtypes:

  • mainland muds from the Dead sea;
  • peloids lake-key of origin: sergievskie mineral water and dirt, Karlovy vary;
  • muds in marine bays: Krasnodar Krai.


These are products of destruction of rocks, which are thrown to the surface under the influence of water vapor. The composition of the volcanic mud is heterogeneous, but usually they have an average mineralization.


Just as volcanic, hydrothermal mud are the product of destruction of rocks in areas with high tectonic activity. Distinguished by their high content of dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.


They represent the sediments of the marshes, which are formed in conditions of lack of oxygen. Their characteristic feature is high content of organic matter and naberegnaja remains of plants.

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For cosmetic procedures use only the superficial layers of the peat, the degree of decomposition is at least 45%. They allow you to get great results after the first treatment due to the high content of humic substances.

Mechanism of action

Therapeutic mud has a General and local impact. These effects are determined by a number of factors: temperature, mechanical, chemical and microbial.

The effects of temperature

All kinds of muds are characterized by high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. This means that dirt for a long time, gives warmth without causing overheating of the tissue.

Under the influence of heat in the body occurs by several processes:

  • opens pores, increases sweating, which leads to the release of the body from metabolic products and excess fluid;
  • improves blood circulation with the skin and globerson tissues: the cells receive more nutrients and oxygen, facilitates the outflow of venous blood and lymph;
  • aktiviziruyutsya antioxidant system that protects cells from free radicals and prevents aging;
  • removed muscle spasms, thereby reducing pain.

The mechanical effect

Dirt has its own weight, because during treatments mud wrap or the mask puts pressure on a certain area of the body. Pressure improves blood circulation and stimulates lymph flow, which is beneficial to the skin.

Chemical exposure

The heterogeneous composition of the mud. Because the effect of each of the types of mud will change. For example, volcanic mud is rich in molecules of bromine, iodine and other elements that influence the activity of the processes occurring in the nervous system, metabolism.

An important component of peat mud and sapropel are the biologically active substances of organic origin that have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair.

Salt contained in the mud, have a pronounced anti-edema, stimulating action. Do not forget about contained dissolved gases. such as hydrogen sulfide, methane and others. Inhalation of these gases and their entry into the body through the skin activates the body’s defenses.

Video: Comparison of therapeutic mud of Saki lake and the Dead sea

Antimicrobial action

In most muds consists of a number of organic compounds, having a sulfide group and that has antibioticogram effect. Of inorganic compounds in terms of antimicrobial action have a value of zinc ions and bromine.

Due to the long-term presence of a film of dirt on the skin after the procedure the antimicrobial effect against staphylococci, streptococci and other microorganisms can be stored for a long time.

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Mud therapy is effective in the following cases:

  • strengthening hair roots;
  • baldness of any kind, as diffuse the stress, and androgenetic in the presence of increased sensitivity of blood vessels to the hair follicles to the effects of dihydrotestosterone;
  • the presence of dandruff or oily seborrhea;
  • preventing early graying;
  • acne;
  • the presence of migraines and frequent headaches, seasonal decline in mood, depression;
  • chronic local muscular tension (e.g. muscle tension in the neck and shoulders as a reaction to the stress of everyday life);
  • cellulite;
  • sagging skin;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema;
  • the presence of a scar in place of wounds and abrasions, burns.


From the mud treatment should be discontinued in the following cases:

  • in the presence of tuberculosis of any localization;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in the case of bleeding regardless of its cause;
  • cancer of any localization;
  • pronounced deficit of body weight, emaciation;
  • cardiovascular disease (atrial fibrillation, mitral stenosis, atherosclerosis of the heart vessels and some others);
  • colds, accompanied by chills and fever.


The mud is applied a large number of methods, each of which has its indications and limitations. Most often in cosmetics are used the following 4 techniques:

  • bath;
  • wrap;
  • applique;
  • mask.

Mud bath is the most effective in terms of the impact treatment.

But she also has the greatest number of contraindications. The time spent in a therapeutic tub of dirt is limited, and after it recommended a long rest.

Wraps is a procedure of beauticians where it is necessary to solve the problem of cellulite, the presence of extra inches and sagging skin. The amount of dirt on the leaves is much less tolerated because such a procedure by the body much easier.

Mud packs and masks fit more people as they act locally and have a rather local effect.

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How is the procedure

Here we present the General algorithm of procedures of mud treatment, which can have its own characteristics depending on the specific methodology used.

  • A preparatory stage.

Before the procedure, it’s easy to eat. It is desirable to begin not earlier than two hours after a heavy meal. Immediately before the procedure, you need to take a shower without soap or gel. In the framework of the comprehensive cosmetic procedures before applying the mud can perform peeling, massage or other manipulations that increase the impact of dirt on the body in General and skin in particular.

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If you plan to run for the face, it is necessary to remove makeup and rinse face with water.

All the places where the skin is damaged, it is necessary to protect from aggressive influence of dirt with a thin layer of vaseline or oily cream. This will avoid irritation.

  • Implementation of the procedure.

During a session of mud should be the maximum to relax and unwind. Usually this is in the Spa contributes to a certain atmosphere, soft music, dim lighting.

If during a session you receive palpitations, malaise, headache, weakness, feeling of tightness in the chest, it is necessary to inform the beautician and the procedure to stop.

  • The final stage.

It is recommended to take a shower without soap. Time spent in the shower should not exceed 2-3 minutes, as the skin needs to remain the film of salts and organic substances, which are rich in mud.

Due to this the film body over a long period of time gets the nutrients and gets rid of toxins, which are actively excreted in sweat via the pores.

Use the creams after a shower is highly undesirable, as oils or fats that are used in creams, can close the pores and hinder the process of cleansing. After a shower to wipe dry with a towel and relax for at least 20 minutes.

Prices in Moscow

Name of service The cost for the procedure, rubles
mud wrap 1500-3200
mud application 660-750
mud bath 550-1500