Myostimulation body — what is it, reviews, photos before and after

Then the method has been applied by astronauts, which muscles weaken and lose mass from a long stay in weightlessness. Now carry out the procedure practically in any salon. Women like to go for correction of problem areas and weight loss. For men most important volumes of certain muscle groups and the overall smartness of the body.

How it works

It is a device that produces electrical pulses of a certain intensity, and transmits to the electrodes. Electrodes placed on the skin in a certain way, so that the impulse transmitted to the desired muscle or muscle group. Under the influence of an electric discharge muscle contracts. The strength of contraction is determined by the power transferred to the electric discharge.

Muscle contraction, which humans produce during exercise differ somewhat from those reductions caused by the operation of the apparatus. This procedure can be made to work, even those muscles that «pump» physical exercise difficult.

For example, it is possible to strengthen large and small muscles of the breast with the aim to raise and make more than ample Breasts with no need to pump up the shoulders and arms. Or to pump up the buttocks without having to squat with a barbell (those who have problems with knee joints, often simply can’t afford this exercise).

Muscle contraction activates the entire cardiovascular system, improve blood flow through the veins, accelerate lymph flow. This speeds up the metabolism, the body is faster and easier relieved of the products of metabolism (toxins). Working muscles absorb large amounts of nutrients. Moreover, it happens not only while training but also after long enough it.

Because if not to increase daily caloric intake over the course of treatments it is possible to get rid of extra inches. And this will not happen at the expense of muscle tissue, as it happens in the diet and, due to the breakdown of fats.

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The pros and cons

  • Not all muscle stimulation is equally useful.
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Myostimulation is positioned by the sellers of instruments for domestic use as «gymnastics for the lazy». Type can lie down, relax, a little book to read. Actually can afford to put the minimum settings in a simple device and after a few sessions on the couch not to get any result.

Or you can choose a cabin apparatus for myostimulation, which operates much more efficiently during a single session involves multiple muscle groups.

  • You can get the desired result.

The goals and challenges that different people come to the salon are totally different. Among those doing the stimulation, there are those who need to reduce the amount of problem areas, those who need to remove excess fluid and to get rid of cellulite, those who do not have enough volume or topography (abs).

Salon devices allow you to choose the desired exposure depending on the client’s needs. Accordingly, the result of different people will be different.

  • It leads to firming of skin.

After the course of treatments the body lines become more harmonious, not only thanks to improvements in relief and muscle tone, but also due to the fact that the skin becomes more firm and elastic.

  • The number of effective procedures on the course are limited.

To the procedure do not get to go as often as to the fitness or gym, as muscles gradually become insensitive to electric pulses received from the outside. Even performing 10 procedures, from session to session will have to increase the amperage to maintain the strength of muscle contractions at the same level.

After some time, the sensitivity of the muscles is restored. Because the course may be repeated, if so desired. But a long break between courses is mandatory.

  • When the procedure, you can harm yourself.

This happens in cases when the cosmetologist doesn’t reveal the presence of contraindications to the procedure, or when the client tries to hide any health problems, as it underestimates their significance.

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The implementation will be effective in the following cases:

  • flabby muscles deprived of their tone, which make the figure loose;
  • the presence of excess weight, cellulite;
  • the «pumping» of the muscles which are difficult to study with the help of exercise;
  • the need to improve the contours of body parts (abdomen, buttocks, etc.);
  • for weight loss as a means to overcome the «plateau» when to move a weight down does not work with ordinary physical activity and diet;
  • the presence of muscle;
  • improving the condition, appearance and tone of skin;
  • the need to strengthen the back muscles to improve posture, relieve strain on the spine osteochondrosis;
  • seasonal depressed mood;
  • elimination of puffiness of the soft tissues.


Should not be performed in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in the presence of implanted pacemaker;
  • venous disease, including the presence of thrombophlebitis;
  • the presence of stones in the kidney or gallbladder;
  • infectious diseases, including tuberculosis or seasonal viral infections that occur with chills and fever;
  • hypersensitivity to electroprocedures;
  • the period of abundant menstruation;
  • oncological diseases of any localization;
  • cardiovascular disease (arrhythmia, etc.).
  • diseases of the blood system.

How is the procedure

Usually preceded by the first procedure consultation with your doctor, beautician or physiotherapist, which defines the indications and contraindications for carrying out myostimulation, selects the desired mode, duration, and multiplicity of the procedures.

The procedure myostimulation is as follows:

  • A preparatory stage.

Before the procedure it is advisable to take a shower to wash the makeup and sebum. On the degreased skin to apply a special transparent gel that facilitates the passage of the electric pulse from the electrode through the skin to the muscle. Instead of the gel can be used ampoule concentrates, the active components which directionally move under the action of the electric current in the deeper layers of skin and accumulate there.

Then these substances from the depot for a long time received in the dermis, where you activate the processes of skin rejuvenation and improvement of its structure. The electrodes are placed on the skin so that the muscles-antagonists decreased alternately. Fix the electrodes on the skin using elastic straps.

  • The stage of direct implementation.
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After the electrodes are imposed, the physician includes a muscle stimulator, and exhibits picked up before the execution mode of the procedure. The intensity of the pulse is chosen with a sufficient force of muscle contraction, it hurts when the skin is momentum. The intensity of the muscle contraction should be sufficient to ensure that the body received a sufficient load, otherwise the results will be weak.

  • The final stage.

The apparatus is shut off, the electrodes removed. The gel is washed from the skin with water or washable cloth. Additionally the skin can be treated with a special cream.

How often can I do

Usually the procedure is performed 1 time per two or three days. More frequent sessions do not allow the muscles to recover after exertion.

The price for one session

Name of service The cost
muscle toning 500-1000 rubles


Photos before and after myostimulation body